Presidential Command in Leadership and Debate . . . . . . . A Request to Take Nothing for Granted or Let Up

Note: See my short debate analysis at the end of this post (below the fold). Hint: One word in the title above says it all for me.

Voters in New Hampshire will make their mark in two and half days. If you have been following the news in the mainstream media (MSM) and in the “new media”, much of it is positive for Governor Romney.

Please don’t allow yourself and others to be lulled by any positive news about Governor Romney.

Governor Romney

This site, is a grassroots website promoting the candidacy of Mitt Romney for President of the United States. Those of us that write for MRC, and many of our readers, are working very hard behind the scenes to help Governor Romney succeed in every caucus and primary state until he garners at least 1,150 delegates. We cannot let up until that is accomplished.

In recent days, including this morning, and throughout the day, Governor Romney has been asking volunteers and voters who wish to help out, to not let up. He specifically referred to survey results and polls that have emerged showing him leading in NH, SC, or nationally. The one audio clip I actually heard today from Governor Romney was his almost pleading not to let up. He asked his supporters to more or less ignore the polls and do whatever they can to help him get voters to the booths in New Hampshire next Tuesday. He said he has seen polls change dramatically, even the day of the vote. We have all witnessed voting results that disappointed because voters had presumed their candidate had a comfortable lead. We simply cannot let that happen in any primary state, including New Hampshire.

Please do whatever you can to encourage and motivate all volunteers and voters — within your influence — in New Hampshire to get as many people out Tuesday to vote for Governor Romney. I guarantee that Ron Paul supporters will never let up and they are determined to win. We must outperform them and all other candidates’ supporters by a factor of 10! Governor Romney is not taking anything for granted and we must follow his lead with even greater intensity.

Bush Library, College Station, TX

Now, to my second favorite subject at MRC: Mr. Newt Gingrich. How can I say it best? At the risk of sounding entirely cliche, Gingrich is the gift that just keeps on giving! I can honestly say here publicly that I sincerely hope Gingrich never drops out of the race. He is a truly amazing human being. I don’t think he is a short man, but he seems to exhibit the Napoleon Syndrome. He continues to say things that simply defy all logic and he cannot see it. It is fascinating how he so easily allows his intelligence to be completely overridden by his ego. Fascinating!

You may wonder why I keep focus on Mr. Gingrich. The reason is that I think he is dangerous (much like a cornered Doberman Pinscher), though he seems quite determined to marginalize himself at warp speed. Bar none, the very best candidate declaration of the 2011 political year was this one by Mr. Gingrich. Does it get any better than that? In the same breath he says he doesn’t mind if people attack him and then he spends the next several weeks throwing tantrums about the attacks by several candidates, but blaming them all on Governor Romney.

Here’s great analysis in this note for example from HotAir:

“I don’t have to go around and point out the inconsistencies of people who aren’t going to be the nominee,” Gingrich said. “I’m going to be the nominee. It’s very hard not to look at the recent polls and think the odds are very high I’m going to be the nominee.”


Viewed in retrospect, that bit of arrogance has to be disconcerting for Gingrich supporters. What Gingrich said next, though, stands as an act of staggering political malpractice that may lead the remaining Gingrich backers in New Hampshire and South Carolina to re-evaluate everything.

This National Journal article from January 4th clearly shows Gingrich without a rudder:

The Gingrich meltdown bubbled even hotter today, and the contrast with the previously “positive” Gingrich couldn’t be more telling or – quite probably – more damaging. The Gingrich who told ABC a month ago that he will be “substantive” and “focus on Barack Obama,” today called GOP front-runner Mitt Romney a “liar.”

The article concludes with brilliant insight as to how Mr. Gingrich will likely go down in history. Gingrich seems to be a grumpy old man who just expects to get his way:

Now, as Gingrich faces a disappointing loss in Iowa, he’s attacking Romney as harshly as any Democrat. If Gingrich keeps it up, he may do little to improve his chances but add considerably to Obama’s anti-Romney highlight reel.

Gingrich never intended this to be his legacy.

