Huckabee Says Romney Will Likely Win Iowa

The race for Iowa is a dead heat at this point, but the man who won Iowa last time, Gov. Mike Huckabee, believes that the victor will most likely be Romney. In an interview this morning on Fox News Sunday, Huckabee said this:

“I would probably say Mitt Romney will end up winning it today. I think again, Ron Paul because of his organization could, and that’s where Mitt is really at a disadvantage. He doesn’t have the devotion. If the weather is good, Mitt Romney is in better shape. If the weather is bad and it’s real tough to get out, Ron Paul will win.”

That’s welcome news for camp Romney, especially considering the source.

I think the interesting development lately has been the noticeable thawing of relations between Huckabee and Romney. During the 2008 Republican Presidential race, Huckabee and Romney developed a very strained relationship with one another as they competed for much of the same conservative voting bloc in Iowa and elsewhere. The dislike between the two seemed palpable at times.

Recently, however, several gestures have been made by both men that indicates a warming between the two. For example, Huckabee invited Romney to appear as a guest on his Fox News show. In one interview, Huckabee also defended Romney’s credentials on being pro-life, and later went on to say that the Tea Party may need to get behind Romney because “lets face it, Romney may be the most electable candidate.”

Huckabee has said that he will most likely not endorse any candidate during this election cycle, but the kind words expressed by the two candidates represents a significant warming between the two men.

What do you think? Is Huckabee going to be an ally to the Romney camp, or will the two work together in some way in the future?

~Addendum from Ross

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4 Responses to Huckabee Says Romney Will Likely Win Iowa

  1. Scott P says:

    I hope this doesn’t raise the expectations such that even a close second place in Iowa will be viewed negatively! Go mitt!

  2. Gary Alan Chidester says:

    Every Republican that I have talked to, over the past nine months, wants Obama ‘Out’! And looking at all the candidates, with or without their baggage, and as good as many of them are… there is only one, who has a realistic, detailed plan to turn this Country around. Gov. Romney’s plan is based on years of good learning experience. He is the ONLY candidate on the Republican side, who can win in the 2012 Election. So it is imperative that all Republicans, Independents, and Patriotic Democrats rally ’round Gov. Romney, and make him our next Commander in Chief. Gov. Mitt Romney will make an outstanding President. But to make that a reality, we must all jump off our petty little ‘bandwagons’ and support Gov. Romney, for as he MUST be the Republican Party’s nominee First !!! You may like two or three candidates, but to make Obama a ‘One Term President’, we must stand together and vote for Mitt Romney.

  3. Robin says:

    Well said Gary Chidester

  4. bcollins says:

    Very nice addition of the videos Ross.