Mitt Romney's 2012 Campaign Song: "Born Free"

Check out Mitt’s 2012 campaign theme song

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has picked a Kid Rock anthem as his campaign theme song.

Romney, a Detroit native who grew up in southeast Michigan and was the son of former Michigan Gov. George Romney, is using Kid Rock’s “Born Free.”

Ryan Williams, a Romney campaign spokesman, confirmed the move.

Kid Rock, whose real name is Bob Ritchie, was born in Romeo and has been a supporter of the Republican party and George W. Bush. Kid Rock is a big booster of Michigan and Detroit causes.

Kid Rock wrote on his blog on Wednesday that Romney “and anyone else who wants to use my song do not need my permission. I said he could use it and I would say the same for any other candidate. I have to have a little faith that every candidate feels like he or she can help this country.”

What do you think of this choice compared to the 2008 choice?

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Real Estate Enthusiast, Unapologetic Mitt Romney Fan, Sandwich Guru, DMB Lover, Hulu Junkie, Smart Cookie View Posts | View Profile
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5 Responses to Mitt Romney's 2012 Campaign Song: "Born Free"

  1. stella moors sherman says:

    This is 2008 all over again, if it is the end result will be another Obama win. Republicans need to learn from lessons past and put the one person that will and can beat Obama in the general election…

  2. Valerie A says:

    This song is terrible! Kid Rock has better ones. This just drones on and on and will make Mitt look dull and uninspiring. What about an upbeat catchy toe tapping patriotic song? This does NOT bode well for his campaign.

  3. MIAMI says:

    AN AMERICAN IS FREE !!! Free of all this recession , a terrible and weak dollar , bad economy that is not ending ; it`s getting even worse ! Somebody , someone PREPARED for MANY YEARS to overcome this , someone Greater & Powerful Has to STOP it !!! SOON !! And make America FREE !!! a FREE U.S.A. !!! With energy Independant, no more expensive fuel from others. We got our own! It`s time to use it ! I love and believe in America ! God , please protect Mitt Romney !!
    This song makes me break into great tears for America. Mitt Romney is the MAN for the JOB !!! I just feel it !!

  4. Ron Berg says:

    I am sure Romney has heard about the format of the debate on thursday with fox but just in case he hasn’t.

    They are planning on having the candidates speak for 10 minutes and then have about 160,000 tea partiers vote on-line.

    Romney needs to really …prepare his remarks as a heart felt response that will connect with Americans i.e a renewed sense of patriotism, his feelings on the constitution, how he will get the middle class Americans back to work and solve the debt crisis and limited government. That we are in a new time and place for America to go forward and he will restore our faith and trust in government. That the youth can look forward to a bright future, senior citizens, the pioneers of America and our military will be honoured for their service by business hiring our military veterans etc …….

  5. Ron Berg says:


    Romney Campaign Staff:

    ( Suggestion on a message theme for the upcoming debates and going forward that will complement the theme song, “Born Free”. Travelling on the highway is symbolic of taking the message to every state in the union.)


    “This year’s election is about leadership and restoring the trust of the American people in government, restoring the respect of our allies and restoring confidence in our constitution and individual rights and freedoms.

    As your presidential nominee, I will restore leadership in our country and will carry this message to the American people in every state and together we will change Washington.”