POLL: In Arizona, Obama Beats All Republicans but One . . . Romney

Romney beats Obama in Arizona

Romney beats Obama in Arizona

From Public Polling Policy:

Obama trails only one Republican- Mitt Romney- in a hypothetical match up in the state. Romney has a 48-44 advantage against him. This makes Arizona the third state in the last month, along with Nevada and Pennsylvania, where we’ve found Romney as the only Republican who leads Obama. Romney and Mike Huckabee generally post similar numbers against Obama in our national polling but that’s because Huckabee posts much larger leads than Romney against Obama in southern states that the GOP will win regardless of who the party’s nominee is. Romney is clearly proving to be the stronger candidate in important swing states, meaning that for whatever it’s worth he has claim to the ‘electability’ mantle right now.


How do they stack up vs. Obama in AZ?

Mitt Romney 48% — Obama 44% (+4)
Obama 46% — Mike Huckabee 44% (-2)
Obama 47% — Newt Gingrich 40% (-7)
Obama 48% — Donald Trump 38% (-10)
Obama 49% — Sarah Palin 38% (-11)

The favorability ratings are equally awesome for Mitt, not so much for Trump:

Mitt Romney: Favorable — 45%, Unfavorable — 37%, Not Sure — 17% (+8)
Mike Huckabee: Favorable — 35%, Unfavorable — 48%, Not Sure — 17% (-13)
Sarah Palin: Favorable — 32%, Unfavorable — 62%, Not Sure — 5% (-30)
Newt Gingrich: Favorable — 26%, Unfavorable — 59%, Not Sure — 15% (-33)
Donald Trump: Favorable -24%, Unfavorable — 66%, Not Sure — 10% (-42)

As more of these polling results are released, I think we’ll see that Romney’s clear advantage over the rest of the potential field is his electability in a general election versus President Obama. Will it be that same appeal he has to independents that proves a hindrance in getting the party’s nomination? Only time will tell.

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16 Responses to POLL: In Arizona, Obama Beats All Republicans but One . . . Romney

  1. Hungarian Crusader says:

    Romney is THE heavy hitter for the GOP and all Americans.

    I think many people are reading his book, researching his background, reviewing this guy’s 3-page work history, and wondering why is the ultra-leftist media attacking him so much?
    Obviously, he IS the biggest threat to the leftist, democrats and there is nothing they can do against him that would cause him to drop in the polls.
    He has great integrity (did I spell that correctly?), honesty, a generous character, and a lover of all things American.

    Again, America has a HITT with MITT!
    I cant wait to see him in the White House.

  2. Mitt: Start chipping away at Iowa and Ohio. We must pull those states if we are to take the election. It is going to be tough with the taking of Bin Laden. We must start early. Keep plugging. You will have my vote my friend. We need you. What has Mr. Pres. done to get America back to work? What has he done to drop the skyrocketing gas prices? HOw about lowering taxes on the private household. What in the name of Heaven is going on with the medical and drug costs in the country? You have plenty of meat. Start chewing away at his failures. We need to tunnel under his feet. He doesn’t have a foot to stand on when it comes to practical matters.

  3. Tsimnuj says:

    Mitt really is the strongest,smartest,the most experienced,and most qualify for the presidency in the America history candidate for president,he is the man of integrity,the man of character,and the man of true America leadership. Mitt love America more than Obama,Obama just laughing attacking America around the world,even Osama Binladin was death but 14.000.000 America still out of work so in 2012 campaign will be the economy matter and so Mitt is that person of America dream to come.

  4. Teacher1 says:

    I would love to see Mitt go all the way, but I am still wondering about something. Why has he let the similarities between the Massachussetts Healthcare system and Obamacare become weaknesses in his campaign for the GOP primary? The states should have the right to enact ways to take care of their own healtcare system. State legislatures should have the power to enact laws in the districts they represent. Any healthcare system should be financially stable and solvent. I think that all of these are ideals espoused by the majority of conservatives. Obamacare has split with the will of the majority of Americans on the basis that it nationally redistributes income and overrides the rights of the states - something that Romney ardently opposes. There is no flip-flop on the issue; then why has he not met the media’s coverage head on and turned this perceived weakness into one more of his strengths?

  5. Mark says:


  6. Marilyn says:

    The left is going to use HCR as a wedge between those who are against HCR and those who are for HCR.

    It’s morally and ethically wrong to give tax breaks to the rich in the hopes that it will create jobs. Everyone should have to pay his or her fair share of taxes. For example, giving tax breaks for yachts in Texas is nothing more than bribery.

  7. Marilyn :

    It’s morally and ethically wrong to give tax breaks to the rich in the hopes that it will create jobs. Everyone should have to pay his or her fair share of taxes.

