Romney Campaigns in NH, New White House Motto: “The Buck Stops Somewhere Else”

Mitt Romney spoke to a 'standing room only' crowd at a VFW Post 483 Town Hall meeting in Nashua, NH. August 8, 2021 (Click on image to enlarge.)

Mitt Romney spent the day in New Hampshire talking with voters at the Chamber of Commerce (Concord), the Rotary Club (Manchester), and VFW Post 483 (Nashua). He spoke on a variety of topics including, the S&P downgrade, the economy, and labor law/right-to work legislation.

Here is video of The Gov’s speech at the Chamber of Commerce in Concord this morning:

As I listened over the weekend to the various spokespeople for the president, it seems that they would substitute the Harry Truman “The buck stops here” with a new motto for the White House which is: “The buck stops somewhere else.” ~ Mitt Romney

“We need to put more Americans back to work. And, I’m afraid the President is just out of his depth when it comes to understanding how the private economy works.” ~ Mitt Romney

The President is the person that leads the nation and leads the effort in Washington, and if it’s tough working there - welcome to the real world!” ~ Mitt Romney

UPDATE: The Nashua Telegraph has further details on Mitt’s event at the VFW Hall in Nashua.

H/t Crystal Fernando for video/Nashua Telegraph article

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2 Responses to Romney Campaigns in NH, New White House Motto: “The Buck Stops Somewhere Else”

  1. Crystalf says:

    There are some good writeups on the townhall in Nashua ( Hopefully we’ll see some video soon. Mitt gave a good answer to what he thought NH could do to increase tourism, “Perhaps the most powerful way to have more people see New Hampshire as a wonderful summer resort would be to have them see a president that summered here in New Hampshire” which became a good applause line :)

  2. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Thanks, Crystal!

    I added the Nashua Telegraph write-up to the article. They report that besides speaking, Mitt took 14 questions. These Town Halls are a great venue for Mitt.