Just Plain Mitt!

Photo by Charles Dharapak/Associated Press

In spite of the mainstream media trying to paint Mitt Romney as out of touch, or distant, he is anything but…Yes, he is wealthy beyond measure, and yes, he is ‘wicked smart’ and very accomplished - even so, he is more like you and me than the media would want expose. Mitt Romney gets it because he lives it; because he has spent many years serving others; because he values pragmatism; because of a life lived with empathy toward others. I have known the man for many years and appreciate him for what he stands for, but even more so for who he is - a man of faith; a man of integrity; a man of character; a patriot with a sense of duty and purpose; and a man who is as real as real gets. There is NO pretense or guile in Mitt Romney. Today, America needs REAL; America needs ROMNEY!

As noted in the introductory comments of my recent book, On The Brink, America’s Choice 2012, “What I do know is what Mitt and Ann Romney have done and are wont to do. They are the very antithesis of the media’s aloof creation. Aside from their great generosity in almsgiving, they have given of themselves, always. They care! And, they relate to you and me. They are as real as real gets, and those who have been touched by a personal experience can attest to who they truly are. Many, many individuals and families have experienced their empathy and caring love through anonymous acts of kindness. Further, their private lives are more like yours and mine than you might imagine. They do for themselves and their family what you and I do for ours – they do not live the life that many might expect.”

The book is revealing as to the depth of Mitt Romney and I smile when seeing pictures such as that above - because it is just plain Mitt! We have a great opportunity to elect one whose life experience has prepared him to lead in this, our nation’s defining moment. Unlike the current occupant in the White House who feigns alignment with American values and principles - Mitt lives them.

As an aside, I recently watched the documentary 2016, Obama’s America, and it was revealing in so many ways. Barack Obama is so far afield in his ideology and personal associations with colleagues and mentors that it is frightening to think of what might be if he is re-elected. Now is the time for America to take of the blinders of Obama’s deception and recognize that Mitt Romney is the hope for a brighter American future. Obama has proven to be the advocate of despair, deception and decline; while Mitt Romney has hoisted the Title of Liberty and stands as a champion for freedom. Hopefully, America can clearly see the distinction between these two men, and not be blinded by the flattery of Obama or the siren songs of the mainstream media and Hollywood - it appears as though America is waking up!

This is our moment, and momentum seems to be moving toward the cause of freedom that Mitt espouses, as noted in the posts below.

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6 Responses to Just Plain Mitt!

  1. AfricansforRomney says:

    Gov Romney or SuperPAC should make an ad on this. Paul Begala said that “Romney is a man of impeccable personal moral character” @ Anderson Cooper show. May be this’s the only time i agree with this guy in this statement.
    Obama camps are going nuts b/c they can’t find dirt on gov Romney they wished for. This’s the guy who washes his shirt in the sink. I do anything to avoid washing my own clothes let alone in the sink and i’m not even rich. The guy is clean like the Pope :-)

    Gov Romney=Integrity=Humility=Humble!

  2. Shari Bunderson says:

    Love Mitt and agree with the above post. You get what you see with Mitt, he has nothing to hide. People have complained that he seems unconnected. This is absurd, look at Obama, when he wants to he can turn on the charm and charisma, but he is a shell of a man. Mitt is solid in his principles, thats what counts.

  3. Drob says:

    The ultra conservative side of the Republican Party seem to fall apart at anything Romney does that isn’t exactly what they believe in. Romney not eating a Chick Fil A sandwich everyday making sure the media sees the sandwich in his mouth gets them all fired up. Or the thought of Chris Christie being Mitt’s running mate has them all in a dither.

    Then Rasmussen has one day poll with Obama ahead, Romney is all of a sudden in a nose dive. Or Governor Brandstead saying Mitt doesn’t support wind energy and needs to support it so the people in Iowa will vote for Mitt.

    I’m all for wind energy except gas might be less expensive and the results more immediate. As if Mitt Romney is being held hostage to the utra right or to Iowa Republicans. There is a bunch more at stake then Iowa wind power, Chick Fil A sandwiches, and Governor christie’s RINO image.

    Get this petty stuff off and start getting behind Mitt. There is nobody else we can count on that rid us of Obamacare but Mitt.

    Obama will never balance the budget. He has no intention of getting rid of his socialist agenda and we are going to be stuck with Obama with all this bickering.

    Romney is in the best position to win, if we all get behind him and support him. If we all don’t, kiss the future of this country good by. Look for an even more liberal court and so on. One doesn’t have to like Mitt, but he is the Washington Outsider.

    Mitt is going to have to unify the party first. He is going to have to balance everything. I trust he will choose wisely his VP.

    This time this election is a referendum on Obama not Romney.

  4. John says:

    Mitt is the man of people,he did dish washing,he helped Ann cook, he make cake, he helped served for the public(he helped served food for the American people),he did much more than we can say it all here even went for shopping like the picture above, Mitt really is the right leader that we are waiting for, so what did Obama do ,nothing,he is the Arrogant man of the people,it is two different people to chose between the public services and the awkward spoken.

  5. Ying says:

    I sure love the new commercial bashing Mr. Romney by the Obama team (NOT!). That part about Obama wanting to paydown 4 trillion in debt—-excuse me Mr. President, YOU are the reason our debt has drastically risen, if you hadn’t made your poor choices, we wouldn’t be in this bad off a mess. You need to turn your $450,000 per year salary for the rest of your life right back into the US budget to assist in reducing the mess YOU accelerated!

  6. Annette S says:

    Rasmussen had Romney up by four points on Friday and then Obama got a bounce. Rasmussen believes it was the jobs report…Really? Unemployment up by 8.3 and only 163K jobs added. That’s not enough when you consider there are 12.8 million people unemployed. It will take 250K a month to bring the rate down. The good news is that Obama slipped a little since yesterday on Rasmussen. Romney 2012!

    The good news is that Obam