Mitt Romney: Why People of Great Faith are Voting for the Man

For the last four days, I have been meaning to publish a short video clip of an interview I saw on CNN, the night of the Florida primary, after the polls had closed (trust me, this is NOT stale). Ever since I first saw Ralph Reed on television many years ago, I have always admired his intelligent, insightful political analysis. Anderson Cooper interviews Ralph Reed, who is President of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, seeking his expert insight as to why so many voters of faith chose Governor Romney that day in Florida. In my opinion, this two minute video clip is the best piece of video explaining why Governor Romney is on his way to becoming our next President of the United States. If you do nothing else today, please take 2 minutes to see this video clip! (thank you to a good friend for directing me that night to watch this interview):

PLEASE — PLEASE — PLEASE — WATCH: ***** RALPH REED Interviewed *****

Ralph Reed

A few of his better quotes:

“An across the board sweep!” — “He split the evangelical vote with Gingrich” — “He won the Catholic vote by 26 points with two Catholics on the ballot!” — “He won women by a huge margin!” — “Very impressive”

[by the way, the FOX election coverage did not even compare with CNN's coverage, which was the most professional overall election night coverage that I have seen in many years]

Many of you may be visiting this site for the first time to learn more about what makes this guy Mitt Romney tick. You may have heard him refer to our “Creator” a few times in his speeches, especially when referring to the source of American rights. Many people do not know that as Governor, he worked closely with leaders of many different synagogues, churches, and faiths. You may be wondering why so many evangelicals and Catholics are lining up to support and promote the candidacy of Governor Romney for President of the United States. What makes this guy tick?


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“When you have read the Bible, you will know it is the word of God, because you have found it the key to your own heart, your own happiness and your own duty.” — Woodrow T. Wilson (1856-1924) Twenty-eighth President

To see some GREAT political cartoons by Michael Ramirez …………….





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4 Responses to Mitt Romney: Why People of Great Faith are Voting for the Man

  1. Jim Tills says:

    Great Article! I am downloading it and sending it to almost a hundred people, most of faiths other than my own.

  2. ccr says:

    That is a great idea, Jim! This should be posted on FB, tweeted, emailed! Will do from home!

  3. Helen Wells says:

    Thank you, thank you for combining so many of these articles written in support of Mitt! You might want to add to that the Robert Valentine FB post to Geraldo re: what Mormons do in fasting once a month, and how Mitt helps the poor in more ways than one.

  4. colleen says:

    A 2-minute video explaining that Mitt forged religious support in Florida across demoninations. Another positive example of Mitt’s leadership abilities — that he can bring people of different sects together as Americas. I believe his presidency will help America heal from the class and religious warfare engendered by our current president. Mitt believes in the American people, that they are inately good. He may be wealthy but that fact does not color his view of the individual value of all citizens. He has a servant’s heart as evidenced by his past service without pay for the Olympics, government, and his life time years of church service, including his youth as an unpaid missionary in France during a time of anti-American sentiment there. His ego is strong but does not blind him into seeking personal power as our current president seeks. Instead, he seeks to return America to her greatness under the Constitution, re establish an unfettered free enterprise economy where people like his famous dad, a man who was without a college education or means, rose to a pinacle of success as a business man and governor. Mitt is a man we can trust to serve the people of this nation. He’s tough as nails without being uncivil or crude. His polished language and manners may confuse some people who mistakenly call him elitest. Instead, he is a man well prepared to represent and repair this nation. He is a man of faith and good works who respects your right to pursue your own happiness (under the laws of the land). He can work with people of opposing view points and find consensus and then work from there. We need a realistic and a pragmatic person, not a dreamer or divider. Will he be perfect? No. Will he be effective and trustworthy? Yes. Please consider giving him your support as we need a united party and a united country.