MSNBC likens Romney to the KKK & More Media Appearances for Mitt Romney

First, MSNBC goes off the rails again by likening Mitt to the KKK. Watch the video clips here.

Watch Mitt’s New York Times interview here, and then check out some of Mitt’s CBS interview below.

Listen to Mitt on the Hannity radio program here.

Ann Coulter calls Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann the most conservative candidates in the race.

Finally, watch the latest ad from the Super PAC, Restore Our Future, below the fold.

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3 Responses to MSNBC likens Romney to the KKK & More Media Appearances for Mitt Romney

  1. keiji` says:

    MSNBC linking Romney to KKK and other such nonsense is outlandish. I don’t watch them but it fits with what I have heard on conservative talk shows, that they are not only librally biased but to an extreme kooky level.

  2. zefi says:

    Cain drops in polls, numbers go to other man, both (shall I say three) of them experienced the same
    thing in the nineties . An ex adulterer in the oval office and a first lady who had an affair with a married man. This type of persons will be making history that will be read by our children,grandchildren, and great grandchildren a century later. Is this the kind of role model that we want our children see? Hypocracy is the buzz word here.
    Protect our children. They are not political ( pandering, expediency, etc), and they need a God fearing leader in the white house as their role model.

  3. Gary Alan Chidester says:

    Gov. Romney has had one wife. Newt Gingrich has had three. Gov. Romney saved the Winter Olympics. Newt Gingrich was fined $300,000. Gov. Romney has the knowledge and experience to make the job market more stable. Newt Gingrich likes to talk about historical things. Gov. Romney has the demeanor of a President. Newt Gingrich would make a good candidate for “The Biggest Loser”. Gov. Romney is the BEST candidate to be the Republican Party’s nominee for President… Newt Gingrich is NOT.