TANTORUM: Full Video of Rick Santorum's Profane [and Unpresidential] Tantrum

Adding to David Parker’s earlier coverage of Rick Santorum’s meltdown, here is the full video. I think my favorite part might be watching the embarrassment of Rick’s daughter — biting her fingernails [at 1:09 mark] as daddy throws his political future down the drain.

“Profanity is the sign of a weak mind trying to forcefully express itself.”

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Real Estate Enthusiast, Unapologetic Mitt Romney Fan, Sandwich Guru, DMB Lover, Hulu Junkie, Smart Cookie View Posts | View Profile
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18 Responses to TANTORUM: Full Video of Rick Santorum's Profane [and Unpresidential] Tantrum

  1. Noelle says:

    To borrow a phrase from Fiddler on the Roof - May God bless and keep Rick Santorum . . . far away from us!

  2. Katrina says:

    Wow, all those people whose signs he’s signing look kind of put out, too. Perhaps he should have ignored the annoying media question and focused on his supporters?

  3. Sara says:

    Seriously? What a let down - I thought by calling it a “profane tantrum” there would at least be an f-bomb or a bulging vein is his forehead, but that was nothing! Romney supporters must be REALLY desperate if that’s what they’re up in arms about.

    *nope, not voting for Santorum (or Romney. Republicans need a better option - NONE of these yahoos stand a chance against Obama)

  4. Candalee Swayze says:

    James Haire: “This makes me like santorum that much more. I guess alot of people don’t like a politician passionate for the truth. You lost fools insulting Santorum on here need to re-evaluate your values. CBS are not journalist they are political activist that will lie cheat and steal to accomplish their goals.” The truth is James that Santorum is not passionate about the truth he’s lied too many times about too many things. Research his statements on the various on-line fact checkers. The big issue for me is how the man can act like that and embarrass his daughter in public. He is all about himself and cares not about America, his family, or the republican party. He is totally self involved like the idiot who currently lives in the white house.

  5. Lynelle says:

    The leader of the United States of America can’t be a hot-head. Rick Santorum is combustible in his delivery and at best chaotic in his message. He is NOT presidential in any way. People that support this behavior do not understand the legacy of America and the importance of not showing all your cards to the world state. Santorum has proven himself incapable of commanding the calm assurance necessary for the Presidency.

  6. Lynelle says:

    “world stage”@Lynelle

  7. kiwikid says:

    We live way way downunder and see and here this. It is disappointing to many of us that a USA presidential candidate could become so agitated at a common reporter as to react in this rather unprofessional - or should that be, unpresidential - way. We don’t even tolerate this language from our Australian or New Zealand politicians. As for those on here who say that because of these sorts of outbursts - ‘passion’ is what you call it - you will vote for him, certainly doesn’t say much to your world allies of how intelligent some of you are. Return America to its former glory by showing the rest of us that potential leaders it’s citizens choose, have, at the very least, a basic command of the English language. imho.

  8. kiwikid says:

    @kiwikid oops, a blunder - ‘hear’ not ‘here’

  9. kiwikid says:


    double blunder - ‘its’ not ‘it’s’ Perhaps I should take time to proofread before I post, shouldn’t I? Sorry.

  10. D.B. says:

    Holy crap this guy has lost it! He can’t even remember the words out of his own mouth, very dangerous personality that we do not need in the party let alone the WH. It’s time for Ricky Boy to move on, maybe he can get a job as a Community Organizer in Chicago.

