The Political Soda Can: Will Mitt Romney Fizz or Fizzle?

Almost overnight the political soda can has been shaken and the top has popped off. The question talking heads are asking is: Will Mitt Romney fizz or fizzle?

Inside the political soda can

Governor Mitt Romney re-worked his schedule so he could participate in Senator Jim Demint’s Palmetto Freedom Forum, likewise on taking part in a Labor Day Tea Party Express Rally. Then, Governor Sarah Palin announced she will also be at the same Tea Party rally (glad to hear she’ll be there) and *Freedom Works has decided to protest Romney’s appearance at the Tea Party. In the meantime, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) told the Tea Party folks where to go and unvetted Rick Perry remains in the spotlight.

Romney said he’d shift gears when August became a summer memory. That’s exactly what he’s doing. There’s a whole lot of speculation going on out there on how he adapts to the present GOP carbonation:

Rick Perry’s surge in the polls is prompting some high-profile Mitt Romney backers to urge the former Massachusetts governor to step up his efforts before it’s too late.

Romney’s high command said that was always the plan – and that they expect to engage Perry during next month’s debates, which will usher in the stretch run of the GOP presidential campaign.

The former Massachusetts governor will also accelerate his pace starting this Labor Day weekend, say campaign officials.

Romney will attend a Tea Party rally in Concord, New Hampshire, on Sunday, a Monday morning pancake breakfast in Manchester and then fly to South Carolina to attend a candidate forum put on by Sen. Jim DeMint.

Romney had originally indicated he would not attend the DeMint event, but he changed his mind after having a conversation with the influential conservative.

“He’s a good friend and we wanted to do what we could to make it work,” said senior Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom of their change of heart. DeMint was a key Romney backer in 2008, but is holding out this election cycle. Romney’s reconsideration suggests that the South Carolinian hasn’t ruled out endorsing the former governor again.

Fehrnstrom said Romney will also conduct a more aggressive media strategy beginning next month, appearing more frequently on cable TV news and conducting local TV interviews in early primary states.

“You’ll see him take it up a notch,” said the adviser.

Further, Romney aides said the campaign plans to roll out more endorsements, and work internally to bolster their grassroots effort, identifying more committed voters and building coalitions.

September will also likely mark the first open skirmishing between Romney and Perry, as they prepare to face off, along with the rest of the GOP field, for the first time at three debates.

A lot of the comparing and contrasting will take place on stage at the debates,” said Fehrnstrom, adding that Romney’s primary focus will still be “President Obama and his failures.”

But Romney officials believe it’s inevitable that they’ll clash with Perry – in part because the brash Texan will give them an opportunity.

“Perry will throw the first punch,” predicted a top Romney aide. “He can’t help himself.”

Others weigh in

“Perry has certainly changed the mix of the race,” said former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, a Romney supporter and fundraiser. “I do think [Romney] needs to step it up several notches. The low-key campaign has served well him well to this point, but coming out of Labor Day he needs to be a lot more aggressive. The low-profile strategy is not going to work this fall.”
“The world has changed in the primary,” said veteran GOP consultant Mike Murphy, who worked for Romney in his 2002 gubernatorial race. “They have to decide how and where they beat Perry. The passive strategy – where they have name ID and none of their opponents do – is not working anymore.”

Playing it by ear…

But Romney’s gurus point to three important but as yet unknown factors to explain why they’re not ready to reach for their rifle.

As long as the final field remains uncertain, the caucus and primary calendar unset and Perry’s ability to hold up over a series of debates and heightened media scrutiny unknown, they say they’re reluctant to make any hard and fast strategic decisions.

In state-by-state terms, this means they’re going to keep playing wait-and-see in Iowa and South Carolina, where they’ve limited Romney’s presence this year, until it becomes more clear who will be in the mix.

Should Sarah Palin decide to run and Bachmann and Rick Santorum hang in the fight, for example, Iowa could be more appealing to Romney since the GOP’s social conservative bloc would be splintered among several candidates.

“It’s all a parlor game until you know who’s in,” said a senior Romney aide of Iowa.

Romney is ready

[...] Romney used an appearance at the national VFW convention in San Antonio, Perry’s backyard, to say: “Career politicians got us into this mess and they simply don’t know how to get us out.”

That’s the message his campaign will carry against Perry: the Texas governor is a government lifer who lived high on the public tab and doesn’t have the private-sector experience necessary to run the country.

