That Was Fast: New Romney Video Hammers Obama - Using Clip From Tonight's Speech!

Obama called a joint session of congress today to listen to yet another one of his jobs speeches.

Guess how much money he wants now?

$447 Billion…

for another jobs bill:

President Obama called on Congress Thursday night to “stop the political circus and actually do something to help the economy,” urging approval of a $447 billion mix of tax cuts and spending he called vital to put people back to work. The package was larger than expected but the president pledged it would not add to an already historic deficit.

Addressing a Congress partially controlled by Republicans highly skeptical of much of his program and a nation weary of waiting for recovery, the president did not say how many jobs would be created if Congress were to pass all elements of his plan.

Without hesitation, the Romney campaign released a new video:

Under President Obama, America has lost more than two-and-a-half million jobs. Nearly 25 million Americans are out of work, underemployed, or have stopped looking for work. As of September 1, the national debt was an estimated $14.6 trillion. Obama Isn’t Working.

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4 Responses to That Was Fast: New Romney Video Hammers Obama - Using Clip From Tonight's Speech!

  1. Marilyn says:

    RE: Memo to Mitt: Tea partiers will measure you by your policies

    Read more:

    No candidate is going to be perfect. He’s not ignoring you now and appears to be trying to unite the party. I suggest you stop your whining and get on board, or get left behind. By the way, I heard that the Tea Party is divided about support for Mitt. Losing your grip? Can’t stand not being in control? Too bad, so sad.

  2. stuntman says:

    The shop is is quick to the draw!

    Have faith in the Shop.

  3. VegasMike says:

    The debate was unbieleavable. Did you notice Mitts professionalism. Always smiling, good posture, and he earnestly pays attention to others when they talk. Remember McCain at debates, what a loser he was. I’m sorry for those that like Perry. Very poor debate skills, and says things out of context. His Social Security comments will scare seniors. If those that like him now, please read about his past before going all crazy about him..

  4. Gary Alan Chidester says:

    The Reagan Presidential Library Debate was a wake up call for America. Mitt Romney is the leading candidate, because of his outstanding leadership and experience. We need to rally, as Republicans, Independents, and Democrats, around this man, whose vision to restore America to its greatness, is both realistic and practical.