Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? New Book “On the Brink” Makes the Choice Clear

Bump: I published this originally on Thursday morning before the news broke about the SCOTUS decision on ObamaCare. Since it very quickly got buried I’m bumping it up today for more exposure. This importance of this book just jumped ten-fold with Thursday’s announcement. Please check the review below and take advantage of the pre-sale discount which ends in 2 days. Thanks, Nate G.


There is a new book that will be released next week which I must highly recommend to you. The book is On the Brink, America’s Choice 2012 written by one of our own MRC authors David Parker. (You may have seen his recent posts.) Before David joined us I was not aware that he is a very successful “serial” entrepreneur, and also a personal acquaintance of the Romney family, as well as Ann’s brothers’ families - the Davies.

David Parker

On the Brink Author - David Parker

As I reviewed On the Brink I was riveted by the both the information contained in it, as well as the clarity and articulation with which the message is delivered. It soon became apparent to me that David is a serious historian, that he has a broad view of the path that America has followed up to the current moment, and has a very sober outlook on the choice that is now before us, and the consequences of the possible outcomes.

One segment that stuck in my mind most, and in fact drew me more into the book, was a bit from the preamble to the book. In it David relates the fact that over the history of the world the greatest civilizations that have come and gone have lasted an average of 200 years. (Hey, that’s roughly America’s age.) These civilizations follow a certain course, or cycle, that takes them from nothingness to greatness, and then back to nothingness. The steps of the cycle: bondage -> spiritual faith -> great courage -> liberty -> abundance -> complacency -> apathy -> dependence -> back to bondage. David continues to point out that though most may feel we are somewhere the ‘complacency’ and ‘apathy’ phases, as much as 40% of the population may already be in the ‘dependance’ phase.

This is indeed where the policies of the Obama administration will lead us. But America does have a choice, and David Parker’s book gives the best summation of the candidates, the history, the choice and its consequences, as I have yet seen.

The book is On the Brink, America’s Choice 2012. It publishes and ships July 5th, but you can order it now take advantage of special pre-order pricing deal before it hits Amazon next week. Part of the proceeds will go towards this site, so please consider buying it today. It’s a win-win-win-win situation for you, for Mr. Parker, and for, and even for Governor Romney himself.

Click to order.

Book description from the official website:

David Parker offers an insider’s glimpse at the coming election, where we are as a nation, how we got here and the choice before us. He provides a substantive and stark contrast between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Further, he shares personal insights about Governor Romney, his leadership capacity, experience and perspectives about America and what lies ahead.

Believing that the mainstream media will shield the public from pertinent facts and information, Parker provides factual statements and illustrations, in summary form, that offer a compelling argument why Mitt Romney should be elected President of the United States, and how he can win in November.

A brief tome, this book delivers a concise, clear and compelling depiction of America’s choice in 2012. It appeals to a general population that has been solely reliant upon news outlets and the mainstream media, and who has yet to delve into the substance of the November election. The book further appeals to those who are political junkies, as it offers additional insights and perspectives from an insider’s view.

Most deliberately, the book is a concise and catalytic primer to inform the reader and provoke further thought and study as we face America’s defining moment. Our very freedoms are at stake in the November election and the author has sought to present an argument that the reader can absorb easily and share with others. On the Brink is an easy and well-informed read. For anyone sitting on the fence about the November election, this book is a must-read.

Nate owns and manages a small souvenir manufacturing business. He and his wife of 12 years have 2 children. Nate has been blogging for Mitt Romney since late 2006 and is co-founder and editor of
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Nate owns and manages a small souvenir manufacturing business. He and his wife of 12 years have 2 children. Nate has been blogging for Mitt Romney since late 2006 and is co-founder and editor of View Posts | View Profile
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4 Responses to Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? New Book “On the Brink” Makes the Choice Clear

  1. Ben says:

    I’m buying one.

  2. Annette S says:

    I will definitely order this book. I love David Parker’s articles and it will help MRC. I have thought about this Country being at a certain point in a cycle. Especially when you hear about some European Countries moving towards capitalism as we drift away from it. Once a country has benefited from free enterprise and the prosperity that it produces, it becomes complacent. As our country becomes removed from the days of fighting to free itself from bondage, people become confused about how this country became free and prosperous. The people turn against each other and class warfare erupts and elected officials want to over regulate our private sector to a point that slows it’s growth. We need Mitt Romney to show us how a strong private sector and a smart government can work side by side. Romney 2012!!

  3. Dixie says:

    Looking forward to reading it! I love his articles on MRC.

    Hope he also comes out with a audible version so I can listen to it several times.

  4. AfricansforRomney says:

    I like Mr David writings here @ MRC. Will buy for support.