Mitt Romney Speaks This Morning at CPAC in Orlando, FL - FULL SPEECH ADDED

It’s CPAC time in The Sunshine State today.

The day long event is being held in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL (the same location as the presidential debate last night). Kudos to those who scheduled these two events back-to-back in the same place. After his impressive performance at the presidential debate last night, hopefully Mitt Romney slept very well and then upon waking, he can simply walk to the CPAC venue. He’s scheduled to speak this morning at 9:30 AM ET.

All of the GOP presidential candidates are scheduled to speak. (Note that Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, who dropped out of the presidential race yesterday and endorsed Mitt, is scheduled to speak at 10:00 AM ET.)

For a livefeed of the events, click here. (A simple registration is required or log in if you’ve previously registered.)

Here’s a look at today’s morning schedule (click to enlarge - schedule subject to change):

Other confirmed speakers include:
Dick Armey (Freedom Works Chairman), Jeff Atwater, Pam Bondi, David Bossie, Dean Cannon, Al Cardenas, Ann Coulter, S.E. Cupp, Luis Fortuño, Mike Haridopolos, Bill Kristol, George H. Nash, Grover Norquist, Adam Putnam, Ralph Reed, Marco Rubio

To view the full schedule, click here.

► Jayde Wyatt

FULL SPEECH/VIDEO ADDED and Official release from the campaign after the fold…


Conservative Political Action Conference
Excerpts from Remarks
Orlando, FL
September 23, 2021

Mitt Romney On The Need To Have A President Who Understands The Economy And “Knows How To Lead”:

Watch Mitt Romney’s Remarks On Having A President That “Knows How To Lead”:

You’re Seeing A President Who Doesn’t Know How To Govern, Who Doesn’t Know How To Lead, Who Doesn’t Know How To Balance A Balance Sheet, But He Sure Knows How To Campaign And Blame.” “I thought this morning I’d talk a bit about what it’s like going from the business world into government. What’s similar and what’s different. And I’m asked all the time, ‘is it harder being in government than it is being in business?’ And I’m sure you presume it is. No. It’s harder doing what you do in the private sector than it is being in government. Because what you do, if you make a mistake, if you make a serious mistake in your job, you might lose your job, then you might end up losing your house, and if you run an enterprise that employs other people, you could lose all their jobs, and the bank’s money, and your investors’ money. It’s very unforgiving in your enterprises. In government, the four years I spent there, I was surprised. When some people messed up, they just blamed the opposition party. That’s what you’re seeing in Washington today. You’re seeing a president who doesn’t know how to govern, who doesn’t know how to lead, who doesn’t know how to balance a balance sheet, but he sure knows how to campaign and blame. And we need a president that knows how to lead.

Mitt Romney: “Wrong” To Have Magnets For Illegal Immigration Like In-State Tuition Breaks For Illegal Immigrants:

Watch Mitt Romney’s Remarks On Immigration:

My Friend Governor Perry Said That If You Don’t Agree With His Position On Giving That In-State Tuition To Illegals That You Don’t Have A Heart. I Think If You’re Opposed To Illegal Immigration It Doesn’t Mean That You Don’t Have A Heart. It Means You Have A Heart And A Brain.” “Now I hope the folks that care about immigration understand that power as well. I love legal immigration. This is the land of opportunity and freedom. I want people all over the world to come to this country legally. There are 4.7 million people in line hoping to come here legally. I want the best and the brightest and the freedom lovers of the world to get in line and to ultimately become legal residents of the United States of America. But for that to happen we have to stop illegal immigration because illegal immigration is an enemy of legal immigration. I was at the border in San Diego with border patrol agents. Big fences there. They said about 100 people are able to get through even with the fences there. And I said ‘What do we have to do?’ They said, ‘Well, number one you’ve gotta have a fence. You can’t have places that are just open.’ And there were places even in San Diego where people could virtually walk through without having to go over a fence. ‘Number one, you’ve gotta have a fence. You gotta have enough border patrol agents to patrol it.’ Number two, they said, ‘You have to have this country turn off the magnet.’ I said ‘What do you mean, the magnet?’ He said, ‘You’re drawing people in here with employers that hire illegals. You’re drawing people in to get benefits in this country they can’t get in their home country. And so the things you have to do for instance, is you have to have an e-verify system or something like that that identifies who is here illegally and then crack down on employers that hire illegals.’ You heard us last night in that debate. One of the things that I still can’t get over is the idea that a state would decide to give a $100,000 discount to illegals to go to school in their state. It is simply wrong to create that kind of magnet. It cannot be sustained. My friend Governor Perry said that if you don’t agree with his position on giving that in-state tuition to illegals that you don’t have a heart. I think if you’re opposed to illegal immigration it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a heart. It means you have a heart and a brain. Legal immigration: good for America. Illegal immigration: something I will stop if I’m president.

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6 Responses to Mitt Romney Speaks This Morning at CPAC in Orlando, FL - FULL SPEECH ADDED

  1. Rebel Ross says:

    I see Thad McCottter on the agenda after Mitt. I wonder if this will be his official drop out and endorse Mitt speech.

  2. Marilyn says:


    With this position, I think he’s taken the issue away from the Democrats, I really do, and if / when the word gets out to everybody interested in voting, I think he’ll get the Reagan Democrats because of this, and because of other issue positions as well, but this is going to count for a lot with moderate and Independent voters who no longer trust Obama on anything.

  3. ccr says:

    Mitt did well last night! (Perry’s veneered “he’s the one” “annointing” is obvious how thin that veneer is!)

  4. Marilyn says:

    RE: This comment by Michael Barone
    Romney, by contrast, has been campaigning for the presidency for more than four years, and is so trained up that he can seemingly go on autopilot when answering most questions. The results is a smooth, practiced delivery that makes him seem more presidential at this point in the campaign.

    Yes, he is presidential and he is “trained up”, as I would expect of a man of his background and experience. He’s applying for the job of “CEO of the USA”, I would hope that he would be smooth in answering any and all questions. That’s not to say that a stumble here and there would not be acceptable, it would be understandable depending upon the context. All in all, yes, he is presidential. More than Obama I would say.

  5. ccr says:

    re: Barone’s assessment……..

    No question that Romney IS more presidential than Obama. Obama has been a most divisive, partisan, harmful to America and corrupt president.

    Mitt’s character and presence is typical, I’m sure, of him for the past decades in the private sector. He definitely has firmed up his thoughts and plans for America and much more confident in this grueling election process. I am very impressed with Mitt this go around!

  6. HeidiAnn says:

    Here is the full speech at CPACFL: