Romney Notes G.I. Bill Anniversary: Day One, Will Work to Create Jobs for Vets

It’s a battle they shouldn’t have to fight…

Commander-in-Chief Obama has bequeathed an onerous economy upon Iraq and Afghanistan U.S. veterans. According to last month’s report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, vets face a 12.7% unemployment rate (the actual number is higher than reported due to many having stopped searching for work). Here’s a punch-in-the-gut story of IAVA Member Carlos Pena of Jamaica, Queens:

… Carlos has served 12 years in the National Guard and three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11. On his last deployment in 2011, he helped run security for the US Army Corps of Engineers on construction projects throughout Afghanistan. The number of combat patrols he went on might not mean much in the civilian world, but the fact that he had worked on multiple infrastructure projects that totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars certainly does. While Carlos’ peers were practicing economic hypotheticals in the classroom, he was conducting real world scenarios in a warzone under the most stressful conditions. Yet, he’s struggling to find a full-time job to support his family now that he’s back home. And unfortunately, his story is all too familiar to those in the military and veterans community.

A look at one of a number of job fairs held yesterday for vets:

Governor Romney is keenly aware of the struggles our U.S. vets have been handed by the Obama administration as they seek to find civilian work. He’s committed to strengthening veterans’ employment opportunities by solving our economic crisis and ensuring this century is an American century for them and all of us.

In honor of our vets and in commemoration today of the 68th anniversary of the G.I. Bill, Governor Mitt Romney made the following statement:

“Sixty-eight years ago today, the G.I. Bill became law. It was an exemplary act that gave unparalleled opportunities to America’s Greatest Generation, the millions of veterans who answered our country’s call in the supreme emergency of World War II. Today, we have a new Greatest Generation that has answered our country’s call in the aftermath of 9/11. They have stood for us through many hard trials, and we must stand by them. That obligation begins with restoring our economy to health. Those returning from the front lines should not be coming home to unemployment lines. As president, I will work from day one to turn around America’s economy and create good jobs for veterans and for all Americans.”

April 1, 2022 - War vets & co-eds take notes during a classroom lecture at the University of Iowa. 6,000 vets - 60% of the school's enrollment was financed by the GI Bill.
(Photo Margaret Bourke-White/Time Life Pics/Getty Images)

Another jobs fair for vets held yesterday at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA:

It’s time for Obama to go.

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One Response to Romney Notes G.I. Bill Anniversary: Day One, Will Work to Create Jobs for Vets

  1. Gary Alan Chidester says:

    I was at my 19th Romney Event in Davenport, Iowa this past Monday, June 18th. Ann Romney spoke first, and Mitt gave an excellent speech. I took over 150 photos. Both Mitt and Ann came around and met the crowds of people, signing posters and shaking hands. They each recognized me, shook my hand, and spoke for a short time. With the thousands of people they meet in every State, I’m surprised they remember me. They know my dear friend, Joni, very well, and Joni was invited on the Romney Bus after the Event. America needs Mitt’s leadership A.S.A.P. There are some businesses that have already improved… with the anticipation that Mitt Romney WILL be the next President. ObamaCare will be OUT! And America will finally be traveling on the ‘Road to Success’. Mitt has a realistic plan to jump-start the job market by reducing the government’s involvement with its unnecessary rules and regulations. Mitt’s vision for America is to reduce the size of government, reduce the debt, balance the budget, secure the border, create more jobs, place a greater value on life, uphold the Christian belief that a marriage is between one man and one woman, better communication by Americans with the English language, save the social security program and medicare, strengthen the military, and to care for all American Military Veterans … to name a few. I have supported Gov. Romney since 2007, and I thank God every day that Mitt believes in America so much that he is willing to do his best to restore our Nation to its greatness, that our Forefathers conceived over 200 years ago. If Mitt wins in November… America Wins!