VP CONFIRMED: Mitt Romney Will Pick Paul Ryan as Vice Presidential Running Mate

Multiple sources confirm that Mitt Romney has picked Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan to join his presidential ticket. We’ll have more on this story as it develops.

Romney is set to formally make this announcement at 9 Eastern on August, 11th, in Virginia.

Personally, I’m thrilled with this pick. Ryan adds a level of competence to the the ticket that Obama/Biden cannot match. People will look at the two together an think, “these guys are legit.”

What do y’all think? Are you ready to work your butt off for a Romney/Ryan presidency?

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18 Responses to VP CONFIRMED: Mitt Romney Will Pick Paul Ryan as Vice Presidential Running Mate

  1. Meaghan says:


  2. Jayde Wyatt says:


    Let’s go!

  3. AfricansforRomney says:

    Great! Ryan is the only, uniquely qualaified person can take the road to address this lawless, RECKLESS Prez unctrollable spending who’s bankrupting this nation.

  4. Medalrider says:

    Thank you for not pulling a WTHeck “McCain stunt” with a left field “what is he THINKING” Veep selection. *whew* Now, on to slay some lying, cheating, fact twisting dragons! Got my armor & lance ready to go!!! Proud to be R Squared!! (R&R)

  5. MittFitts says:

    SUCCESS happens when PREPARATION meets OPPORTUNITY! Here are two men who are PREPARED and ready for the OPPORTUNITY. Inevitably they’ll make SUCCESS happen!

  6. Jennifer Campbell says:

    Love this pick! I am really excited to see them start to take the fight to Obama ahead of the Convention. Go Romney/Ryan!!!

  7. AfricansforRomney says:

    Oh, man! oh, man! The whole lefties army are marching out in full gear. The web is absolutely filled with real showdown with t-party.

    I hope, they’ll be distracted soon by Ryan GQ cover, Ryan Perfume, Ryan polo shirt. This guy will be a natural born celebrity Hollywood never seen.

    It is EXCITING time for politics!

  8. Drob says:

    Mitt hits another home run. Right choice at the right time. Get OBAMACARE back on the table. Ryan will crucify Obama with it.

    Yes, lets get this ball rolling fast.

  9. Annette S says:


    Romney/Ryan ….. 2012!

  10. Enrique Romero says:

    He’s good. But Romney’s been selling that we need real leaders with executive leadership experience in the white house. Paul is another lawman so it counters the leadership effort. I am leaning towards Pawlenty because he comes from Blue Collar roots and was an accomplished Cloud Computing exec before being a Governor who got things done. He’s locks up the evangelical vote and will help carry Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio and Florida. We need Ryan where he is. We’ll see. Could be the Condi rumor all over again.

  11. JT HUNT says:

    I’m on board!!

  12. Mia Hunt McCole says:

    I’m thrilled with Governor Romney’s decision!! Ryan is intelligent, eloquent and tough. He’ll make a great VP!!!!

  13. Eric says:

    Ryan is a terrible pick, we need him where he is. West would be better, but Rubio would be the best because he would bring the highest number of indies and minorities. Ryan brings nobody to the ticket that wasnt already going to vote for Romney

  14. Eric says:

    Im amazed by how excited you all sound…you do realize Romney is NOT conservative in any way? Why would you set yourself up for disappointment? I think he will win, and i will vote for him(then go throw up in the bushes) but there can be no VP pick that will excite me. No, I am not a Ron Paul fan…ive just done my research on Mitt and hes little better than obama…maybe you guys should do a little research too. imho

  15. 777denny says:

    What a great pick!!! Romney/Ryan 2012!!! I want to get my sticker ASAP!!!

  16. Fer says:

    I hope Mitt surprises everyone at the announcement and this “leak” is something staged on purpose, with Ryan’s knowledge and approval, to show everyone that Romney’s campaign is air tight and people better wait to hear it from Mitt before jumping to conclusions.

  17. Drob says:

    Eric, before you spout all your venom out. Ask yourself a couple of questions? Did Rubio really want the job??
    Rubio has some serious baggage that he needs to resolve first regarding Florida State Credit Cards and more. Both men have to agree before the contract is sealed.

    It is Mitt’s choice and the VP candidate’s choice to accept.

    This is a fantastic move.

  18. Cathy says:

    The right choice, at the right time, for the God given rights of all the American people.

    Romney and Ryan 2012!!