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Recently a few of those in conservative circles have been calling upon Mitt Romney to lay a knock-out punch on Obama, believing that the timing is right with the Supreme Court ruling and Obamacare. They further perceive weakness in the Romney team, which has not been as assertive as they might want in this regard, and consequentially the team needs an overhaul or shake-up. There is no question that a certain weakness exists in Obama because of Obamacare. To some degree, within the recent Supreme Court ruling and public animus toward Obamacare there is a window to capitalize upon. Even so, as to weakness in Obama, take your pick! Fortunately or unfortunately for us, there are many points of weakness in Obama: detachment; failed leadership; foreign policy (or lack thereof); security leaks; unbridled spending; obviation of Constitutional checks and balances through imperious edict and czars; Fast and Furious; immigration; burdensome debt and consequential intergenerational theft; lack, or undermining of trade policy; undermining of religious freedoms; abandonment of fundamental American values wherein he has undermined our social fabric by not defending marriage, family and life; failed economic and job policies; attempted purchasing of society; overburdensome and oppressive regulation, just to list a few. Appreciating the many conservative voices in the mix and the want to take out Obama now, we must recognize in our want for instant gratification that it is a process - a week is a lifetime in politics. If we can glean anything from history, within the political process, campaigns will experience innumerable ups and downs - and a week does not necessarily make or define a campaign - perspective.

Notwithstanding the dynamics of the process, the key constant and stratagem of a successful campaign must remain in a critically focused message, appreciating the want for static knock-out punches along the way. If there is any measure attributable to Mitt Romney and his team, it is focus, focus and focus! This does not presuppose the campaign should not and will not be agile and responsive to attacks or opportunities as they arise. However, amid the commotion and voices from the right or left the message is and remains, the economy! With the recent employment statistics and those that are sure to follow in the ensuing months, the economy will continue to be the key catalyst for change on November 6th.

Parenthetically, an interesting metaphor that harkens my thoughts and further applies to the commotive voices - when Israel was victorious over Egypt in the 6-day war. Notwithstanding the breadth of its border with Egypt, Israel’s strategy was to identify Egypt’s weakest point, line up its tanks and penetrate the border and then disperse. It was an elegant strategy for victory. The Romney team has similarly identified Obama’s weakest point (much to the suffering of America), the economy, and is laser focused on its message.

Surely, there will be many voices - Obama, his campaign and PR machine chief among them, that will seek to distract the message away from the economy and Obama’s record. Whether it is immigration, Mitt Romney’s character and personal wealth, 99:1 and class warfare, Obamacare or whatever, Romney’s campaign needs to keep its primary focus on the catalyst for change, the economy and jobs. People in America are ‘tired’ and ‘suffering’ and unlike Obama, Mitt gets it.

Mitt Romney has assembled a great team whose depth and resources are second to none. As the general election cycle continues, the team will continue to expand as was recently announced with Kevin Madden being elevated in his role, or as resources are culled and called upon for the evolving campaign dynamics and/or the Vice Presidential candidate. Gratefully, we have a candidate and support team that understands the process and is earnestly steadfast in what matters. They listen, gather data, adapt, and press forward with purpose in the message. What is the phrase - too many chefs in the kitchen spoil the broth? I am just saying… With so many passionate, interested and influential voices speaking simultaneously, and further compounded with the Obama campaign and public relations machine, the Romney campaign must remain adherent to a clarion voice of purpose, message and focus. Can they do better in communicating the message with clarity and passion? Yes. Does it require a shake-up and overhaul? No. Will the campaign be sufficiently agile in drawing upon needed, adaptive and experienced resources? Yes.

Our anxieties and wants to get Obama out now can encumber and cloud our perspective, especially if we allow it to seep into the cracks of our faith, or our understanding of ‘enduring’ campaigns. Gratefully and confidently, Romney has been sufficiently steeled in his experience to have the wisdom necessary to filter the voices of commotion; and is further endowed with the key leadership capacities to listen and guide his campaign and our country to victory in November. To paraphrase Ann Romney, with Mitt Romney the country wins, with Barack Obama, we lose!

Appreciating the quarterbacking from so many and the need to express critically constructive opinion, now is the time to stand as one, unified and aligned with Mitt Romney, that we might take back America and restore our economy and freedoms; he remains our hope for America’s future. Even so, as we are wont to offer constructive thoughts, we must do so with consideration for Obama’s PR machine and how they might seek to use our commentary as a further divide to fracture our party and nation. Without any doubt, now is the time to raise our voices with purpose and measure! Now is the time to draw upon the strength of America and Americans, coalescing all interests behind Mitt Romney to take back what we have lost in the Obama Era - restoring freedom, liberty, our economy and America’s exceptionalism.

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Conservative advocate, husband, father of six, grandfather of 18. Author, conservative blogger, and retired investment banker.Enjoy my family, my mountain home, political and philosophical discussions, golf and travel. View Posts | View Profile | View David's New Book
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15 Responses to Knock Out Punch - Conservative’s Plea

  1. Hello says:

    Why would Romney tap a Palin/Tea Party-Bashing Kevin Madden to be the new Eric Fehrnstrom?