    Rich people should pay their fair share and they do. They pay a much higher percent than others do. They pay more than their “fair share”, as do large corporations. Lowering their tax burden does in fact make more capitol available to be invested in businesses and in new ventures. Both of those equal new jobs.

    Even when rich people don’t even spend the money or invest it their money is still being put to use. They aren’t stuffing it in their mattresses. When they are simply putting their money in a bank that bank is loaning to other businesses. Businesses come up with new ideas and innovations that create new jobs. They go to the bank to get capitol to start these ventures. That money is more readily available for borrowing if “rich” people have put it there in their accounts. If government has taxed it all away, the capitol pool depletes, new jobs aren’t made, and more people go to the government for welfare. Creating jobs is the best form of welfare. Governments policy of tax and spend (even for the rich) is creating a culture of dependency, and it is one that is terribly inefficient.

  8. Marilyn says:

    No, they do not. They get tax breaks at our expense.

    It’s a common complaint from small business owners. While congressional Republicans and entrenched corporate lobbying groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — which is holding a Wednesday meeting on small business priorities — and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) have been pushing hard to preserve the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy by touting the interests of small firms, much of the small business community is demanding that those very tax cuts be repealed. The tax breaks for the wealthy will add $700 billion to the debt over the next 10 years, according to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget. And many small firms say that money would be better spent on direct aid to the middle class.

  9. Marilyn says:

    RE: Rich people should pay their fair share and they do. They pay a much higher percent than others do. They pay more than their “fair share”, as do large corporations. Lowering their tax burden does in fact make more capitol available to be invested in businesses and in new ventures. Both of those equal new jobs.

    I have ran the numbers and I know for a fact that they do not “pay a much higher percent than others do.” and they certainly do not “pay more than their “fair share”, and neither do large corporations, who often do not pay anything at all but get tax breaks at our expense and then move jobs overseas.

  10. One of the reasons they move jobs over seas is because we have the second highest corporate tax rates in the world.

    “Direct aid” means government handout. The middle class wouldn’t need aid were it not for the government’s meddling.

    You call them “tax breaks” as if the government is entitled to the money in the first place. Tax cuts don’t add to the deficit - OVERSPENDING increases our deficit.

    Cut taxes, cut spending. Both would help boost the private sector and create jobs.

  11. Marilyn says:

    That is always said to be the reason, but it is not. The real reason is $1.14 per hour labor, no EPA type regulations and open bribery allowed. Companies like dealing with governments that tell people what is going to occur, rather than with governments that are answerable to their people. International business people love China and would like to make us look like China because anything goes. Personally, I don’t want to live in a country that has to shut down its factories in order to clean up the air in order to hold an Olympics event. And I don’t think its morally supportable to pay workers $12 an hour here in the USA for work they do on building million dollar aircraft. To me, that’s morally reprehensible.

    Work at the deficit from both ends, as Reagan did back in the day. Raise taxes and cut spending on subsidies for corporations. Reagan didn’t think that it was fair for capital gains taxes not to be the same as individual taxes so he raised the rates. We need to do that again.

    If we want to lower the corporate tax rate then there needs to be some form of trade off. If we don’t want to pay any taxes at all, then we should go with tariffs on imports, an industrial policy. As it is now, we’re the world’s patsy when it comes to so-called “free trade”.

    Are you a “one worlder”? I am certainly not.

  12. Sorry Marilyn, I think you’re on the wrong site. Nothing you are saying is in accordance with Romney’s stance on anything. I’m not sure if you are aware of that. I’d suggest reading his book if you haven’t.

  13. Marilyn says:

    I’ve read his book. The original before it got doctored up to be more in line with what he thinks he has to say.

    In 2008, he came out for an industrial policy. He immediately got jumped on for it, like Trump recently with his stance on raising taxes, but if he thought it then, it proves he’s got an open mind. Unlike some other people. I suggest that you are in the wrong spot and might be more comfortable with Gingrich, or anybody else for that matter.

    I suggest you might like to check out recent conservative thought before you tell somebody they are in the wrong spot.

  14. Marilyn says:

    One other thing, if he’s not Reagan’s heir, then he ain’t got a chance. He’ll not get those “Reagan democrats” if he comes out with the current far right wing spiel. Reagan couldn’t get the nomination today with such extremist views.

  15. Hungarian Crusader says:

    @Nate Gunderson

    The USA NOW has the #1 highest tax rate on the planet.
    Japan lowered their rate late, last year and now the US has the highest corporate rate which is very unfortunate for our unemployment rate.
    Mitt man has pledged to lower it but he needs to first get in office.

  16. @Marilyn
    Are you suggesting that Mitt Romney wants to raise taxes on businesses?

    Romney not only wants to reduce taxes on capital gains, he wants to eliminate them completely. I know who I am supporting. It appears that you either do not support Romney, or you don’t know him.