VIDEO - Donald Trump: “my net worth is many, many, many times Mitt Romney.”

Trump & Romney

Trump & Romney

Is Trump’s narcissistic chest beating so very, very off-putting to anyone else?

I don’t normally pay attention to the guy (his presidential chances should be taken about as seriously as Oprah Winfrey’s), but after hearing about his recent remarks on how Mitt Romney “didn’t create companies”, I couldn’t help but take a gander at the interview video:

The above video doesn’t catch all of the Romney talk, though; fast-forward to the 4:45 mark in this video to catch the entire diologue. I don’t mind re-posting the entire interview here. If you watch it all, you’ll see that the more he speaks, the more the guy does harm to his cause:

Fact Check:

In 1984, Romney founded and led Bain Capital, now one of the nation’s most successful venture capital and investment firms.

Some lesser known facts about Mitt’s net worth: Romney left his company to go back and restructure Bain & Company, taking only a symbolic $1 salary for the entire year; he didn’t take a salary as Governor and he donated his Olympic’s salary to charity. Not to mention all the proceeds from Romney’s ‘New York Times Best Seller’ went to charity, as well. Success means nothing unless you learn to give back. Romney has essentially gone without pay for the past decade (longer than the average duration of the Donald’s marriages). Trump’s 2009 salary? …$50 million.

True leadership is humility.

More analysis from Ross after the fold

To say Donald Trump has a better record of job creation that Mitt is also ridiculous. Without Mitt Romney and Bain, every job at Accuride, Brookstone, Domino’s Pizza, Sealy Corporation, Sports Authority, & so many more could possibly have been eliminated by now. Sure Trump keeps a lot of reporters in business, and Trump seems to be doing relatively well currently, but how many jobs has he lost in the three bankruptcies he’s gone through? I’m not saying bankruptcy is wrong, but I am questioning how someone with that many failures can try to disparage the record of a man who never went through even one bankruptcy.

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25 Responses to VIDEO - Donald Trump: “my net worth is many, many, many times Mitt Romney.”

  1. Reed Howard says:

    I found Trump’s interview to be very amusing. I don’t think anyone cares about a presidential candidate’s net worth (I am confident it was unnecessary to defend Romney’s); if anything a high net worth can only hurt a presidential candidate - see John Kerry 2004. Obama was worth very little, and Clinton was worth nothing (he actually left office in a significant amount of debt).

    In fact, it would seem odd for MRC to post any of Trump’s rants, if not for the PPP poll (a national poll of the hypothetical Republican presidential field), which shows Trump leading Mitt Romney by 11 points (Huckabee also beats Romney in the poll).

    Everyone knows Trump has no chance of winning the Republican nomination. It is very clear his recent “I might be running for President” tour is just a publicity stunt. But what does it say about Mitt Romney’s strengths as a candidate if he is losing to Donald Trump by 11 points? More importantly, what does it say about the entire Republican field?

    I am a fan of Mitt Romney. I am just not sure he has the political skills necessary to not only win the Republican nomination, but to beat Obama if he is lucky enough to become the Republican nominee. Romney brings a lot of weaknesses to both a Republican primary and a general election. I am not convinced he has what it takes to overcome those weaknesses.

    P.S. Tommy Winter = Mitt W. Romney

  2. Sands says:

    Trump is a clown, this video alone would sink his campain:

  3. Marilyn says:

    I don’t think Romney is losing to Trump. Trump is just the flavor of the day, as Huckabee was just a few days, or was it weeks, ago. Trumps popularity is more about what he has said about free trade than it is anything else.

    How you got that money and what happened along the way matters. Trump has gone bankrupt and makes his money mostly off of gambling, something most religions used to be against, and some religions still are against. Isn’t Trump on the record saying he thinks we should cheat other countries’ head of state? Who else does he think its ok to cheat? I don’t see him having any integrity.

  4. Jason says:

    The fact that Trump doesn’t know the difference between a hedge fund and a venture capital firm tells me everything I need to know about him. Either he has no clue what he is talking about or he is lying through his teeth. Let’s hope he commits a major gaffe or rules violation pretty soon to put a nail in his coffin. I don’t want to be listening to his crap for the next year.

  5. Spenza says:

    The thing that was so crazy to me was that he used how much money he has as an indicator of why he’d be better than Romney! He gave no substantive answer. I wrote about last night:

  6. Tommy Winter says:

    @Reed Howard

    The purpose of the post isn’t to defend Mitt Romney’s net worth — nor did I ever say that net worth was a qualifying credential; it was to more contrast the attitude of one rich guy to another. One is way into himself and his wealth, the other quietly confident and generous.

