Sununu Sets Record Straight on Obama’s Lies About Romney: Auto Bailout Attacks & More…

While Americans are cheering for U.S. athletes as they go for the gusto at the Olympic games in London (USA!) former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu continues to garner political gold on Mitt Romney’s behalf.

Sununu appeared yesterday on CNBC’s ‘Closing Bell’ with Maria Bartiromo to set the facts straight on Obama’s auto bailout attacks on Romney. Entitlement reform, taxes, the economy, and more were mentioned. As usual, solid Sununu came armed with facts and controlled the narrative.

No wonder Bartiromo couldn’t get anyone from the Obama campaign to appear with Sununu

Two days ago (July 31st) Sununu took on Juan Yawn Williams on Hannity (FOX News). Sununu ran truth circles around Williams…

“Is government the solution or the problem?” (begins @:15):

(Did you notice how Williams employed another new desperate Obama tactic? When Sununu laid out the disaster of Obamanomics, Williams attacked with a silly and ineffective “you’re-so-pessimistic-about-America-Chicken-Little” meme. Sounds like Team Obama held a few midnight beer summits to come up with that one!)


“Look - this has been four years of DISASTER for America.”

“He [Obama] spent FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS and he has nothing to show for it.”

“We have an economic DISASTER. And, when you ask the President what’s going on he says “it worked.” Why can’t he be HONEST and acknowledge the fact that it failed - not that it worked?”

“This President has kept people in the poor house.”

Another one of Obama’s shameless lies…

By Michael Ramirez

I hope Romney’s VP is as verbally agile and fearless as Sununu.

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7 Responses to Sununu Sets Record Straight on Obama’s Lies About Romney: Auto Bailout Attacks & More…

  1. Cathy says:

    Sununu tells is like it is and doesn’t pull any punches. Facts are facts but the liberals don’t want to hear it. Do they not understand that what happens to the conservatives will happen to them too if Obama gets another term.

    Mitt Romney can turn this around and get ALL people in a safer, secure and growing economy. Ask yourself. “Do I want more of the last 4 years for the next 4 years, or do I want some hope, peace, and prosperity for the future?” Mitt will deliver because he is not driven by fame or fortune. He is driven by leaving his, and our, children and grandchildren a free and strong country that the forefathers envisioned.

  2. Scott J says:

    My advice to Mitt Romney: Combine the words of Jon Sununu and Donald Trump and say “The President has spent 5 trillion dollars and has nothing to show for it. If he had done this in the private sector, he woud’ve been told ‘You’re fired.’”

  3. AfricansforRomney says:

    I feel like Gov Sununu/Gov Romney is a one man show. I hope more people will come out soon and help out Gov Romney’s message to the voters. We need many more Sununu with flavor at the campaign.
    What happend to Juan Williams? I’m a huge NPR fan and i used to like Juan. Let’s face all American media including Fox sucks! Was he talking about some imaginary country Prez? None of the story in his debate matched up with our narcissist prez Obama. I think Rupert Murdoch’s company lowered Juan IQ.
    One Love to Gov Romney!!! Please, please, people! get involved and help out!

  4. Victor Lundquist says:

    Look for Obama to blame Gov. Sununu soon for all his failures.

    Juan Williams is a lackey. It is almost sad to see him dribble on with the same ole Democrat memes. If you were to isolate Williams’ assertions and not consider truth, you would conclude that America is in one of the best economic eras of all time!

    My conclusion is that Democrats simply think all voters are dumb. Why else would Juan Williams be saying even half the nonsense he spouts?

  5. Tom says:

    From Bloomberg News:

    “””Former U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan, a North Dakota Democrat who warned in 1999 that repealing Glass-Steagall could lead to “massive taxpayer bailouts” in 10 years, said in a telephone interview that the so-called firewalls that exist between regulated banks and affiliates are like “tissue paper.”
    “It’s just absurd for anybody now to make the case that having these entities under the same corporate umbrella doesn’t pose substantially greater risk,” said Dorgan, who retired from the Senate in 2011 and is a senior policy adviser at law firm Arent Fox LLP. “Phil is just wrong about this. He was wrong 13 years ago and he’s wrong now.”””

    The Bush administration and the congressional GOP from 1997-2007 have left one of the worst legacies in government in American history. We are left with the worst economic recession since 1930s and perhaps the worst fiscal crisis since the 1790s thanks to increased expenditures due to two mishandled wars and an insensible tax cut policy that carried over to the Obama presidency.

    We are still living with the Bush legacy more than we are living with Obama’s presidency. This mess is so great that it will take more than the next four years to clean up no matter whoever becomes president.

    Yes, it is fair for Obama to blame the Bush years for today’s problems and those of the immediate future. People can’t see this are very much unaware of the larger issues.

  6. Tom says:

    Question is will Romney continue the same reckless polices that the Bush years have bestowed on this country? Or will Romney be like his father George and be like himself when he was governor and be more of the centralist that created a health care system that Obamacare models after?