What career politician has done well with the Tea Party?” asked one Romney official.

The danger for Romney, however, is that if they don’t move soon it may be too late to dissuade conservatives from backing Perry.

“In general, most tea party activists are focused on big things, like the country heading in the wrong direction, the debt, or leaving behind a weaker nation than we inherited,” said unaligned GOP strategist Todd Harris. “That’s what matters to them most, and if a candidate is right on those things, activists can be awfully forgiving of everything else. The kinds of attacks that might sink another candidate are written off as just politics as usual and virtually ignored. Once tea party activists line up behind someone, they can be awfully hard to peel off.”

(emphasis added) Continue reading here.

Mitt Romney is in solid alignment with Tea Party fundamentals. It’s up to us to ‘pop some tops’ because Romney is ready to ‘fizz’.

Contact Tea Party Express to let them know in a friendly way that you’re happy Governor Romney will be part of their ‘Reclaiming America’ bus tour and why he is worth listening to:

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*Drop a line to Freedom Works, while you’re at it.

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Tweet from Tea Party Express:

All POTUS candidates have open invitation to TPX rallies. We have Bachmann, Romney, Gary Johnson…where is Paul, Cain, Perry, Gingrich etc?less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

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Mitt Romney: Personable, Credible, Concise, Comfortable in Own Skin

Mitt Romney’s hair, truck, jeans, open-collar shirts, etc. have been the subject for commentary. Some say he’s trying to re-make himself into something he’s not.

We know they’re wrong.

Here’s a good read (editorial from Foster’s Daily Democrat):

Mitt Romney comfortable in his own skin for 2012

Sometimes when you’re taking notes during an editorial board meeting, the most important comments are not quotes from the candidate. Rather, they are the notes made in the margins, to be retrieved later for editorials such as this one.

Last week members of Foster’s Daily Democrat’s editorial board sat down with Republican presidential primary candidate Mitt Romney. It was a return visit for Romney who stopped by during his 2008 bid for the White House, a primary race eventually won by John McCain (who Foster’s endorsed).

With that context in mind we move to our notes in the margins …

Let’s start with page one, which reads “relaxed,” “personable,” and “credible.”

The Mitt Romney that visited Foster’s last week has come a long way since he dashed in and out our doors in 2008. This time there was no entourage, no hurried pace and no doubt that the former Massachusetts governor had done his homework.

So as not to have any misunderstandings, we are in no way implying that Romney has remade himself simply to win an election, as his opponents (both Republican and Democrat) contend.

Another note will explain: “comfortable in his own skin.”

There is much to be said of timing in politics. A last time around, Romney seemed to be headed in all directions at the same time. Perhaps too much on his plate or too many editorial boards. Regardless, in 2008 Romney was not as focused as we had hoped. It was clear then that it was not his time.

Not so last week.

Romney seems to have come of age, thus the phrase “comfortable in his own skin.” This initial perception of him was reinforced as the editorial board meeting went on. Thus a bit later in our notes is the word “mature.”

Foster’s believes that as a candidate and an individual, Romney has grown immensely in four years (again, not “changed” as opponents argue).

His relaxed nature gave the impression of a man at peace with himself and his positions on the issue. The latter was apparent as we asked him to discuss the multiple wars the United States is currently fighting and may be dragged into fighting (like Syria).

One by one, Romney analyzed, diagnosed then prescribed. Agree or disagree at each point along the way, Romney offered a confidence that was reassuring, especially given the mixed signals coming out of the White House these days.

This is what generated the final set of notes in the margins: “clear,” “concise,” and “informed.”

If there was any concern in 2008 that Romney used Cliff Notes instead of studying the entire text of foreign and domestic policy, there was none last week.

(emphasis added) Read more here.

► Jayde Wyatt

In case you haven’t seen it yet, you can read Mitt’s latest op-ed that was originally published by Fosters on the 27th here.

Breaking: Mitt Romney WILL Attend Jim DeMint’s South Carolina Forum

So says Jennifer Rubin in her blog (Right Turn) at

Right Turn has learned that, after several weeks of schedule adjustment, Mitt Romney will now appear at the candidate forum hosted by Sen. Jim DeMint in South Carolina. The Romney camp dismisses the suggestion that this is in response to Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s rise in the polls. Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul tells me: “We’re pleased we were able to arrange our schedule so that Gov. Romney can attend Labor Day events in both New Hampshire and South Carolina.” Romney was able to shift a Tea Party Express event in Rollins Park, New Hampshire to Sunday evening. He will remain in New Hampshire Monday morning for a pancake breakfast in Manchester and then travel to South Carolina for the forum.

