General Election Preview: Team Romney & Team Obama Engage in Fundraising Battle, Trade Jabs on Twitter

Help Mitt Beat Obama!

On the night of Mitt’s huge Florida victory, his team launched a moneybomb aimed at making Obama a one-term president, appropriately called the “One Term Fund.”

You can tell this perturbed the Obama folks [is this the general election already?] who within 24 hours set up [I refuse to link to it] and told their minions that Mitt Romney was out to replace their master. This evolved into a all out battle between thew two camps. Much of the back and forth took place on twitter and in emails to their respective donor lists (see tweets below).

The battle continues & Mitt needs your help!

The fact that Obama’s team is even engaging with Mitt this long before the general election shows you how afraid these chumps are of our man, Mitt. We need to step up and offer some backup. Everyone please reach into your wallet, and send some support to our guy!

And please let everyone know that the President of the United States has singled Mitt Romney out and started an all out war with the people that want him out of office!


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5 Responses to General Election Preview: Team Romney & Team Obama Engage in Fundraising Battle, Trade Jabs on Twitter

  1. I love it.

    Obama does not have a leg to stand on. Obama has one good thing and one good thing going for himself: He is a good family man. That is all he’s got.

    Being a good family man cannot make up for being completely inept and incompetent as a leader or executive. Obama has been and is currently way over his head in his job.

    His job performance is not only dismal, it is not short of complete failure. A first year MBA at age 23 out of any good business school would have performed better as POTUS these last three years.

    Obama just needs to be fired by the American people.

  2. Ray Keller says:

    Obama and his family have a pleasant presence but definitely not to be confused with his poor capacity to run the greatest nation on earth

  3. Annette says:

    Barack Obama is NO MATCH for Mitt Romney.

  4. Annette says:

    “If the truth is the standard bearer, we will win” ….Mitt Romney

  5. AfricansforRomeny says:

    Obama is beatable easily. He has 0 accomplishment record to run for. Just remind Gov Romney to talk like a real career politician. Basically, don’t tell the whole TRUTH.

    Obama, Gingrich=Dividers