It’s Primary Election Night in AZ & MI… Go ROMNEY!

UPDATE - Romney wins Arizona and Michigan!

Election night, Feb 28, 2022 - From Mitt Romney and Team: “Thank you to all our #Mitt2012 friends.” (TwitPic / Zac Moffat)

Mitt Romney supporters are anxiously awaiting the results of today’s primary elections in Arizona and Michigan. We’re optimistic about a win in The Grand Canyon State. Polling in The Great Lakes State between Governor Romney and Rick Santorum is razor thin. From The Washington Post:

Of the two, Michigan is by far the more competitive race – the candidates have been spending the bulk of their time there in recent days, and both Romney and Santorum hold their primary-night parties there tonight.
Newt Gingrich , who all but bypassed Michigan, is spending the day in his home state of Georgia, where he holds three campaign events, two news conferences and a primary night rally.

And Rep. Ron Paul , who campaigned only lightly in Michigan, is spending his primary night in Springfield, Va.

We hope Michiganders vote for the non-Democrat backed Mitt Romney.

Poll closing times:
Michigan – 8:00 pm ET
Arizona – 9:00 pm ET

CNN will air television coverage at 6:00 pm ET and is airing a livefeed here. Their twitter hashtag is #cnnelections. Don’t forget to include #mitt2012 and #UnravelTheSweater.

FOX News is also airing television coverage at 6:00 pm ET. Check back for additional livefeeds.

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We’re anticipating a long night ahead of us, so get the popcorn ready! As events get underway, we invite Romney supporters to join us on our chat forum.


Update: Mitt won among republicans by more than 10%, and he received a lot more votes than in 2008.

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6 Responses to It’s Primary Election Night in AZ & MI… Go ROMNEY!

  1. Hungarian Crusader says:

    On March 20th, I will attempt to be 1 of the first in Illinois to vote for Romney.
    Genius financial strategist, wonderful resume, many accomplishments, solid 59 point plan for reviving the US economy and a 1st rate family.

  2. GitchiGummiPress says:

    Great win for Mitt! He is on a roll now. Let’s go into super Tuesday and really knock it out of the ball park.
    Romney was behind in the polls. The liberal and conservative media is against him. Obama is pushing against him. So against all odds he wins.
    Can’t believe how low Santorum stooped in order to try to win Michigan by calling on Democrats there to vote against Romney. Again, a portrayal of his two-faced behovior that he has consistantly demonstrated while in Congress. Hot off the press today a new video of Santorum the devanstating affect his support had on the U.S. by backing Arlen Specter the once Republican who the switched to be a Democrat And, his voting record. Santorum the Enemy Within

  3. shagalny says:

    1st of all, congrats to mitt for the double wins in AZ n MI. Hope Team Romney will not overlook WA caucus and have prepared adequately to post a good result there. Remember February 7 lopsided and unexpected losses in MN and CO. A loss or a poor showing in WA might prove a dampener to Mitt going in Super Tues. Let’s celebrate the wins today and go out 110% for ALL the coming contests. Mitt supporters don’t rest on our laurels for a minute. It’s not over until it’s over.

  4. AfricansforRomney says:

    Obama/Santorum LOST IN MI!heheheheheehee Landslide in AZ.=UN-electables

    Sweet victory for Gov Romney especially in MI!!! a total wipeout in AR!

    Gov Romney=Super qualified Leader!!!!

  5. vb says:

    To the keepers of this site: Please consider using this link on your “unravel the sweater” website. It is true hypocrisy for Rick to say a couple of weeks ago that he is against dems being included in an open primary to taint the vote and then when it works for him he is for it.

  6. VB: Great point!

    Watch Santorum squirm and wiggle the next week. He should be called out on so many fronts. The one you mention is huge.

    Another is that he was the #1 earmarker in the Senate and yet last night, he said he plans to abolish earmarking “at the federal level.” Right.

    At what point does Santorum expect Americans to believe his hypocricy?