Romney, Jindal, Peter Johnson Jr, Mccain, Trump, Sununu, Cuccinelli: OBAMA BLOWING SMOKE

“The Obama campaign is blowing smoke here…
The weight of evidence suggests that Romney did, in fact, end active management of Bain in 1999.”
– Glenn Kessler, Washington Post, FACT CHECKER

Well, we’re off to a roaring Monday!

Governor Romney appeared on FOX & Friends (via remote) and is campaigning today with LA Governor Bobby Jindal. After The Gov’s appearance on FOX, Donald Trump phoned in for his usual Monday commentary and spoke for The Gov. Sununu was on Megyn Kelly’s show; Senator John McCain did a phone interview for Romney. And, to top it off, a top Romney aide announced today that a running mate for The Gov could be named by the end of the week.

Gloves off, O-LIARbama!

Before we get to Romney on FOX & Friends, let’s listen to legal analyst Peter Johnson, Jr.’s exchange with Steve Doocy this morning (same program). Johnson spent the weekend researching the claim that “Romney outsourced jobs”:

Is there any proof Romney actually outsourced jobs? NO.

Here’s an excerpt of Romney on FOX & Friends discussing Obama’s crony payoffs vs middle class layoffs (excerpt):

Steve Doocy: “I read in the Washington Post this morning that you want to draw attention to Obama’s political payoffs versus the middle class layoffs where you say, if you are a donor to the Obama camp you are going to do just fine. However, if you are in the middle class Governor, your camp say, yo got to worry about your job.”

Romney: “There is no question but that when billions upon billions of dollars are given by the Obama Administration to the businesses of campaign contributors, that is a real problem particularly at a time when the middle class is really suffering in this country. I don’t know whether you watched over the weekend, the report that was in The New York Times about families really struggling particularly those that are single parents that are just having a hard time making ends meet. This is a tough time for the people of America. But if you are a campaign contributor to Barack Obama, your business may stand to get billions of dollars or hundreds of millions of dollars in cash from the government. I think it’s wrong. I think it stinks to high heaven and I think the administration has to explain how it is they would consider giving money to campaign contributors’ businesses.

Romney Press shop also today released President Obama Has Engaged In Political Payoffs By Rewarding Wealthy Donors And Administration Insiders With Taxpayer Dollars. Read the FACTS here.

Trump phoned in to say ‘open book’ Obama should release his college applications and records (FOX & Friends):

Senator John McCain was interviewed on today on Michigan’s Morning Show (WJIM) in Lansing, MI. He was there to discuss Obama’s broken promises (excerpt):

McCain: “This is a President that said if he couldn’t get it done in four years—i.e., restore the economy—then he didn’t deserve a second term. This is a President that’s now saying he should have ‘told a better story’ in his first two years as President? What he really shouldn’t have done is foist off Obamacare on the American people in the sleaziest process that I have ever seen in the United States Senate. You know the Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase. He said he wouldn’t have any lobbyists in the White House? He didn’t. He had them in the Blair House. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever observed and the American people obviously deserved a lot better than what we got today.”

Reacting to Obama’s refusal to apologize for lies being said about Romney, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu was on Megyn Kelly’s America Live:

Sununu: “We could be talking about the 24 million unemployed and underemployed. They’re the ones that have problems. When I go to the supermarket and I talk to folks and they want to talk to me about Governor Romney – what they talk to me about the most is the fact that this is the guy that can solve the problem that their son or their daughter – who just graduated from college – can’t find a job on. They want to talk about the fact that they need a president who can solve problems.

If President Obama thinks he’s gonna escape the reality of him giving contracts to bundlers, contracts to cronies, contracts to people who are represented by former White House staffers – the money that they gave to Solyndra. You didn’t like talk about Solyndra, but it’s a FACT. The Solyndra money was given because there were bundlers involved in the investment – to the Finish car company. THESE ARE ALL REALITIES.”

New ad from Team Romney…

Hope and Change?

More from Team Romney today:

Romney Campaign Senior Adviser Ed Gillespie ad National Press Secretary Andrea Saul hosted a background briefing call on O’Liar’s political payoffs and middle class layoffs.

Romney Press Shop announced Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was holding a press conference call to discuss how federal grants and loan guarantees to President Obama’s political supporters have cost taxpayers billions of dollars while failing to create jobs or help middle-class families.

Press release from Romney Press Shop: Middle-Class struggles Continue in the Obama Economy. Read facts here. (Share these facts everywhere; it won’t do any good to sit on them!)

Here is what three politicos thought of the Romney response today…

Karl Rove: Feels Romney can’t really get into the mud, that Romney shouldn’t descend to Obama’s level. Says he definitely needs to strongly refute Obama’s lies, but after clearing the record, flip the narrative to higher ground.

