Romney Sets Record Straight on Bain: ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC (VIDEOS)

July 13, 2022 - Governor Mitt Romney lays out the FACTS on his Bain Capital record…

Setting the record straight on the Obama campaign’s lies about his record at Bain Capital, Governor Mitt Romney blazed through a series of taped interviews yesterday. They aired last night on five major news outlets.

ABC - Jon Karl / Romney interview July 13, 2012:
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CBS - Jan Crawford / Romney interview July 13, 2022 (Interview was edited; first video is only 51-seconds. Will update if full interview is located.):

Crawford asks Romney to comment on the U.S. Olympic uniform controversy:

CNN - Jim Acosta / Romney interview July 13, 2012:

Part 2:

FOX - Carl Cameron / Romney interview July 13,2012:

NBC - Peter Alexander / Romney interview July 13, 2012:


That covers it! Well done, Gov!

Obama, give it up.

Oh, by the way, if anyone thinks our Storyteller-in-Chief will be issuing an apology… nope.

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8 Responses to Romney Sets Record Straight on Bain: ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC (VIDEOS)

  1. Fer says:

    What people seem to be missing here is that even if Bain invested overseas, we are talking about Romney’s money and Bain shareholders money. Obama has wasted trillions of OUR money.

  2. Canda says:

    I agree, surprisingly enough, the NBC report is the best. Overall Mitt handled himself beautifully. He told it like it is. Now let’s talk about the economy and getting America back on track.

  3. Fabienne Hourihane says:

    The Presidend wants to talk about Bain well..why don’t you hit him back about Solyndra . Also he giving 1.5 billlion dollars to the muslim brotherhood that he bypassed Congress and gave. He has given money tax payer money to George Soros oil company to drilll in the Gulf. That why he won’t build the Keystone pipeline. He also better check himself out about being a liar. He said he can’t build the pipeline because we need student loans and roads. the Keystone pipeline is privately funded. #2 lie will not tax people making under 250,000 a year #3 lie He was never born on US soil so he is not a “Natural born Citizen” #4 He said he went to Columbia College the clearing house has no record and nobody even remembers he ever bring t
    here.# 5 lie He is taking the credit for bailout out and saving the Auto Co….well try again. In 2008 the company problems escalated when fuel prices crippled demands for GM’s larger gas burners like SUV’s and trucks like the Hummer. Obama Administration gave 19.4 billion to GM to keep them out of bankruptcy but that wasn’t enough. Gov Romney said they should just seattle in court and the government should stay out of it but Obama gave another 30 billion dollars to keep the company running during the Chapter 11 process. 49.4 billion dollars of money we will never see or be paid back.

  4. Victor Lundquist says:


    Canda, I agree; the NBC interview was the best for content and for GMR’s reply.

    Unfortunately, when a campaign like Obama’s is in desperation and panic mode, they will never stop flailing and lashing out with outrageous allegations.

    Here is the absolutely best way to know the truth about a person before voting for them (or not voting for them): Look at their life of service and their entire career and study their reputation. How is that person known generally by millions of people? What are his associations over the decades? What do people say about that person? What is his entire reputation?

    With that simple model, compare Obama’s life’s reputation with Romney’s. Romney worked without pay while governor. Pres. Obama is a wealthy man and has been for 5-6 years. Did he choose to work for free as POTUS? Romney’s reputation in life, career, and service is above reproach. Obama’s life and career is filled with shadows and angles and dancing at ever corner. Just watch these videos to understand what Obama will do or say to get what he wants. He thinks nothing of breaking his commitments to Americans. He broke every commitment he made:

    There are many other YouTubes out there showing Obama speaking in his own words, giving all kind of promises that he never intended to fulfill. Well, we are at the table demanding fulfillment now.

    Also, there are some excellent comments above from FaceBook.

    BTW, Romney worked for free for three years when he rescued the Olympics. He worked for free for two years when he was asked to come back to rescue Bain from BK. He worked for 10+ years for free as the pastor of his church, counseling hundreds, if not thousands of average Americans struggling through life. I would place Gov. Romney’s reputation up against Obama’s reputation any day of the week and every day until they both pass on to the next life!

    Frankly, Gov. Romney’s comments about Obama in these interviews were gracious, but too soft. For Mr. Obama (through his lemmings) to accuse Gov. Romney of a felony is nothing short of despicable. Pure and simple, it is legal slander. If Gov. Romney were not the gentleman he is, he could file a lawsuit for slander and win. To do so however would be to respond in kind with a person that loves to wallow in the sludge of feces — in the Chicago style of politics. Gov. Romney will never join Obama at his level of demeaning political dishonesty and deception.

    Mr. Obama has covered the Office of President of the United States with filth and with a reputation that will take a long time to repair. And because of the person he is, he does not even realize what he has done. In every statement in these videos, Gov. Romney refers to this directly, albeit in a gracious, gentleman’s manner. But let’s call a duck a duck.

    Mr. Obama is not finished waddling in feces. What does he have to lose? His desperation is born of the realization he losing the campaign race. He began to revert to Chicago style political tactics many weeks ago as panic set in. To continue to waddle in it only raises the risks for Obama and he is willing to take those risks to win at all costs. What he does not realize is he is exposing every action and every decision to the annals of history and he will be judged by the intense sunlight of historians for generations.

    Obama is a despicable man and those that choose to associate with that man are of the same character. These quotes (“Romney is a felon” and others like it) emerging from Obama’s team will be recorded in the history books for generations to come for all of our children and grandchildren to read and it will be remembered as one of the lowest points any leader of our nation has taken it. And the proof that Obama is of the character I have described and that he agrees with what his lemmings have said, is the fact he never fires them. Obama totally agrees with the slander they are spewing.

  5. Fabienne Hourihane says:

    also..if they want to make a big deal about the uniforms from the olympic games maded in china. Why was Obama’s new campaign bus made in Canada??

  6. Cathy says:

    Does Obama know how desperate he looks to be digging up and making up garbage on Mitt. I shake my head and think, he must think we’re all stupid. He’ll get his answer in Nov. We’re all on to your tactics Mr. O. Clean up your act, you’re looking bad and millions are watching.

    In the news clips, Mitt responded with the honesty and integrity that is we’re so desperately looking for in a President. Take note what a real president looks and acts like BO.

  7. Tebo17 says:

    I’m so tired of all these lies from obama. He’s so hypocrite. If America will give another 4 years to obama, we better be ready. We will be like 3rd world country fighting for jobs, living a day to day survival. I have been and live in these 3rd world countries for years. They were on the same course as what obama invisioned. Mitt Romney is the only solution, and we must push this as hard as we can to get him elected.

  8. BC says:

    Here is something that might help Romney :)

    Obama Begging Communist Red China For Campaign Donations