Kansas’ Deadline to Register Republican is This Friday, February 17

If you and/or anyone you know wants to be able to vote for Gov. Romney in March 10th’s caucus in Kansas, make sure you/they are registered as a republican. You can change your registration back after the primary season is over if you want.

Check your voter status here.

Register to vote or re-register Republican online here.

Find more information about Kansas’ March 10 caucus here.

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6 Responses to Kansas’ Deadline to Register Republican is This Friday, February 17

  1. American says:

    We got your back here in Kansas. Lets take care of business.

  2. Jim Tills says:

    It is amazing to me how thoroughly organized the Mitt Romney campaign is as this is just one more example of it. I just wish that Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich would drop out of the race for 2012 right now to allow the Republican base to unite behind the only candidate prepared enough and organized enough to go against the Obama juggernaut that has already begun.

    It is already extremely difficult to counteract the lies being fomented against Mitt Romney by the left without the equally outrageous treachery of the far right against him. It is wonderful to know he is so professional and organized to combat the unfair inaccurate and deliberately false attacks against his by the twin-evils he faces. Go Mitt!!!

  3. ccr says:

    We need to email/alert all of our KS friends that they are NEEDED if they are Mitt fans!!

  4. Deg says:

    Please Unban me.
    GMG is a terrible moderator. I’ve been a Mitt fan for almost 6 years now.
    Please see to it that he doesn’t abuse his position as moderator.
    Please let me know who I can talk to.

  5. Jane F. Lawler-Savitske says:

    I went to CPAC last week and had the pleasure of Mitt pointing to ME, as I waved my 2008 RED MITT mit on the end of my Blue cane at the beginning of his wonderful Speech.
    The CPAC crowds loved him and there were so many young people for Mitt, that I felt very encouraged. I was given a paper flyer by a Grassroots group supporting Mitt and NOT affiliated to the Campaign.
    It is supposed to help us in “Setting the Record Straight” go to: WhyRomney.com and have your friends learn the TRUTH about GOV Mitt Romney, the ONLY GOP/Conservative Candidate who can beat this Userper in the White House.

  6. ccr says:

    My sister used my link from here to get our cousin to change from Dem to Rep for the KS caucus! Then she joked they would vote for Paul……..Ü I’ve emailed the other two I know in KS, one considering RS. Hope the links I sent will help w/reconsideration!

    Grassroots…………that’s what we are! I like the idea, Jane, of a flyer from grassroots. Hmmmm……….maybe have to do myself for our County Convention….