Lots of Love for Romney / Ryan in Waukesha, WI (VIDEO)

Yesterday’s Romney/Ryan bus tour ended in Waukesha, Wisconsin where an enthusiastic crowd, estimated at 10,000, greeted the new GOP ticket. Newly-announced GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was on home ground and the throngs of well-wishers didn’t hold back…

It was a touching and emotional homecoming for Ryan.

Thousands cheered for Ryan and his family as they took the stage in the Waukesha County Expo Center. A visibly emotional Ryan wiped tears from his eyes as he joked that half the crowd — estimated by the campaign at 10,000 — was made up of his relatives. He is a fifth generation Wisconsinite and many Ryans have resided in nearby Janesville.

“My veins run with cheese, bratwurst, a little Spotted Cow, Leiney’s, and some Miller. I was raised on the Packers, Badgers, Bucks and Brewers. I like to hunt here, I like to fish here, I like to snowmobile here. I even think ice fishing is interesting,” Ryan said, calling out his favorite state foods and sports teams. “I’m a Wisconsinite through and through, and I just got to tell you how much this means to be home.”

One of the best rallies I’ve seen… Take a look at this crowd:

Romney / Ryan: The crowd was estimated at 10,000 at the Welcome Home rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Aug 12, 2021 (Photo by DG Jackson, click on image to enlarge.)

Ryan and Romney both gave fantastic speeches. When a couple of hecklers let loose as The Gov was speaking, the crowd responded with chants of USA! USA! USA! Romney responded swiftly and powerfully. As the last heckler was ushered away, Romney strongly admonished Obama for the sleazy campaign he’s running: “Mr. President, take your campaign out of the gutter and let’s talk about the real issues that America faces!

The crowd ROARED with exuberant approval. (Way to go, Governor! Keep it up!)

Here’s video of the entire inspiring event (has to be viewed full-screen):

Thank you, Wisconsin!

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3 Responses to Lots of Love for Romney / Ryan in Waukesha, WI (VIDEO)

  1. AfricansforRomney says:

    Love the “Air Force one” music! Sadly, even the 90’s movies feels like a distance memory already. Soooooo much love pouring down….Ahh…it makes your eye wet.

    Prez Obama & Dems are a bad karma!
    Support Romney/Ryan!!!

  2. Nancy Sullivan says:

    I watched the exciting announcement and all the rallys that were shown on FOX this weekend. We pray every day that Mitt Romney can defeat Obama and now with Paul Ryan’s help our prayers can be answered. Our countrys future depends on it.

  3. Jennifer VanBuskirk says:

    August 13, 2012, Why isn’t the Fox News online Website http://www.FoxNews.com Why are they not playing any SOUND on my Computer. This is a very important time and I want to see Videos and to hear Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan doing speaches and the Fox News is failing to give me coverage of these events. Why????