The Romney Campaign Releases Part 2 of the Day 1 Ad Campaign and Responds to Bain Attacks

After Mitt’s well-received speech to the Latino Coalition’s Annual Economic Summit, the campaign releases part 2 of their Day 1 ad campaign.

The Spanish version of the ad can be viewed here.

There will be more to do on Day One: deficit reductions, stand up to China, & repeal job-killing regulations. Donate to the campaign here even if it’s only $5.

Then, this morning, Gov Romney responded to the President’s attacks on Bain Capital:

Finally, find out why this week was so bad for the President’s re-election chances below the fold.

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3 Responses to The Romney Campaign Releases Part 2 of the Day 1 Ad Campaign and Responds to Bain Attacks

  1. Ann Siggard says:

    Past history has shown the difference between these two candidates: Mitt Romney keeps his promises; he doesn’t make a promise he can’t keep. Obama has made numerous promises, none of which he has kept (except to “transform” America). It is all about character and ability.
    The stakes are high, the contrast is deep. We all look forward to a grownup in the White House.

  2. Teresa says:

    I knew it would happen this way which is why I trusted Mitt Romney. Obama’s no match for him. Obama is having one continuous childish tantrum and people will eventually respond. He’s incapable of getting serious and his endless vaudeville routines are annoying to most people I know. He got the best laugh out of Mitt for playing the naive fool. I’m thoroughly enjoying Mitt’s growing confidence.

    It’s amusing. Obama is whining about using the same old tired techniques and that’s what his speeches are sounding like, while Mitt is honing his ability every minute. Obama will be whimpering by the end when he’s not shouting, if he has a voice left. And stuttering, of course.

    It used to be virtually impossible for liberals to criticize him, but more and more dems are speaking up. This will encourage others on the local level which is why I am predicting a change of tune from many dems, voting-wise. They might not admit it before election day, so the margin could be bigger than expected.

    For a long time it seems as though Barack Obama has been a babe lost in the woods. He climbed the ladder too fast. Plus the the crowd has grown tired of stoning Mitt in the village square. It’s not working. The attackers are wearing themselves out. It almost looks like Mitt Romney is beginning to enjoy himself.

    So funny. Mitt sitting there comfortably, watching Obama yell about him. I can’t tear myself away from the show. Our Republican candidate is too entertaining.

  3. Maybe people are finally waking up and reading the writing on the wall! The only direction Obama is taking this country is DOWN…