Joe Trippi (Democrat adviser): “Romney is a care-to-be-cautious candidate.” Thinks Romney can’t win unless he really gets tough.

Britt Hume: “I thought the Romney response was a little mild.”

What say you? Was the smoke cleared today?

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11 Responses to Romney, Jindal, Peter Johnson Jr, Mccain, Trump, Sununu, Cuccinelli: OBAMA BLOWING SMOKE

  1. 4Aces says:

    Great article and summary of where this has been. Obama is definitely distorting Romney’s record in an effort to both distract from his failures on the economy and to pre-define Mitt for the upcoming months of the campaign. Rove has it right - part of Mitt’s argument is that Obama is acting belief the dignity of the presidency and so he must himself defend and counterattack honorably. This is what the American people want - a fair fight, not the disgusting lies of a desperate president.

  2. Frank says:

    How effective was Romney ad released today hitting Obama on his payoff$ to political donors? So powerful Obama allies had YouTube suspend it

  3. AfricansforRomney says:

    I like Karl Rove’s suggestion “..strongly refute Obama’s lies, but after clearing the record, flip the narrative to higher ground.” Amen!
    Obama is SCARED of Gov Romney’s uniquely qualified business records. Waaaaaaah-Bain, Waaaaaaaaaaaah-Bain Obama is hiding behind the libs media skirts for now, but he can’t hide forever. In the end, the truth will win.
    Can we have a debate show b/n Gov Romney and the FAKE Obama reading a balancesheet and giving quick anlaysis for 5 minutes?
    What i don’t understand is that how Obama passed the FBI background checks with all his admission of puffing, smoking, snoring? How he’s allowed to own a pet after he admitted eating a dog? I know this sounds silly, but it is a legitmate questions.
    Gov Sununu deserves a raise!! He’s the ultimate fighter for Gov Romney.
    How come i don’t see Jim DeMitt name for VP?
    Gov Romney, if you don’t give us Rice, please give us DeMitt.
    Romney/Rice or DeMitt!!!

  4. ccr says:

    Yes! Noticed that same thing, Frank!

    And………I thought that same thing!

    Obama and Co do NOT like the TRUTH.

    We need this guy……..and gang………outta the WH!

  5. AfricansforRomney says:

    oops, i meant to say “DeMint”.

  6. Cathy says:

    A quote from Kit on another site…

    I want to see Obama’s financial aid statements when he took out college loans. If he was a US citizen and received money as a foreign student, FELONY. If he was a foreign student and received money as a US citizen, FELONY. So, which way was it? He stated that he had “paid off his loans”. Where is that paper work?

  7. AfricansforRomney says:

    I think “a quote from Kit” is mixed up. It may be illegal receiving Fed grants, admitted in school for lying as a US citizen, but you pay in much higher rate for a student loan as a foreign student not less (at least back in the days). I don’t see the advantage of him lying as a US citizen and receiving money as a foreign student, though.

  8. sherms says:

    Ohbahma is a “BOGUS”!!. period…

  9. Bob says:

    But here’s the problem: everything mentioned in this post occurred in the echo chamber of Fox News. Romney already has the “Fox and Friends” Voter. What’s he doing to get the word out to Independents and Reagan Democrats? That’s where the winning votes are…

  10. Annette S says:

    An article written by Marc A. Thiessen……”Forget Bain - Obama’s Public Equity Record is the Real Scandal.” Theissen listed Companies receiving taxpayer dollars given to them by the Obama administration as follows:

    Received 535 million in taxpayer dollars
    Now bankrupt

    First Solar
    3 billion in loan guarantees
    They are now cutting jobs..Stock is all time low

    126 million in taxpayer dollars
    Lost 45 million…under investigation for insider trading

    Sun Power
    1.2 billion in taxpayer money
    Lost 1/2 billion…laying off workers

    Raser Technologies
    33 million taxpayer funded grant…to build a power plant
    Filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Owes 1.5 million in back taxes.

    Bright Source
    14.6 billion loan guarantee
    String of net losses totaling 177 million.

    Nevada Geothermal Power NGP
    98.5 million …taxpayer loan guarantee
    Now in financial turmoil….significant doubt that company can continue.

    Abound Solar
    400 million loan guarantee
    Halted production in February…..Laid off 180 employees

    Beacon Power
    43 million loan guarantee
    Filed for bankruptcy in 2011.

    These companies were owned by bundlers and heavy donors for the Obama Campaign. We don’t need a president who takes care of his friends while leading us down a path to a government controlled economy.

  11. Fer says:

    Romney should not release squat beyond what he has already promised. The two idiots who think if he releases more years he can put it to rest are dead wrong. Romney has had many investments over the years and those tax documents are probably large volumes and thousands of pages. Dems. would be like kids in a candy store looking for things to distort, distract and take away attention from the President’s monumental failures.