Analysis: Romney Spoke American in Jerusalem

Romney in Jerusalem

Mitt Romney’s Israel visit will not only be remembered by the outstanding reception, and the personal embrace by none other than Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. It will in particular be remembered for it’s purpose - the foundation of a fresh start, based on the tone and content of his foreign policy speech in Jerusalem.

While Romney was fortunate enough to publicly recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, it’s important to state, that this recognition is the rule of law since it passed the approval of the US congress in 1995. Romney’s harsh stance against Iran is especially important, due to the grave consequences of a possible nuclear Iran and the threat it poses to the entire world.

The personal and intimate relationship with Netanyahu would definitely play a major role in strengthening the US-Israel relationship, if Romney wins the Presidency. Nonetheless, it is upon the two leaders - no matter what their personal ideology or personal character is - to agree on an open, frank, direct and discreet dialogue, that will benefit the interests of both countries.

The tone of the speech, was one that offered a reflection of the American public, strongly supportive of the US-Israel alliance and the existence of Israel as Jewish State.

Based on the speech and public statements during the visit, one cannot argue that Romney came across as a Hawk or as a neo-conservative, but as a responsible leader that fully understands the value of an alliance that is committed to the security of Israel and is willing to take a stand on the challenges we both face as a free and prosperous nation.

This is the American language. This is an expression of a strong and enduring friendship.

In my eyes, Romney can use the speech in Jerusalem to appeal to those Democrats and Republicans who are passionate about a strong US-Israel relationship. Those who have actually examined President Obama’s record over the past 3 1/2 years have seen President Obama taking an unprecedented approach which resulted in throwing Israel under the bus, contributing to a unstable middle east, and the burial of the peace process.

There is a growing concern among Jewish Americans over the future of the diplomatic relationship with Israel. Therefore, without a doubt, Mitt Romney can definitely use the Israel trip to defy the skeptics and build upon a strong showing among Jewish voters - strong enough to win the general election, come November.

Former Polish President Lech Walesa Endorses Mitt Romney

REUTERS/Kacper Pempel

Former Polish President Lech Walesa endorsed Mitt Romney today. Here’s what he had to say to Governor Romney:

I wish you to be successful because this success is needed to the United States, of course, but to Europe and the rest of the world, too. Governor Romney, get your success, be successful!” Walesa said through a translator following their joint meeting in Gdansk. He hit his hand on the table for emphasis.

Also check out the huge crowds that showed up to show their support here and here.

The Romneys Pay Respects at the Western Wall of Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Sacred Day of Mourning

Photo Credit: Charles Dharapak / AP Photo

From Israel National News:

Romney said that “In this sacred spot and on this special day, I have gotten to know more about the history of the Jewish people, and I feel the pain of the destruction undergone by the Jewish people – the special nation as it was in the past – and I pray and hope for peace for the nation of Israel and the entire world.”

From ABC News:

Mitt and Ann Romney visited one of the holiest sites in the Jewish faith today, arriving at the Western Wall on a sacred day of mourning in Israel.

The Romneys arrived via motorcade at the site of prayer and spent about 15 minutes walking to the wall and placing their prayers in the wall and got a warm reception.

The wall is split in two – one side for men and the other for women – so Ann and her female staffers approached one side, while the candidate approached the other with Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz.

There were hundreds of Jewish worshippers praying at the site on this holy fasting day of Tisha B’Av and cell phones were out snapping photos of Romney. Many chanted at him as he walked slowly toward the wall.
Among those with Romney were son Josh, senior adviser Dan Senor and Spencer Zwick.

Romney stood for several minutes with a man who had diagrams and looked to be describing the wall and where on the Temple Mount Romney was standing. Romney then took a piece of paper and wrote something on it. He approached the wall, bowed his head and put his right hand on the wall. After about 20 seconds he looked up and stuck his note into a space on the wall.

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The Death of Obama’s Campaign Will Prove to be Four Words

Kimberley Strassel of The Wall Street Journal wrote a brilliant piece this week about Mr. Obama’s insulting remarks to the millions of business owners of America. As I thought of President Obama’s sixty second statement from his speech, I could not think of anything worse he could have said to business creators. In my opinion, these words by Obama will prove to be the death of his campaign — that is saying a lot since he has made some serious commitments such as promising to bring unemployment down to 6.5% and cutting the national deficit in half. No statement of his compares though with his insulting words to business owners.

What’s the difference between a calm and cool Barack Obama, and a rattled and worried Barack Obama? Four words, it turns out.

“You didn’t build that” is swelling to such heights that it has the president somewhere unprecedented: on defense. Mr. Obama has felt compelled—for the first time in this campaign—to cut an ad in which he directly responds to the criticisms of his now-infamous speech, complaining his opponents took his words “out of context.”

“Out of context.” Hogwash! If you listen to the entire speech, there is no question where Obama’s heart and mind are on the topic of government and business. These statements by Barack Obama are the most revealing of the man to date. No matter what Obama does from this point forward, he will be unable to live down his impassioned words about how business creators owe their start and the building of their businesses to government. Strassel finishes out her weekly column here:

The Obama campaign’s bigger problem, both sides are now realizing, is that his words go beyond politics and are more devastating than the Romney complaints that Mr. Obama is too big-government oriented or has mishandled the economy. They raise the far more potent issue of national identity and feed the suspicion that Mr. Obama is actively hostile to American ideals and aspirations. Republicans are doing their own voter surveys, and they note that Mr. Obama’s problem is that his words cause an emotional response, and that they disturb voters in nearly every demographic.

It’s why Mr. Obama’s “out of context” complaints aren’t getting traction. The Republican National Committee’s response to that gripe was to run an ad that shows a full minute of Mr. Obama’s rant at the Roanoke, Va., campaign event on July 13. In addition to “you didn’t build that,” the president also put down those who think they are “smarter” or “work harder” than others. Witness the first president to demean the bedrock American beliefs in industriousness and exceptionalism. The “context” only makes it worse.

This gets to the other reason the Obama campaign is rattled: “You didn’t build that” threatens to undermine its own argument against Mr. Romney. Mr. Obama has been running on class warfare and the notion that Mr. Romney is a wealthy one-percenter out of touch with average Americans. Yet few things better symbolize the average American than a small-business owner. To the extent that Mr. Romney is positioning himself as champion of that little business guy and portraying Mr. Obama as something alien, he could flip the Obama narrative on its head.

It would be all the more potent were Mr. Romney to use “you didn’t build that” to launch his own economic narrative. One unexpected side effect of “you didn’t build that” is that it has emboldened the GOP to re-embrace and glory in free enterprise (so abused since the financial crash). And the president’s disparaging attack on business has also made voters more open to a defense of it.

I am convinced the only people that really want another four years with Barack Obama as president are those who truly feel entitled to other peoples’ money or those who still hang on to Obama’s original campaign theme of hope and change and who are completely oblivious to truth due to their unwillingness or inability to perform research.

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Latin American Despot Endorses Obama Again

Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan President

In case you missed it, Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez gave an endorsement of Barack Obama and slammed Governor Romney. As one of the world’s despots, Chavez has all but destroyed the Venezuelan economy, eliminating all motivation of new business development; his polices have stoked the flames of inflation to almost 30 percent. As one of the world’s richest nations as to oil reserves, Venezuela has been reduced to just another Latin American third world, poverty stricken country — all at the hands of Chavez.

Over the last year, Chavez has publicly stated other positive things about Barack Obama, someone with whom he obviously feels a kinship.

Here is the quote from the Associated Press:

In a campaign speech Saturday night, Chavez equated the agenda of his challenger, Henrique Capriles, with that of Romney, saying both men represent the callously selfish capitalist elite.
“In the end, it’s the same project,” Chavez said, referring to Obama as “a good guy.”

Any thinking TV voter that is contemplating another vote for Obama in November should give some serious thought as to why one of the world’s most corrupt, socialistic, and terrorist harboring dictators would prefer Obama over Gov. Romney as President of the United States. His endorsement of Obama should cause any rational voter to think twice before giving their precious vote to Barack Obama. Mr. Obama has set our nation on the pathway that Hugo Chavez has taken his country down this last decade. Chavez, like many other Latin American banana republics, loves to nationalize private companies. Obama has followed Chavez’s lead in this regard by experimenting with a form of nationalization with General Motors.

Since Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are good buddies, I am thinking we might see an endorsement any day from the president of Iran.

Having lived in Venezuela in the 70s, I have several friends there and they are saddened by the state of affairs of their beloved Venezuela. Make no mistake, Hugo Chavez will be reelected as president of Venezuela and probably by a landslide due to voter fraud and corruption.

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Romney Policy Director: “Obama Has No One but Himself to Blame” for Weak Economy

The following memorandum was issued by Lanhee Chen, Policy Director for Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign:

Lanhee Chen, Policy Director

This Sunday marks 100 days until Election Day. Poll after poll shows us that jobs and the economy are the most important issues on the minds of the American people. Voters will be asking themselves a simple question: Which candidate is best equipped to finally get our economy back on the right track?