The official name of the forum is the Palmetto Freedom Forum. It will take place on Labor Day and is sponsored by the American Principles Project.

From the forum’s Facebook page:

The Palmetto Freedom Forum is an event that will take place on Labor Day, 2011 in Columbia, SC. The goal of the event is to have an honest discussion with the top GOP Presidential Candidates, giving them an outlet to voice their thoughts on the key issues.

Apparently only those who had a 5% or higher in RCP’s national polls average on Aug. 22nd will be included in the debate. Gingrich is currently at 5.7% and Cain at 4.7%, but both are listed at 5% on the 22nd, so I’m not exactly sure if they made the cut. The others who qualify to attend would be Perry, Bachmann and Paul, and Palin if she should jump in by then. Disqualified candidates include Santorum and Huntsman.

So we know it’s taking place on Labor Day, but can anyone find a time? Television broadcast? Online broadcast?

~Nate Gunderson

Romney in Perry Territory Today, Delivers Speech to VFW in San Antonio, TX

Governor Mitt Romney was in Rick Perry territory today. He delivered an impassioned speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) at their 112th convention in San Antonio, Texas.

What’s interesting is that Perry was invited to speak at the same event three months ago and didn’t respond - until the VFW called him out.

Politico’s Maggie Haberman reports:

“The VFW also has a tradition of inviting the governor of the host state where its annual convention is being held to come and welcome and greet our convention delegates. Although Governor Perry was similarly sent an invitation 3 months ago, apparently our invitation was deemed not important enough for the governor’s office to at least accept or decline the invitation. Governor Perry’s candidacy for president does not provide him an excuse for bad manners. The White House and Governor Perry can rest assured that the 2 million members of the VFW and its Auxiliaries will remember this discourteous treatment for a very long time to come.”

Obama never changed course on attending, but Perry did the next day, and the VFW took note of it in a press release.

Jennifer Rubin from the Washington Post watched Romney’s address and was impressed. Here are a few of her comments:

A bolder Romney

Jennifer Rubin, before picking at the substance of Rick Perry’s VFW speech from yesterday, reports that the group had actually slammed him and President Obama for not attending in a press release on its web site on Aug. 22:

As those in and around the Mitt Romney campaign have explained privately and on the record, the frenzy about Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s surge in the national polls hasn’t panicked them. They, of course, lived through the 2008 race when Sen. John McCain came from far behind, Rudy Giuliani melted and Fred Thompson turned out to be much to do about nothing. That isn’t to say they intend to sit back. Their game plan was in full view at the VFW speech today in Texas.

Whoever Romney has fired or hired to assist with speechwriting, the change was somewhat dramatic. Gone were equivocations and recycled stump speech lines. This is a more aggressive and more colorful Romney.

He began with the list of enemies — “Some are jihadists, some are communists, and some are simply tyrants who clothe themselves in any convenient political manifesto. And so once again, American heroes are called upon to defend liberty.” Notice “liberty,” a word that’s fallen out of fashion with many conservatives. If Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s speech was limiting (not “military adventurism” and only fight when “vital national interests” are at stake), Romney’s (again, not his usual style) was anything but.

Then came the quick shift to the economy, which remains Romney’s focus and, his team contends, his best issue. He told the crowd:

25 million Americans are out of work, or have stopped looking, or have only part time jobs but want full-time work. Home values have dropped more than they did during the Depression. National debt is almost as large as our entire economy, and we owe a huge chunk of it to China. Incredibly, unfunded government promises now total about $530,000 per American household. This cannot possibly stand as the legacy we will leave the next generation.

And the peril of this mismanagement may even be more imminent. We stand near a threshold of profound economic misery. Four more years on the same political path could prove disastrous.

I am a conservative businessman. I have spent most of my life outside of politics, dealing with real problems in the real economy. Career politicians got us into this mess and they simply don’t know how to get us out!

