Romney’s ‘Every Town Counts’ Bus Tour / FOX & Friends: “Obama Out of Touch”

A look at Governor Mitt Romney's campaign bus last week in Iowa.
Romney is kicking off a six state bus tour this Friday. (Photo Jennifer Jacobs/The Register)

Check the oil and gas ‘er up! Road trip!

Governor Mitt Romney will be back in his campaign bus this Friday to begin a six state Believe in America: Every Town Counts five-day bus tour.

The kick-off takes place where it all began for him last June - at beautiful Scamman Farm in Stratham, New Hampshire. It’s where Mitt and wife, Ann, served up crock-pots full of her homemade chili to a large crowd of supporters. It’s also where the Governor, under blue skies and a blustery breeze, stood on a crop harvester bed, surrounded with hay bales, and announced his presidential candidacy.

Besides New Hampshire, Romney’s bus tour will carry him over highways and byways in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan, giving him the opportunity to meet with and listen to families and business owners in small towns.

Romney’s press release hit the unemployment nail on the head:

“For three and a half years, President Obama has paid little attention to the everyday concerns of the American people,” Mitt Romney said. “President Obama has offered no hope for the future, and he has left American families to bear the burden of his failed policies. Too many American families have experienced a lost job, faced foreclosure, or been forced to spend their kids’ college savings just to make ends meet. These are not statistics – these are our fellow Americans. In America’s small towns, you don’t find despair — you find boundless optimism. We know we can make America better, and that is why I am running for president.”

Henry Gomez from points out how Romney is aggressively making his presence felt on turf where Obama has recently been:

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Republican Mitt Romney will sandwich President Barack Obama’s campaign appearance in Cleveland this week with Ohio events of his own, the latest example of cutthroat “bracketing” in this year’s race for the White House.

Romney will attend a private fundraiser Wednesday in Cincinnati, the evening before Obama’s speech at Cuyahoga Community College.

Romney previously bracketed an Obama trip by sending his campaign bus to Lorain County Community College in April, when the president delivered a speech at the Elyria campus. The following day, Romney campaigned miles away at a hollowed-out drywall factory in Lorain. The Republican challenger also came to Euclid last month, two days after Obama officially kicked off his re-election bid in Columbus.

‘Believe In America: Every Town Counts’ bus tour

• Friday, June 15 – New Hampshire

• Saturday, June 16 – Pennsylvania

• Sunday, June 17 – Ohio

• Monday, June 18 – Wisconsin and Iowa

• Tuesday, June 19 – Michigan

Residents in these six states will get to experience how much Governor Romney cares about the plight of ordinary everyday Americans and how much he wants to help.

If you missed it, The Gov was on FOX & Friends this morning to talk with hosts Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy, and Brian Kilmeade. It was a quick, great interview :

When Carlson asked Romney about Obama’s press tour, which was a ‘clean-up’ response to his “private sector is fine gaffe”, he mentioned Obama’s ignoring the effect Obamacare is having on small businesses, Obama’s outlandish characterization of the state of the private sector, and the fact that 15% of Americans are unemployed, under-employed, or stopped working.

Romney: “The President is really out of touch with what’s happening in America.

Kilmeade: “He says that you’re out of touch. He says that you want to cut firefighters, and teachers - that you don’t understand what’s going on in these communities. What do you say to that, Governor?

Romney: “Well, that’s a very strange accusation. Of course, teachers, and firemen, and policemen are hired at the local level and also by states. The federal government doesn’t pay for teachers, firefighters, or policemen. So, obviously, that’s completely absurd. He’s got a new idea, though, and that is another stimulus - and, to have the federal government send money to bail out cities and states. Didn’t work the first time; it certainly won’t work the second time.”

Look below the fold to see a few photos of that happy day when Governor Romney announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination. ——->

Mitt, Ann, and supporters serve up Ann's famous chicken and bean chili before he declared his presidential candidacy. June 2, 2022
(Photo Glen Johnson/Boston Globe)

Americana podium at Scamman farm in Stratham, NH, where Governor Mitt Romney would officially announce his presidential bid. (Thank you, Doug and Stella Scamman!)
(Photo Glen Johnson/Boston Globe)

With Doug and Stella Scamman's Civil War-era barn in the background, Romney officially announced his presidential bid. The event was held at 300-acre Scamman farm in Stratham, New Hampshire. June 2, 2022
(Photo Matthew Healey/UPI)

Good, good memories…

On to the White House!

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3 Responses to Romney’s ‘Every Town Counts’ Bus Tour / FOX & Friends: “Obama Out of Touch”

  1. AfricansforRomney says:

    Great interview. The bottom line is “Obama doesn’t understand it”.
    Obama’s latest working- class war is filled the air, the web out there. Once again, Obama is shifting his strategy to a bigger war. Gov Romney, just be wise, cautious choosing words when you travel and address the working class issues. Spend more time talking about the working class struggles under Prez Obama. avoid the unions or union bosses issue.

    Gov Romney=Believe in America!!=Save America!

  2. Cathy says:

    Nice post Jayde as always. Mitt is our only hope for the future of America. If people don’t wake up to that fact, America as we know it may never be again. Mitt is not running for president for fame, fortune, power or ego, like Obama. Mitt truly wants to restore America to the great strong nation it use to be. Vote Mitt in for your own sake and most importantly the sake of your children.

  3. Jayde Wyatt says:

    @Cathy, thanks. Agree - there couldn’t be a better presidential possibility for America’s future right now than Mitt. He’s a man for OUR times.

    @AfricansforRomney - Agree. Mitt should continue to HAMMER HOME the hardships of middle/working class hardships under Obama’s THIRD summer of recovery (and feature more first-hand accounts in videos/ads!). Keep showing America Romney understands; he gets it!

    This bus tour is a super idea. Hope Ann is aboard.

    Love how Mitt and team are “sandwiching” Obama’s campaign appearances!