Ann Romney: Mitt’s Sweetheart & Secret Weapon (New Video)

They’re buzzing about Ann Romney…

“Great to spend some time with the grandkids this week - looking forward to Easter weekend with the family.” ~ Ann Romney (Facebook photo - April 4, 2022)

As Mrs. Romney meets with and speaks to voters across the country, heads are nodding in approval. Women, particularly, are sharing their deepest concerns with her - namely the economy, jobs, deficit spending, and how much it costs to fill their gas tanks.

Knowing a great thing when they see it, the Romney campaign just released a new video ad featuring Ann. A few responses:

Politico - Maggie Haberman

The Romney campaign releases a video of Ann Romney, widely acknowledged as the most humanizing element of her husband’s camapign and the person who his team is relying on to help with women voters, talking about raising her family ahead of the holiday weekend.

Hot Air - Tina Korbe

Whoever had the idea to utilize Ann Romney more on the campaign trail deserves to be richly rewarded. It might be obvious that her sudden visibility is aimed partly to bridge Mitt’s gender gap, but she really does bring their family alive in a way Mitt just hasn’t yet.
. . . Ann Romney’s wistful remembrances of her sons’ childhood remind me of the inexorability of time. I can think of quite a few moms who would say just what Ann says at the start of the video.

“Even then you knew that these moments would be fleeting, but you didn’t really believe it because you were so in the moment of living with those boys,” she said. “It was pretty chaotic, and a lot of fun, but they were great times.”

Better use today well because tomorrow will be here before we know it!

Townhall - Erika Johnsen

. . . Mrs. Romney has been an asset in humanizing and softening Mitt’s image, helping to present him as a strong, loving father and family man — a quality that, thankfully, many Americans still respect and admire. It feels like Team Romney is finally starting to really realize just how crucial her input is, and they’ve got a new ad out this week emphasizing Mitt’s more nurturing side:

I’m just going to say it: the more I see of Ann Romney, the more I like her. She seems kind, steady, and highly capable, and I’d be A-okay seeing her as First Lady in the White House. Michelle Obama has been a fairly popular FLOTUS and a valuable player in her own husband’s campaign, but I think Ann Romney seems more than up to the challenge.

I love this video - Ann’s narration, retro feel of the Super 8 footage, and seeing the Romney boys when they were little guys:


Ann Romney, the wife of Republican presidential front-runner Mitt, may turn into Democrats’ worst nightmare. She could have the most impact of a potential first lady in any presidential race in the country’s history, according to Politico.
Outsiders recognize her pivotal role as well. “She’s terribly important in that she is actually Mitt’s connection to the base,” GOP strategist Alex Castellanos told Politico. “His link to the base doesn’t come from ideology. It comes from family values channeled through Ann. She’s the authentic core of Romney’s conservative principles.”

Governor Romney loves his “sweetheart” Ann. He appreciates the campaigning she’s doing, but also functions a bit better when she’s around (true love!):

The Romney inner circle is well aware of Ann Romney’s potential - but has long resisted any strategy that would separate the couple for extended periods because of the negative impact it has on the candidate.

“I think you try to do both, but we don’t want a situation where they’re apart for three weeks,” Tagg Romney, the couple’s eldest son, said in an interview.

“You can tell when she’s off the trail for too long — my dad has got some sharper edges. He’s a little less patient. … She’ll say, ‘Oh, don’t sweat it, you don’t need to worry about that,’ and distract him. We always call her the dad stabilizer. He needs to be with her.”

Added a senior campaign official: “It’s something we weigh all the time. He’s just a better candidate when she’s around.”
Ann Romney … exudes empathy and authenticity and offers a window into her husband’s character. Just as urgently, Republicans say that she’s a living testament to skeptical conservatives that Mitt Romney is one of them.

First Lady Barbara Bush has also spoken very highly of Ann and how she’s going to be a great First Lady. Agree!

Thanks, Ann. We appreciate all you’re doing!

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7 Responses to Ann Romney: Mitt’s Sweetheart & Secret Weapon (New Video)

  1. I am here my dear friends on the campaign trail. I am just trying to finish a couple university classes I have been working on for almost 15 weeks to hopefully lead me to a conclusion within a couple years or less of a 4 year degree in teachable material. My original goal was to become an Elementary Education Teacher and I continue to strive at this point diligently as I struggle with Algebra principles in hope of achieving that goal. Your prayers and patient help will be deeply appreciated.

    ‘Tis the season for the reason we gather as friends and families this weekend offering praise and gratitude to God for the gift of hope in all lives throughout the world as we worship a living Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the light of the world to all Christendom. The Hope of Israel, Zions Might, radiantly shining love and light, peace and joy to all mankind.

    Let us lift up our voices in unity and sing as in a Heavenly Choir of Praise and Love radiating peace and joy to all who are willing to join in this great A-Men.

    My goal remains to be firmly committed to supporting the efforts of all Americans who love peace, and understand the strength in the Constitution, as written by our founding forefathers. It stands as a guide to peaceful growth and development of her great principles of Democracy for all to embrace. Our beloved Mitt Romney and his sweet wife Ann, mother of his children have risen this Easter season to the cause of freedom and faith for all. WE love them, and we choose them to be our choice for President and First Lady of the United States of America. May they serve God as they care for us, the flock of the Good Shepherd, resurrected to the glory of God and a great nation.

  2. Terry says:

    Smart move bringing Ann Romney more into the spotlight. I can see the Obama campaign agonizing over what to do about her. They will never dare attack her directly. It would be political suicide for them. She may just win over a few of the anyone-but-Mitt folks. They may decide that anyone smart enough to marry her is worth a second look. Interested to see how it’s going to play out.

  3. Great FB comments above. I have nothing to add except that it is nice to discover that Mitt is a prankster. That has come out before, but this video brings it home much better than I have seen in the past. That side of Mitt is important I believe as it conveys a closeness with his family that many fathers miss entirely.

    Ann sure has a great way of telling a story. You can really feel what it is like to have two sons, then three, then four, then five! I also got a visual of a house in complete disarray with five boys tearing it apart.

  4. Mike in LV says:

    wonderful comments. It will be a grand thing to have this family in the white house. It will definitely be something to see.

  5. BMA says:

    This is a great video - Ann is so personable l feel I know her. I am so proud of her and Mitt and the great role models they are for FAMILY VALUES - and so excited for them to become our President and First Lady!

  6. Jeannine says:

    I can definitely relate to Ann’s wistful memories of the chaotic life of raising children only to discover that it ends so quickly. She touched my heart with her memories because they so reflect my own life as a mother.

  7. Lynnette says:

    What’s so extraoridinary about Mitt and Ann Romney is how really ordinary they are. It’s so easy to see once you take off those $$$$ goggles that allow you to only see a person’s financial worth. Mitt and Ann are nothing more than two people who fell in love, struggled to teach their children correct principles, WORRIED about their futures, and just try to do what they can to help others and support freedom. I don’t think the title POTUS means anything to Romney (certainly not what it means to Obama). Just as so many other times in his life, he saw a problem and with a little encouragement from his wife (who according to Hilary Rosen he should ignore) decided to do whatever he could to help.