And that is his pitch both in the primary and the general election. He doesn’t mention Perry by name, and until the debates, I wouldn’t count on him doing so. But the message is that pols don’t get how the private sector works. They know about bailouts, crony capitalism, borrowing and spending. Expect to hear a whole lot about that in Nevada next week when he rolls out his jobs speech and in the fall debates.

Then it was back to foreign policy. Here, he put some meat on the bones. That’s going to be another theme you’ll see more of: He’s got answers, the other guys and gals have rhetoric.

Romney’s team has insisted that as voters turn the attention back to the campaign and the fall debates dominate the political news, we will see some robust policy pronouncements. This had the feel of a warm-up, an effort to lay down some markers and begin to introduce some themes. It was a different sort of speech than Perry’s, more specific and more attention paid to the economy. Expect more of that and a clearer delineation between the candidates, if not on ideology then on experience and capability.

(emphasis added) Read entire article here.

To see VIDEO of Mitt’s speech and read the TRANSCRIPT click here.

If you’d like to watch a quick little video of Mitt behind the scenes before speaking today, click here.

Proud to have the opportunity to speak today at the 112th #VFW National Convention in San Antonioless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

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Video and Transcript: Romney’s Speech to the 112th VFW National Convention

(Other sessions of the conference may be viewed here.)

UPDATE: It looks like Mitt Romney has opened up a new TOUT account. I’m not even sure what TOUT is but it appears to be short video sharing in a Twitter-esque format. There is a short clip of Romney behind the scenes of his speech today:

Mitt Romney’s full remarks as prepared for delivery:

It’s a privilege to be addressing the veterans who defended our liberty in the past, and who defend the memory and dignity of every veteran today.

I was born in 1947 – a quintessential baby boomer. I grew up in the shadow of World War II, and then came the wars in Korea and Vietnam. As a boy, I knew that it was American soldiers and sailors and Marines and airmen who had saved us from German Fascism, and who protected us from Soviet Communism. You were our heroes then, and you are today.

You know better than most that the world is still infected with purveyors of hate and oppression. Some are jihadists, some are communists, and some are simply tyrants who clothe themselves in any convenient political manifesto. And so once again, American heroes are called upon to defend liberty.

We rightly call our fathers and mothers the Greatest Generation, but every man and woman who has or now defends American liberty – from the beaches of Normandy, to the Mekong Delta, to the valleys of the Hindu Kush – shares in their heritage of greatness. Every veteran is the greatest of his generation.

The quiet heroes who have fought for our country come from the most diverse backgrounds imaginable: from farmers and subway riders, Ph.D.’s and high school graduates, and from every ethnic background of the American melting pot. But they are united by far more than what divides them.

Rick Perry’s Sparkle vs Mitt Romney’s Acumen

We agree with the title of this article!

Romney remains the GOP’s best bet

One year from today, the 2012 Republican National Convention opens in Tampa, Fla.

Today’s question is: Whom will the GOP be nominating during its four-day extravaganza?

No beating around bushes here: Mitt Romney.

Yes, I know about that latest Gallup poll showing Texas Gov. Rick Perry zooming into first place among rank-and-file Republicans. He topped Romney 29 to 17 percent, with Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann emerging as the only other candidates in double digits.

Perry is all sparkle and glitter — a brand new candidate with a brand new candidate’s appeal. His strength among tea partyers is something to behold. That same Gallup poll showed Perry topping Romney and Bachmann among Republicans who identify themselves as tea party backers by a solid 21 points.

That’s formidable.

But the Gallup poll came as Perry’s much anticipated announcement had reached its zenith. Gallup went into the field just four days after Perry kicked off his campaign with his “It is time to get America working again” speech.

Perry’s numbers may never be higher.

Romney’s standing has been on the wane for weeks. But his prospects remain strong because of timing, his own record of executive experience and Perry’s penchant for uttering the kinds of quotes that quickly undercut poll numbers.
Romney, remember, is not only a one-time governor. He was co-founder and head of Bain Capital, a highly profitable private equity firm that became one of the largest in the country.

And he pulled the 2002 Winter Olympics’ fat out of the fire.

That type of successful executive experience will contrast well with so many Americans’ doubts about Obama’s leadership.

Perry has his own economic credentials, although critics are calling his achievements paper-thin. Many of those Texas jobs created in recent years don’t come with benefits and don’t pay well either.

