Operation #UnravelTheSweater - Bringing Rick Santorum’s Record to Light

By all accounts this has been a strange primary season. Numerous opponents to GOP front-runner Mitt Romney have, each in their own turn, surged to top of national polls only to feel the heat of intensified scrutiny and wither away just as quickly the candidate had risen prominence. All the while Rick Santorum dutifully campaigned and patiently waited on the sidelines for “his turn”. Yes, of each of the I-want-to-be-the-challenger-to-Romney candidates Santorum is the luckiest - lucky to be last. You see, his surge has come when it matters most - when delegates are being awarded. Following a 3-state sweep, including a Colorado upset, for Rick Santorum he is now flying high in the polls… and is just now starting pressure as he attempts to run the “vetting gauntlet”.

Yes, it is time to vet the vest.

I don’t feel I need to all the reasons why this election is of the utmost importance. We simply CANNOT afford a second term of an Obama Presidency. And though Rick Santorum would be a vastly better option to the incumbent president, we here on this site feel that he pales in comparison to Mitt Romney in terms off experience, character, capability and electability. Why bring a knife to a gun fight, when you could bring a bazooka?

So, to leave nothing to chance, we here at MRC are launching Operation #UnravelTheSweater.

Unravel The Sweater - Rick Santorum

The goal of Operation #UnravelTheSweater is to bring to light many flaws in Santorum’s qualifications through a series of about 20(ish) posts over the next week. This project is urgent since states are already voting and the winner of the next few states will certainly gather great momentum that could be true deciding factors in this race. Romney has been running the gauntlet for many months now, and the fact that he is still in the lead is a testament to his durability and the strength of his qualifications as a candidate. Rick Santorum’s record is relatively unknown - and under further inspection it just doesn’t hold muster.

I know before we even post our first #UnravelTheSweater article that some will complain that we should focus on Romney’s positive record instead of focusing on the flaws of another. Let me first remind you that we have on this site posted over 4,000 articles during the last 5 years dedicated to promoting Romney’s positive record. Most things that can be said have been said many times. The time for contrast is now.

In order to promote our series of #UnravelTheSweater posts we have set-up a new website - UnravelTheSweater.com. The site will serve as a nice gateway to our archive of posts in the “Unravel the Sweater” category. We are hereby deputizing our regular readers with a mandate to share the site on Facebook, on Twitter, through emails, and in conversation with you friends and family. With your help we can make this a success!

Thanks in advance for your help!
-Team MRC


A preview of topics about Rick Santorum that we will cover:

  • Liberal Spender
  • Proud Earmarker
  • “Progressive” Conservative
  • Zero Executive Experience
  • Electability Issues
  • Washington Insider
  • Pro-life Hypocrisy
  • Pro-Union & Against Right-to-Work
  • Strong Ties to Lobbyists
  • Tort Reform Hypocrisy

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Unravel The Sweater - Rick Santorum

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7 Responses to Operation #UnravelTheSweater - Bringing Rick Santorum’s Record to Light

  1. Ben says:

    I am loving this idea!!

  2. Patrick Henry says:

    I only ask that that every item posted is vetted, in context and 100% accurate without spin. You lose credibility if you don’t… And that undermines your case.

    Do it, but do it well.

  3. Matt says:

    Great work! I have been anxiously awaiting the unraveling of the sweater vest of his past record. The people deserve the truth, nothing more, and nothing less. You can be sure that his campaign will begin to wine like stuck pigs saying that it isn’t fair.

  4. To all visitors to this site:

    We are discovering new facts each day about Mr. Santorum. His lack of prior leadership experience means that many of his decisions and actions are still buried.

    Team MRC is constantly amazed by the resourcefulness of the loyal readers of this site. As you discover other facts, please leave them in one of the “sweater” comments and we will do our part in the truth-letting!

  5. GitchiGummiPress says:

    Yes, we need to bring his record to light. The elite media is not so it is up to us the PEOPLE to use social media, blogs, facebook, twitter, websites, forums along with sending opinions and editiorials to newspapers. This is a great site, so thank you for all that you do to support Mitt Romney. Some of the bloggers have stated that I should contact you and share with you the video The Gang of Four starring Rick Santorum, https://www.youtube.com/user/GichiGumiPress?feature=mhee - Hope you enjoy repost if you like. If you have any suggestions of other videos please feel free to contact me.

  6. Gitchi: Thank you. I watched the YouTube you suggested. POWERFUL indeed. Santorum tied to Abramoff is horrible. Any supporting research you can provide would be most helpful. I am working an article on Santorum’s ties to lobbying and any supporting research would be most helpful.

    Thank you.

  7. Donna Gibbons says:

    While unraveling Rick Santorum, can we somhow unravel Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh who continue to demonstrate their bias toward Rick Santorum. I think they have been shameful! I would like someone to compare the coverage given Rick (and Newt) to that of Mitt on Hannity’s shows. It seems like Rick is on the Hannity’s radio and/or TV shows daily. Rush has been relentless in his efforts to support Newt and now Santorum and I can’t bear to listen to his show anymore. Can anyone explain to me why Fox News doesn’t want Romney to win? I hope everyone read Ann Coulter’s piece on who the real “Republican Establishment” is. Very interesting and enlightening!
    Thanks for this site and I all the time you spend getting the truth out.