February 7th Caucuses and Primary LIVE CHAT and Results

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UPDATE 1: The polls have closed in Missouri and the race hasn’t been called for Santorum yet which means either it’s unexpectedly close or there were no exit/entrance polls.

UPDATE 2: Rick Santorum wins Missouri, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens in Missouri during their caucus that actually matters on March 17th.

UPDATE 3: Looks like Mitt couldn’t win Minnesota with 0 effort… Campaign seems to have given it and Missouri to Santorum perhaps in hopes of getting Newt out of the race?

UPDATE 4: Secret Service saves Mitt from a glitter-bombing

UPDATE 5: Colorado goes for Santorum as well. Looks like the delegate count didn’t change much though.

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9 Responses to February 7th Caucuses and Primary LIVE CHAT and Results

  1. RobinforMitt says:

    With Pres. Obama saying today that the founding fathers have made it difficult for him to make the changes he wants to make….in other words, the constitution is holding him back…in other words, the greatest document for freedom that has ever governed any people is keeping him from making ‘changes’ that ‘He’ wants to make…….In other words…we have a man in the presidential seat that wants to be a dictator as he also said he couldn’t force congress to do what ‘he’ wanted. Will somebody please blast him on this!!!!!!!!!! Please get this out to the media that we have a president that swore to uphold the constitution and he doesn’t like it!!!!! Yikes, this is scary to me, how about you?

  2. Melina says:

    EXTREMELY SCARY! I agree Robin!

  3. Karl J. Balone says:

    Obama ignores our Constitution and The Speaker of the House John Boehner DOES @RobinforMitt

  4. Mitt Romney will be our next USA President. He is sincere, articulate intelligent and he is really not a politician that promises the people everything. I have listened to all of his speeches and hundreds of us hope he will win the nomination for our next USA President,

  5. RobinforMitt says:

    Santorum seems to begin his speeches saying something dishonest like, “Romney care is Obama care”. I think Romney needs to use humor but say something like, “I’m sure glad that Sen. Santorum is giving me air time in his speeches, but I’d like it better if what he said about me was TRUE. Then he can go on and kindly refute the inaccuracy. This is not bitter and would get people on Romney’s side more than ever.
    Santorum can’t find anything truly wrong with Mitt and so he is actually lying which makes me very disappointed in Santy. Mitt then doesn’t even have to say a negative truth about Santor, but can move on and talk about the constitutional betrayal of Obama which we really need to expose.

  6. Roumiana says:

    I totally agree with you Dora,anyone who thinks the prosperity of America,should be vote for Mitt Romnney. Go Romney!!!!!!!!I am for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ccr says:

    Robin…….post your comments on Mitt’s FB page. Hopefully someone is reading…..

  8. AfricansforRomney says:

    Santorum is a radical right wing however, we can’t sit and blame Santorum about his Romney care attack. To me, “Romney care” and Obama care is almost the same except Romney care is in a state level and Obama’s disaster care is in Fed level. Gov Romney must address the issue in a very convincing way to GOP voters why Obama care is wrong to this country. Just saying “i’ll repeal it” is not enough message.

    For some unknown reasons, many people out there they just don’t trust Gov Romney. Unfortunately, the GOP voters are polorized from the left and the right media outlets these days so, Gov Romney must fight both sides until he wins their heart and mind. He may needs a “Contract with GOP voters”. Who knows?

    Romney=Beleive In America!

    Independents for Romney!!!