All the hoopla about Rick Perry entering the GOP presidential contest is like telling kids a new breakfast cereal is in the cupboard and it has a shiny trinket inside. The kids go wild, pounce on the box, dig-dig-dig through it, and after finding the prize, discover it wasn’t as cool or useful as they hoped.

Stay tuned. More to come on Perry…

H/t Frank

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Mitt Romney Heads to Florida: Addressing National Hispanic GOP Convention, Opening Campaign HQ in Tampa

Mitt Romney is in San Antonio, Texas today delivering a speech to the VFW. We now have the video posted here.

Looking ahead, The Gov will be in The Sunshine State on Friday (Sept 2nd) to address the National Hispanic Republican Assembly Convention. Then, he’ll officially open his Florida campaign headquarters in Tampa and YOU’RE INVITED:

We’re looking forward to hearing Romney’s jobs creation plan which he will unveil on September 6th in Nevada. Then, with all the attention being given to Rick Perry these last couple of weeks, we’re really looking forward to the showdown the very next day at the GOP presidential debate which will be held at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA.

September debate schedule:

September 7th, 2011 8pm EST on MSNBC and CNBC
Location: Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA
Sponsor: Reagan Library, NBC News and Politico
Participants: Romney, Perry, Paul, Huntsman, Santorum, Gingrich, Bachmann, Cain

September 12th, 2011 8pm EST on CNN – Submit Questions
Location: Florida State Fair Grounds in Tampa, FL
Sponsor: CNN and the Tea Party Express
Participants: TBD

September 22nd, 2011 Air time TBD on Fox News
Location: Orlando, FL
Sponsor: Fox News and Florida Republican Party
Participants: TBD

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Mitt Romney Engages Voters at Town Hall Mtg in Lebanon, New Hampshire (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney takes questions at a town hall meeting in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Aug 24, 2021 (Photo/

On this day after hurricane Irene thundered her way across the eastern U.S., we’re happy the damage wasn’t as extensive as originally feared, but we’re sorry to hear about the loss of life and damage left in her wake. Our condolences to those who who lost loved ones. We hope electricity will soon be restored to all and that those involved in restoration and clean-up stay safe.

Governor Romney cancelled fundraisers over the weekend due to the hurricane which we would have covered today, so we’re posting video of Mitt Romney’s entire lively town hall meeting held in Lebanon, New Hampshire last Wednesday (8/24/11). The meeting is divided into six parts; the first part contains Romney’s sharing of interesting information on his and Ann’s family backgrounds. He also introduced special guest Doug Scamman, former Speaker of the New Hampshire House. (Romney announced his candidacy for president at Scamman Farms):

Governor Romney in Lebanon, NH Part 1


Mitt [...] addressed a crowd at Lebanon Senior Center, where he emphasized that “government is not the source of American greatness.” Mitt proceeded to answer questions from voters, offering his view of the issues facing our nation. “This has been fun, I’ll tell ya. This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time. This is a great group. This is what’s so fun about town meetings in New Hampshire. You guys care. You’re informed.”

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

► Jayde Wyatt

~Update from Ross
Mitt’s been doing so many townhalls lately it’s tough to keep them straight. The picture and the commentary are from Mitt’s townhall event in Lebanon and the videos are from Mitt’s townhall event in Exeter.

Also, Mitt called President Obama’s presidency a “DDD presidency — it’s a presidency that’s been associated with debt and with downgrade and delay.” and then he tweeted the following since President Obama prefers AAA”:

.@BarackObama’s approach to the budget should be rated triple A: Arrogant, Absent and Alarming #ObamaIsntWorkingless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Rick Perry’s ‘Total Debacle’ Comment Re Romney, Ignores ‘Total Debacle’ of His Own

Governor Gardasil (R-Merck)

Rick Perry.

There’s only so much one can hear from him regarding Mitt Romney.

Following the example of Governor Romney, we’ve made allowances for Perry here at MRC the last couple of weeks. Today, my Perry measuring cup reached ‘full’ so let’s be clear, this is a Jayde Wyatt article.

I’m responding to a conversation the Texas Governor had yesterday with Laura Ingraham on her radio program about Mitt Romney and the private-market health insurance program in Massachusetts:

Perry told Ingraham the law was a “total debacle” and would be a “huge problem” for Romney.

“I think Mitt is finally recognizing that the Massachusetts healthcare plan he passed is a huge problem for him,” Perry said. “It was not almost perfect.”

