#UnravelTheSweater: Santorum’s Courage Betrayed by Willingness to Sacrifice Core Principles

The CNN debate last week had a moment that was unbelievable and yet fully revealing!

In Deep Thought, Dressed in his Battle Armor

When Santorum said, “It [my vote] was against the principles I believed in…” — I paused the TV stream and said to Cindy my wife, “I can’t believe he just said that! Unbelievable!” On national TV, Santorum freely admitted that he has no problem whatsoever compromising his principles! The one thing all Americans despise in most politicians is their lack of conviction to principles. That propensity to sacrifice core principles for expediency is precisely why Americans want “to kick the bums out of Washington.”

And when Santorum was asked to give one word to describe himself, he ironically chose “Courage” as that most descriptive word! Could it be that he was using the word to describe his courage to admit to the world that his principles aren’t really foundational? What about his core? It is my opinion that this one debate moment was the most revealing of any debate moment of the 20 we have seen this cycle!

As you watch this short video clip, watch is face. He freely admits his ability to sacrifice his principles:

His admitting the betrayal of core principles only exacerbates the most obvious weakness he has: Zero executive leadership experience.

SANTORUM: “I supported No Child Left Behind. I supported it. It was the principal priority of President Bush to try to take on a failing education system and try to impose some sort of testing regime that would be able to quantify how well we’re doing with respect to education. I have to admit, I voted for that. It was against the principles I believed in, but, you know, when you’re part of the team, sometimes you take one for the team, for the leader, and I made a mistake.” (GOP Debate, 2/22/11)

FOX NEWS’ CHRIS STIREWALT: “He’s been running as a purist, a conservative purist and I think those two things, didn’t it seem Chris, that they sort of collided with each other.” (Fox News, Power Play with Chris Stirewalt, 2/23/12)

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: “Now this is a guy who wants to claim the mantle of the Tea Party.” (Fox News’ “Special Report,” 2/23/12)

KRAUTHAMMER: “And their central objection to Washington and what is happening among Republicans and what they call RINOs is they play a team sport and abandon principle and their ideological roots when they become member of congress.” (Fox News’ “Special Report,” 2/23/12)

NBC’S KELLY O’DONNELL: “That’s exactly what, especially tea party voters, do not like, they don’t want. They don’t want leaders that will go along.”

[emphasis added]

“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” — Thomas Jefferson

“Prosperity is the best protector of principle.” — Mark Twain

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One Response to #UnravelTheSweater: Santorum’s Courage Betrayed by Willingness to Sacrifice Core Principles

  1. Michael says:

    I was thinking about what he was saying, and it sounds like he is saying that while he did indeed vote against his principles, it was Bushes fault!