    It makes sense that Trump would lead national polls — he’s only been marketing his name since birth. You’ll always see a spike in polls when a celebrity flirts with running. It will be short lived.

    Finally, nice anagramming!

  7. Noelle says:

    Dump Trump the Chump.

    I’m with you Jason. If I have to listen to that narcissistic, self-aggrandizing, arrogant boor for the next couple years I might lose my mind. And his hair. That alone should disqualify him from running.

  8. Steve Foster says:

    Personally, I have very little concern about Mr. Trump. Whether he lacks substance or not, my bottom line is that his advisors would surely do him better than Obama’s have; and if, by chance, Republicans catch the same celebrity hype bug that Democrats did last time and actually stay with Mr. Trump, I’d still try to promote him over Obama. If he’s serious, then good luck to him.

    Making Romney barbs is only to be expected when he sees himself as splitting Romney’s finance base — an idea questioned by one HotAir writer ( ), who thought he saw Trump siphoning off percentages from all of Romney’s competitors more than Romney himself. If the latest numbers are to be believed, what they tell me is just that there is a large pool of fiscal-leaners polling their way around Romney while they still can, and flocking from their social second-picks to the first Romney-alternative, a candidate with any sign of business sense.

    I don’t mean to play the worn-out “religious bigotry” card too often, but I know its pervasiveness, and I think it’s one of a limited number of things strong enough to push you out of your top issue. Many in that class of voters will only come around when they absolutely must — after the primaries. Meanwhile, Romney, solid and steady against other candidates, is taking Trump in stride.

  9. Jake says:

    @Reed Howard
    A person’s net worth is irrelevant if he wasn’t responsible for it, but claims it (see John Kerry & John Huntsman, Jr). Also irrelevant if he obtained it recklessly (see Donald Chump). While many have more money than Mitt, he is remarkable because we clearly see he has what it takes to make things (USA) productive, while actually caring far more about the welfare of others than himself in the process, as the author pointed out. Clinton & Obama had both shown no significant experience, yet were voted into office based on empty promises. The unsettling issue is that they won. I don’t blame them, I blame those who voted for them.

    I feel it is naive to assume one with such star power as Trump has no chance of winning (see “The Governator” & Obama). Additionally, it is disappointing to see people knock Mitt Romney when his ability & qualifications to lead America into greatness are head and shoulders above any candidate (Dem or Rep) in the past 20 years. I occasionally hear talk of ‘weaknesses’ which will keep Romney out of office, but they’re always the same regurgitated claims (health care, flip-flop on abortion/gay marriage, etc) which have been successfully rebutted countless times. I’ve yet to hear substantial claims of Romney’s inefficacy, though I’m not surprised. A top campaign aide for Kennedy admitted he and others had been hired to dig up dirt on Romney during the ’94 campaign (digging included going through his curbside trash). When they couldn’t find any…they made things up. And though it’s not new, they even had dead people vote for Teddy. True story.

    Even if all the baseless criticism of Romney were true (emphasis on ‘baseless’), it would pale in comparison to the actual doings from the devastator we have in office now. A principal problem we face in America is the lack of truth education. Rumors and flat out lies run rampant. They are propagated by those who accept them at face value rather than learn for themselves. It’s cliche, but, “The truth is out there.” Who cares enough about America to seek it?

  10. Jase says:

    I am no longer going to use the phrase “trumped” because of this idiotic interview! This guy is a loser. So sad! IMO

  11. Mark says:

    Funny post. Romney is my guy in 2012.

  12. Bill says:

    We need a president who understands that challenges of running a “small business.” I’m so glad that we can now add this understanding to Mr. Romney’s list of qualifications.

  13. Hungarian Crusader says:

    This is my suggested response that Romney should direct to Trump.

    “My IQ level is many, many, times more than yours Mr. Bankruptcy.”

    I believe Romney is appm worth $200 million or so and that is not Trump change….I mean chump change. :)
    He gave away several hundred million dollars away to charities during his lifetime so the guy could had been nearly a billionaire had he not been such a generous man.
    He has a lot of heart and generosity and it would be wonderful to see this type of leader as our president.