Perry then went on to offer a curious statement:

[T]he answer to our healthcare problems can be found in our states.”


I know Governor Romney will address Rick Perry’s criticisms on the debate stage; I look forward to it. Extensive articles on the private-market health care insurance program in Massachusetts have been posted here at MRC, so I won’t rehash the details today. Although there is MUCH to be discussed about Rick Perry’s background and record, let’s learn a little about one glaring, alarming stain on the Texas Governor’s record - his very own health care “debacle”:

Perry’s Gardasil Problem

Why in early 2007 did he [Governor Rick Perry] sign an executive order mandating that 11- and 12-year-old girls in Texas be given the vaccine Gardasil?

Gardasil was developed to prevent the human papillomavirus (HPV), the most commonly transmitted sexual disease in the United States. In June 2006, the Food and Drug Administration approved the drug, which is made by the pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. The treatment was initially hailed as a breakthrough in protecting against four strains of HPV that are responsible for 70 percent of cervical cancer cases and 90 percent of genital warts.

In January 2007, Gardasil was put on the “recommended” immunization schedule issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control. Merck immediately mounted a massive lobbying effort of state legislatures around the country to get Gardasil added to their respective lists of state-mandated vaccines.

But in Texas, Gov. Perry chose to

    bypass the legislature

and on Feb. 2, 2007, he issued an

    executive order

making Texas the first state in the country requiring all sixth-grade girls to receive the three-shot vaccination series (which cost about $120 per shot). The move generated a fierce public debate. Conservatives slammed Perry for promoting what they saw as an intrusion by the state into private health decisions of parents and their children. Some also complained that the mandate would encourage promiscuity among teenagers.

Many doctors, including Bill Hinchey, the president of the Texas Medical Association at the time, questioned the wisdom of rushing to mandate a drug that had been on the market for less than a year.

“We support physicians being able to provide the vaccine, but we don’t support a state mandate at this time,” Hinchey told the Houston Chronicle. “There are issues, such as liability and cost that need to be vetted first.”

The controversy over Perry’s decision deepened as it came to light that his former chief of staff was a lobbyist for Merck and that his chief of staff’s mother-in-law, Rep. Dianne White Delisi, was the state director of an advocacy group bankrolled by Merck to push legislatures across the country to put forward bills mandating the Gardasil vaccine for preteen girls.

Surprise! Perry received a $6,000 donation from Merck lobbyists just days before the executive order was issued.

When the New York Times praised Perry’s actions, he figured he needed to do some fancy PR work. He quickly penned an op-ed to paint his actions as being ‘pro-life’. USA Today published it.

Perry’s attempt to frame his action as both an urgent public health necessity and the work of a “pro-life” politician failed to dissuade those who felt he had shoved this vaccine down the throats of the public without a full airing of the potential benefits, costs and long-term health implications of the drug.

Roughly 60 state lawmakers called on Perry to rescind the order. He refused. Just six weeks after Perry put pen to paper, the Texas House rebuked him on March 14, 2007, passing HB 1098, overturning his executive order by a vote of 119-21. The Senate followed suit the following month by a vote of 30-1.

(emphasis added) Read more here.

Now, that’s what I call a total debacle.

  • More on gardasil (article includes footnotes):

    Governor Rick Perry’s Gardasil ‘Mistake’ Cost Girls their Lives

    PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 22, 2021 – According to VAERS analyst and SANE Vax team member Janny Stokvis, Governor Rick Perry should have been aware and taken action on the mounting injuries from Gardasil in Texas before an attempt to mandate the vaccine. VAERS reports one girl died post-Gardasil vaccination, there were 14 life-threatening situations and 31 girls became disabled after Perry’s attempt to issue an executive order. The effort to introduce the drug into Texas schools turned into one of Perry’s greatest defeats. His admission of a ‘mistake’ five years later is reprehensible.

    Perry’s order would have become effective in 2008 and girls would be involuntarily immunized unless they ‘opted out’ upon entry to the 6th grade. Texas was the first state to require that schoolgirls get vaccinated against a multi-strain virus to prevent ‘cervical cancer.’ Unfortunately, the National Cancer Institute has not directly linked the virus to cervical cancer.1

    Is this poor judgment from a man running for president?