  11. Gary Alan Chidester says:

    Rick Santorum is no longer emotionally fit to hold the highest office in the land. His sanity is reaching the critical edge, known as the ‘Howard Dean Stage’. Rick was starting to unravel during the Arizona Debate when the pressure passed his comfort zone. Rick is a lightweight contender, completely out of his league. If he becomes the Republican Party’s nominee, Obama will have Santorum knocked out in round one of the first National Presidential Debate. Rick’s only way to advance on the Republican ‘ladder’ is to knock off the other candidates with whatever devious means he can think of, short of nothing. Rick has destroyed his ‘nice guy’ facade, the costume is off, and a wolf in sheep’s clothing has emerged. BEWARE of the BEAST !!! He is drowning in a sea of fewer and fewer ‘delegates’ who will help him reach his impossible dream. Rick Santorum has a perverted fetish to distort the truth by using blatant lies. Rick’s “It makes me want to throw up” speech, left a stench in the air. And what’s this thing about “upholding Catholic policies” and denouncing all aspects of protestant views in society? His ”Washington Insider Teamwork Policies”, (that even Rick admits to voting against his own beliefs… for the Team), shows how easily his views can change. Rick pretends to be a conservative, but that, too, has been proven to be a lie. Rick Santorum has become a tremendous liability for the Republican Party, and I’m beginning to think that he’s working for Obama’s reelection campaign. Rick goes around the country talking about warm fuzzy social issues, and does better with the less educated crowd. It reminds me of a stranger handing out candy at the edge of an elementary school yard… Beware !!! Our Country is facing several serious issues, and there is only ONE candidate who is qualified to deal with those issues. Gov. Mitt Romney is the ONLY candidate who has the leadership qualities that America needs in a viable President. Mitt is a man of integrity. He is a leader we can trust. With Mitt Romney, there will be: More Jobs, Less Debt, and a Smaller Government. America deserves a man of his caliber in the White House. Mitt Romney will be an Outstanding President. Mitt is a man of honor. He is a man of compassion. This is a man who truly cares about America. And if more Americans would just take the time to learn about the ‘REAL’ Mitt Romney, they would support him wholeheartedly. How many Americans know when Mitt saved the life of a young girl in New York City? This is a man Blessed with the American Dream, and yet, he spends most of his time helping others. His dedicated service to God also calls him to be of service to his fellow man. Regardless of his power and wealth, he has a servant’s heart… and with my upbringing in the United Methodist Church, that’s the kind of man to admire and pray for. Sometimes, God DOES work in mysterious ways. If Mitt Romney wins in November… America wins !!! And that, dear friends, is something we ALL want.

  12. L. Buckley says:

    My sentiments exactly, Mr Chidester. Mitt Romney is a man of integrity, a man of honor, a man we can trust to do what he says he will do. He is the man that can turn this country around. Will it be easy. No! But I believe in Governor Romney and I Believe in America.

    Mr. Tantorum needs to bow out gracefully, before he says something else stupid, although I don’t think that will save his political career in the future. At least when Newt Gingrich chastised the media, he kept his cool and put them in their place. Not so with Mr. Tantorum. He just looked exactly like the name implies, a child throwing a temper tantrum. Rick… it’s time to take one for the team….. God Bless America and God Bless Mitt Romney!

  13. AfricansforRomney says:

    Santourm has NO intergrity=The New York Times is the Most biased newspaper. No regret canceling it.
    I’ll be very, very mad if Gov Romney gives Santorum any kind of position in his Admin. At least, Gingrich is a smart guy, a lot to gain from him. I believe, Gingrich will be very helpful campaigning for Gov Romney.

  14. Vic Lundquist says:

    Great comments above; ALL.

    I especially liked Katrina’s. Your typifies what everybody here is stating. I also like the fact that we have those coming to MRC who are supporting RS still. Good to see you here for the debate. Thanks for coming in for the discussion.

    Santorum is resorting to tactics used by Gingrich… that of attacking the press to garner attention when the light is fading. It is a last ditch effort indeed.

    The questions by that reporter were totally in line and civil. Every person on the stump knows that the job of the press is to challenge you at every turn. In fact, it is most American to have the free press we do. Governor Romney fully understands this and fully expects gotcha questions, inane questions, and questions crafted to trap. There is no reason to get hot under the collar….None at all.

    I’m afraid Santorum just needs to be put out of his misery with a knock-out punch or he will further humiliate himself and his family.

  15. GFurniss says:

    Santorum has now progressed to cussing at a reporter. Next, look for fists to start flying. New strategy for winning delegates. Go Santorum!!

  16. Joni Kartchner says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t agree with the comment that Mitt should appoint Gingrich to ANY office in our government. He’s not only shown (repeatedly) that he can’t be trusted by his own wives (which he condemned Clinton of doing with Monica), but he “worked” with Clinton to “reduce” our national debt as Speaker of the House. They did this by stealing money from Social Security (our money). Has everyone already forgotten this??? We should demand that our money be returned. If any private company did this to their employees, they would ideally spend time in jail for fraud.

    No more Newt, no more Santorum, no more Ron Paul…NO MORE PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS. They need term limits.

  17. Joni Kartchner says:

    P.S. This clip on Santorum isn’t anything surprising. He behaved the same way on the Senate Floor as a senator when he wasn’t getting his way…or if no one wanted to listen to him. I’ve seen this behavior before…when my 3-year-old isn’t getting her way. Time to get some rest, Rick, and maybe you’ll be able to act like a big boy tomorrow. I’d love to see that!

  18. AfricansforRomney says:

    @Joni Kartchner
    Well, i beleive in experiances. As long as people beleives in them and reelect them why not? Gingrich has so much dirty baggages and i cannot stand him however, we cannot dismiss his many years of govt service experiances, knowledge. Ron Paul is a “God father of liberty”. Ron Paul makes a whole lot sense in many areas when it comes to the national debt, spending, govt wastage, Fed printing money culture…

    Independents for Romney!!