Big Night in Illinois! Come Chat and Watch the Returns With Us

POLLS are now closed in Illinois and 54 delegates are up for grabs! Feel free to share updates and links in the chat below.

Update: Mitt wins! Only question is by how much and how many delegates will go to Mitt?

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Today is the last day to donate $5 at to be automatically entered for the chance to grab a bite with Mitt and Ann at Mitt’s favorite burger joint. All expenses paid!

Plus, watch Mitt’s Google+ Campaign Hangout from earlier today

Turnout has surpassed 2008 levels which once again exposes the media’s narrative about a lack of GOP voter intensity for the lie that it is.

Finally, check out the updated primary and delegate count and then watch Mitt’s Victory Speech here.

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One Response to Big Night in Illinois! Come Chat and Watch the Returns With Us

  1. AfricansforRomney says:

    Landslide! Gov Romney did it AGAIN!

    Keep beating FREEDOM drum!!!