    During a 16 month investigation of Gardasil, side effects were documented in a disturbing number of cases to VAERS including 3,589 during a 16 month period.2 Even though thousands of girls reported adverse reactions to the vaccine, Perry found no reason to modify or withdraw his executive order. Those numbers have now risen to over 22,000 and yet, it took political posturing for Perry to admit his ‘mistake.’
    According to VAERS, Texas has had its fair share of reports of adverse reactions:
    As of July 12, 2022 the total number HPV vaccine adverse events reported to VAERS is 22,619 – with an estimated 1 to 10% of the HPV vaccine injured population reporting.4

    19,170 reports are from the U.S. – 3,127 of those events are from unknown locations.
    914 reports out of the 19,170 reports are from Texas. But considering the fact that 3,127 reports have an unknown location, this number could be higher.5

    Gardasil Adverse Events in Texas:

    • One death report of a 26 year old woman who died Nov 20076
    • 67 reports are listed as serious7
    • 14 reports of Life threatening situations8
    • 433 reports of emergency room visits9
    • 45 reports of hospitalization10
    • 10 reports extended hospital stay11
    • 174 reports where the girls did not recover from their injuries12
    • 31 reports of girls now disabled13

    Rick Perry: Merck Shill

    ► Jayde Wyatt

  • Ann Romney in Nevada: America Needs a President who Understands Finance

    Ann Romney speaks with GOP party loyalists at Douglas County Republican Party headquarters in Minden, Nevada. August 24, 2021 (AP Photo/Sandra Chereb)

    Mitt Romney had some mighty fine help on the campaign trail this week.

    Ann Romney, Mitt’s sweetheart of 42 years, journeyed to northern Nevada to stump for her husband. She held ‘meet and greets’ with GOP party loyalists in Minden and Reno:

    MINDEN — Ann Romney told Douglas County Republicans on Wednesday that her husband, Mitt, is the most-qualified presidential candidate — and the only one who can win the presidency next year.

    “Only one person is out there who is running who will beat Obama, and that’s my husband,” she told the audience of about 20 at GOP headquarters in Minden.

    She described next year’s ballot as “a watershed election.”
    Romney also touted her husband’s experience, not only in politics but as a successful businessman, saying his ability to understand finance is critical.

    “People who are life-long politicians, bless their hearts, don’t necessarily understand a balance sheet,” she said.

    Mrs. Romney reminded the audience that his profession was fixing broken companies.

    “He would take struggling companies and come in and turn them around,” she said. “If there is any time when this country needs a turn-around, it’s now. He’s been preparing his whole life for this.”

    “This election has huge, huge consequences,” she [Ann Romney] said. “There is only one person out there who can beat Obama, and that is my husband.”

    Ann Romney touted his experience as former Massachusetts governor and with the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City.

    But speaking to a largely female audience in this rural community, she also portrayed him as a husband and father, “my high school sweetheart,” and “the person who stood by my side” when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998.

    “We’ve been married 42 years. I know the guy pretty well,” Ann Romney said.

    She was joined by former Nevada first lady Dema Guinn, who tearfully recalled that Wednesday would have been her husband’s 75th birthday. Former Gov. Kenny Guinn died in July 2010 when he fell from the roof of his Las Vegas home while doing repairs.

    Kenny Guinn and Mitt Romney met and became friends during their time as governors. Guinn supported Mitt Romney in the 2008 presidential election.

    Ann Romney, wife of Gov Mitt Romney, spoke at 'meet & greets' in Minden and Reno, Nevada on Wednesday, Aug 24, 2011. (click on map to enlarge)

    “He believed in Mitt so strongly,” Dema Guinn said, “and our country today is in terrible shape.”

    “I know if he was here today he’d tell me to get out and do what you need to do to get Mitt Romney elected.” Guinn added later in Reno where 80 people turned out for a similar event. “We need a businessman there who knows what to do and can read a budget.”

    Ann Romney said Nevadans will play a critical role as an early caucus state in the selection of the GOP nominee.

    “You guys are going to make a huge, huge difference,” she told the group in Reno that included state Assemblyman Pat Hickey, of Reno, former U.S. Rep. Barbara Vucanovich and her daughter, and ex-state treasurer Patty Cafferata.

    “Do not only love this country but do something for this country,” Ann Romney said. “Get these people to the caucuses. Our nation is on the line. We need to roll up our sleeves.”

    (emphasis added to articles)

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