My favorite Gingrich quotes of late have been those in which he confidently speaks of partnering with Rick Santorum and then seeing him asked to explain how that would work. His ego races forward to take over his mouth and he tells the world that he of course is far superior in experience than Santorum, even stating that Santorum is his “junior.” Okay, that’s fine. So what did you have in mind in that “partnership?” Interviewers seem to love asking Mr. Gingrich questions — I sure would. I loved the question as to whether Gingrich could be Santorum’s veep when Santorum was leading him in the polls. Well, you know the answer by now. I would not be surprised if Governor Romney asks Santorum in a debate if he feels “junior” to Gingrich — I would love to see that exchange!

In my opinion, the best political article of 2012 so far is this Washington Post article from yesterday titled, “Newtonian Exceptionalism.” The following excerpts are just a tease for the entire article. It is art. It is stunning to me that Gingrich has no perception of how he is viewed by those whose votes of confidence he seeks. So here are some of the quotes and Dana Milbank’s opinions:

“I think I am a transformational figure,” Newt Gingrich told The Post’s Dan Balz back in 1994 — before his Republicans won control of the House.

Modesty has never been the former speaker’s strong suit.


“In 1980, I helped design a key part of the Reagan campaign,” announced Gingrich, who was a freshman legislator at the time.

“I worked with Reagan in the early ’80s,” he went on, “developing a strategy for the Soviet empire.”

Ah, so it was Gingrich, a backbencher in the minority party in the House, who vanquished the Red Menace!


The self-adulation envelops him: “largest capital-gains tax cut in history . . . only time in your lifetime . . . as good a campaign by a legislative body that was run in American history . . . largest one-party increase in an off-year election in American history.”

Me! Largest! First! Best! Gingrich talks often on the stump about “American exceptionalism,” but his campaign seems to be based on the theory of Newtonian exceptionalism.


Speaker Newt Gingrich

. . . But the endless boasts suggest delusions of grandeur. “You want to have somebody who actually changed Washington,” he tells supporters, “and I worked with both Reagan and Thatcher on that scale of change.”

Then he went on to create the Internet.


But the most prevalent theme of his campaign so far is his tendency toward egomania: his boast last month that he was “by a big margin the front-runner,” his likening of his exclusion from the Virginia ballot to Pearl Harbor, and his pride in his $60,000 speaking fees.

Evidently, the people of Plymouth, N.H., didn’t realize how lucky they were to hear Gingrich for free, because there were empty seats in the old train depot when he presented his auto-hagiography last week.


A questioner asked if the audience could hear from Gingrich’s wife, Callista, who had been standing silently at his side. “I believe truly that he is the best person to lead our country,” she offered.

Stop her! She’s stealing Newt’s lines.

Please Mr. Gingrich, stay in the race all the way to the end. You are providing so much wonderful content for Saturday Night Live and every other media source.

BRIEF DEBATE ANALYSIS: We all know from pundits’ discussions this week that all Governor Romney had to do to “win the debate” was “stay above the fray” in this debate (I really do not like that cliche). Governor Romney did not just stay above it all, he was truly masterful in his debate style and presentation. In one of the questions clearly intended to place Governor Romney in a defensive posture was artfully deflected to a strong, articulate criticism of Obama’s repeated failure of leadership (Huntsman redirect to Romney). I thought that was his strongest response, among many of the evening. It was obvious to all viewers that he controlled the stage — He clearly was in a position of superior leadership without the ego showing. He was gracious often with both competitor and moderator. So strong and respectful were his comments that I believe they were disarming. How can one attack him in any forceful way when the most presidential of all the leaders on that platform was was so genuinely kind and respectful to each one. And yet he was as firm and forceful as I have ever seen him.

Successful pitchers in the major leagues possess a skill referred to as “command” — the ability or art of throwing a 95 mile per hour baseball precisely to the desired location of the plate; to in effect take command of the pitcher/batter competition. When a pitcher has excellent command in a game, it is extremely difficult for a batter get a base hit.

Governor Romney had complete command of that debate tonight. No question about it! The baseball analogy fits perfectly in my opinion.

“An association of men who will not quarrel with one another is a thing which has never yet existed, from the greatest confederacy of nations down to a town meeting or a vestry.” — Thomas Jefferson

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