Under President Obama, the economy continues to weaken. Today’s GDP estimate, which revealed that our economy grew by a paltry 1.5% last quarter, is only the latest sign that we are moving in the wrong direction. Some economists have expressed fears that we are heading toward a period of zero growth – or worse. America’s jobless rate has been over 8% for 41 straight months and is likely to remain chronically high for the foreseeable future. The number of Americans living in poverty is at record levels. China has overtaken the United States in manufacturing for the first time ever. All the while, our national debt climbs higher and higher, leaving a multi-trillion dollar unpaid bill for future generations.

President Obama has no one but himself to blame for the state of our economy. Shortly after taking office, he promised to turn things around in three years or he’d be looking at a “one-term proposition.” He said he welcomed the responsibility of solving the serious problems our country faces. But he has not solved them. Now, instead of solutions and substance, the Obama campaign will offer little more than diversions and distractions over the next 100 days. Since the President can’t run on his record, this is all his campaign can do.

Americans are too smart – and too tired of politics as usual – to be fooled by this. They know President Obama has had enough time to live up to the promise of his last campaign. They know they aren’t better off than they were four years ago. Most importantly, they know they have the final say – and a clear choice.

In Mitt Romney, the American people will find someone who has the kind of personal strengths and professional experience they are looking for. As a businessman, and later as governor, he compiled a record of promoting innovative solutions, turning around struggling enterprises, and creating jobs. Unlike President Obama, he has a comprehensive plan to unleash the potential of the American economy and give hope to middle-class families that are struggling. He knows the power of free enterprise and free people – and he believes small-business owners and entrepreneurs deserve every last bit of credit for serving as the backbone of America’s economy.

From Day One of his presidency, Mitt Romney will be focused on job creation and economic growth. He will lead where President Obama has not, and he will succeed where President Obama has failed. Just over 100 days from now, the change we need will finally arrive.

Former SEAL Operator Forms Super PAC Opposing Obama — “Enough is enough!”

Montana State Senator, Ryan Zinke is a former Navy SEAL and member of Team VI and has formed a Super PAC in support of all active duty military personnel and veterans who oppose the commander in chief for the many decisions he has made and actions he has taken to endanger operations, methods, and lives of our military men and women. He is taking the tack Governor Romney has taken many times in his career: He is heading up this initiative as a volunteer with no pay. Why? “For God and Country.”

This is just one of the PACs that have been formed by former military personnel:

Zinke is taking it down range!

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London: CNN Interview of Governor & Mrs. Romney on Various Topics

The Romneys sit down with Piers Morgan

Today in London, Piers Morgan interviewed Governor and Mrs. Romney taking the entire programmed hour. One piece of trivia: Morgan told Gov. Romney he is more English than Morgan is since Morgan’s ancestors come from Ireland and Gov. Romney’s from Preston, England. The entire interview was excellent. Following are some of the highlights of the interview.

Governor Romney mentioned two or three times he would not comment on current policies of the United States while traveling abroad out of respect for our current President. He did not mention President Obama by name.

Be sure to see the other interview segments…Click here ——-> (more…)

Echoes of Jimmy Carter

At the New Hampshire GOP primaries this year I saw a sign that said “It takes a Carter to get a Reagan.”

I was reminded of the Carter / Obama comparison Sunday when I heard a replay of Michele Bachmann’s speech to conservative college students at the 2012 Eagle Forum. She described working on the Carter campaign when she was in college. Yes, Michele Bachmann was a Carter Democrat (she liked his family values). But soon after his election she realized how badly his policies were affecting America and had a personal “renaissance,” became a Reagan Republican and obviously has not looked back. The entire five minute clip below is worth watching. Ms. Bachmann discusses the forecast $17 trillion in unfunded commitments under Obamacare, how shocked she was when she heard the Obamacare Supreme Court decision and the need to begin working immediately to help elect Mitt Romney and win the “triple crown” of the presidency, the House and the Senate.

Those who can remember Carter’s presidency remember a 20% prime interest rate, “stagflation,” rising gas prices and lack of foreign policy leadership. Past has indeed been prologue.

I’m struck by the similarity to our current situation. So was our own David Parker in his own article here on Mitt Romney Central a couple weeks ago.

But Ms. Bachmann also reminds us in the video that an economy can turn around very quickly under the right leadership. In 1980 it was Ronald Reagan. In 2012, it’s Mitt Romney.

Many college Democrats who worked for President Obama in the last election may find it hard to return to the message of “hope and change” as they are faced with the realities of President Obama’s policies. (more…)

Liberals’ Opinions: Obama is Just Too Smart for Voters

If Mr. Obama’s fount of wisdom were not enough regarding how business owners “did not build” their businesses, we now have The Los Angeles Times informing us voters that we just don’t get it. Mr. Obama’s message is just too complex for us to understand!

Classic! The video tells it all:

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