  2. David Parker says:

    Kevin isn’t replacing Eric Fehrstrom, but taking on a direct role with the press as he did in ’08. His role is to act as a voice for Romney to the press - not to express his opinions - only Romney’s

  3. Jim Tills says:

    It is all too obvious that we need a master press secretary who can express Mitt’s focus on the economy and other salient issues. Eric fehrstrom with his “etch-a-sketch” and “Obamacare is a policy, not a tax” attributations to Romney hurt the cause we conservatives are all fighting for and gave the Democrats opporunity to berate Mitt and cause distraction from Obama’s dismal failures. Eric needed to take a step back, but his voice will still be involved, just not front and centerr as it will be with Kevin Madden who will more strictly mirror Mitt’s solid bona fides on the issues vital to turning this Nation away from socialism.

  4. AfricansforRomney says:

    Nice picture.
    What i hear/read from the lefty media is totally insane. When in America the nation high unemployment is acceptable, unsustainable national debt is fine, uncotrollable govt expansion/spending is o.k, paying high taxes are o.k, open borders are fine, govt control healthcare is fine, drones in your backyards are fine? I feel like closing my eyes and pretend these are s all a dream.The empty suit Obama is in the wrong side of America. Obama no longer takes accountablity and responsiblity for the mess he created for the last 3+ years. I do believes that the lefty media and Obama thinks he deserves another term just b/c he’s black.
    Oh, yes. Knock out time! It is about time to suspend Obama’s endless blame games and lies.

    The fight begins from your local area, We MUST support and help Gov Romney anyway we can . Get involved.

  5. AfricansforRomney says:

    Hello, since, your comment always include Palin’s name in this site. Would you ask Gov Palin to endorse Gov Romney for me, please.
    I think Gov Romney has very loyal, dedicated team. Gov Romney where is at today is b/c of his team brilliant fights in the primary. I don’t want Eric on TV anymore b/c he’s very soft, calm, polite, truthful for TV politics. But. I want Eric to continue what he does behind the scene b/c definately it is WORKING. I really like Eric’s very collective, calm demeanor, he would be a great advisor for weary investors out there :-)
    Conservatism Rules!!!!

  6. Teresa says:

    What a relief to read this intelligent request for support of Mitt Romney’s wisdom. The reason I so strongly support him is his ability to elevate this important election to something other than a contest of brutes in the arena. His unwavering focus is something I admire and plan to learn from. The sooner we can, as a whole, learn not to jump for every bone, the sooner we’ll be on the road to repair. Rather than crying and bleeding, the crowd should follow Mitt’s example.

    It’s new. It will take time for people to be ready to grow beyond the usual grotesque form of campaigning they think they love. It’s just addiction to pain and false excitement. Indulging in non-stop hatred prevents even a modicum of self esteem from developing.

    I’m looking forward to the completion of this process and my dream come true of civilized behavior. Mitt’s steadfast resolve is a thing of beauty. He’s got class, something America is in need of.

  7. cj says:

    amen teresa! mitt did not get where he is by chasing a pin pong ball all over! he is out there letting obama use all his punches and when obama backs himself in a corner, mitt willl have already studies him, and will be able to land the “blow” effectively to send obama and his minions packing! we need to really quit jumpimg ship everytime we think we know better than mitt and his awesome campaign organization!!!

  8. Don J. Krouskop says:

    Well said. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and Romney has already proven once this year that he can stay on message and go the distance with the best of them. Moreover, we’re just a few days out from Obama’s Supreme Court “victory” and he’s already starting to run out of steam again. Yesterday’s fundraising call-to-arms and today’s headlines about the Obama campaign’s blatant disregard for facts in its “outsourcing” ads are clear indicators that the President didn’t get the sort of boost he was hoping for when his individual mandate was ruled a tax.

  9. Kristen says:

    really good business people don’t do “knock out punches”. they are smooth, subtle, and polite so their opponent won’t feel the knife in their back until it’s all over and they are left to wonder what happened.

  10. Fer says:

    Romney has delivered plenty of great punches, including the Solyndra presser, and more recently beating Obama at fundraising (despite Dem lies to the contrary) after the SCOTUS ruling. Going to Israel, where Obama hasn’t been yet as a president, despite the current critical Mid-East situation, will be another one.
    I don’t think Romney needs a so-called “knock out punch”. He will do more than punch Obama by election time. He will run him over like a locomotive. I supported Obama in 2008 and he has turned out to be the biggest disappointment in the history of Politics. He has NOTHING left to stop Romney’s momentum and he knows it, but he can’t just come out and admit defeat. He will have to wait to election day when America will vote him out in a landslide of epic proportions.

  11. cj says:

    kristen, different analogy to get the same result….:) yes, mitt walks softly but carries a big stick!

  12. Victor Lundquist says:

    David, this post is spot on!

    I have studied military history most of my life. When in the military, you may disagree with a plan, but once you know the strategy and orders, you support those who have the greater view of the whole picture and “bring it in tight” to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. We need to do the same. Great message!

    Love the metaphors above!

    It is always easy to find fault. We need to unite.

    My favorite quote from your article: “…as we are wont to offer constructive thoughts, we must do so with consideration for Obama’s PR machine and how they might seek to use our commentary as a further divide to fracture our party and nation.”

  13. David Parker says:

    Thanks Vic, and to each who have expressed your comments. Thank you for your advocacy of Mitt’s campaign - we need to be very proactive in this effort so as to deny Obama his destructive agenda.

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  15. Cathy says:

    Let Obama spew his venom. Come Nov. he’ll need a snake-bite kit. Mitt knows exactly what’s he’s doing and when least expected… will go in for the kill (metaphorically speaking).