  14. KATHYE says:

    trump is a blow mouth, Mitt has class and anyone that can’t see that needs a brain
    why on earth would he brag about all his money, who the h… cares, no class @ all
    Mitt romney doesn’t need to talk about his wealth, he is a man with principles and loves this country and needs to be our next potus……………………………my vote is for mitt 2012

  15. mikzy says:

    I think some people are underestimating the desperation of the Republican Party. So let’s say Mitt Romney does run and wins the nomination. How exactly will he beat Obama? I mean, if the economy is recovering and unemployment dips below 8% what will Romney bring, let’s not forget the Massachusetts health care law or the fact that Romney has flip flopped a lot. I’m not saying he’s a bad guy I’m just saying it’s hard to trust a man that essentially changed from a liberal to a conservative overnight. Mitt Romney should have been a Democrat instead of a Republican, he would get so much more love. And Trump, if this guy gets a political director and starts sounding smart rather than like he does then maybe someone will take him seriously. At this point I think he’s only appealing to the “common sense” crowd and the Tea Party people which love their nutty “common sense”, empty suit candidates. If Romney did actually give that much money away it makes me look favorably upon him; however, my support is still with Obama…I want to see where it’s all going.

  16. Jake says:


    The ‘desperation of the Republican party’? Have you bothered to notice the writing on the wall lately? How about the S&P warning to the US about our triple-A rating? If you’re not desperate about doing something to fix our drowning economy, I wish you’d find another country to call home. Things are out of control, and Obama is throwing good (borrowed on increasing interest rates I might add) money after bad. The worst (incomprehensible to me) part is that people STILL support Obama. Perhaps it’s because people get all their information from the mainstream media & accept it as truth. A suggestion: Stop watching biased liberal media & READ about people from trusted books & blogs. You want to ‘see where it’s all going’?! There is no need for a magic ball to see that this country is headed straight to troubled times at an exponential pace unless drastic changes take place. And regarding your health care & flip-flop comments, you clearly didn’t read (or didn’t understand) my previous post. Please learn about the REAL Mitt Romney (not the one you hear about from media rumors) before you speak as if you knew him.

  17. Reed Howard says:

    @Tommy Winter

    It actually makes no sense at all that Trump is leading in a lot of national polls. What it means is Republican primary voters are completely dissatisfied with their choices — this should give Romney a significant political advantage over every other candidate as long as this trend continues; with no real viable opponent to Romney — someone who can excite the base (Romney does not) — Romney should just be able to outlast every other candidate. Celebrity or not, Donald Trump leading in the national polls shows the weakness of the Republican field, not Trump’s lifelong promotion of his last name.

    Also, you could have fooled me when you said, “The purpose of the post isn’t to defend Mitt Romney’s net worth…” considering the only thing you did in this post is defend Romney’s net worth. Mitt Romney has a lot bigger fisher to fry than Donald Trump, and he has a lot more political worries to think about than comparing his net worth to any other potential (I use that word loosely when discussing Donald Trump) candidate.

    Finally, it was actually pretty poor anagramming, W. Mitt Romney.


    Donald Trump has absolutely no chance at winning the Republican nomination, or to become President of the United States. I hate to be the one to inform you of this fact. Also, Donald Trump and Barack Obama have absolutely nothing in common. I can see the comparison to Arnold, but I have no idea how you find a correlation between Trump and Obama.

    I have never heard Jon Huntsman Jr. tout his father’s wealth as something he himself accomplished, either.

    You are also wrong about Bill Clinton’s lack of experience (he was the Attorney General of Arkansas for two years, and the Governor of Arkansas for 12 years — Romney served just one four year term as Governor comparatively). I am not on here, however, to defend Bill Clinton.

    Lastly, Romney’s “baseless” political weaknesses are not imaginary, but I do agree with you when you downplay their significance. A great politician (a requirement to become President of the United States) would easily be able to overcome the obstacles in front of Romney. We will see if Mitt Romney is savvy enough to actually become the President of the United States, or just savvy enough to become a successful businessman. He has done almost nothing to prove he is capable of the former, and nearly everything to prove he is capable of the latter.

  18. I’d like someone to ask Trump, hopefully in the middle of a nationally televised debate, how he feels about eminent domain and the use of it to transform private residences into limo parking lots.

  19. Tommy Winter says:

    @Reed Howard

    Great to see your skeptical optimism back around these parts. I’m glad you’ve brought along your debate skills, as well.

    It’s funny, though, that you understand my intent in writing this post better than me. I guess I should clarify: my intention with this post is not to defend Romney’s monetary ‘net worth’. There really is no point in comparing monetary ‘net worth’; Trump has Romney beat by a long shot (if that matters).

    What I was trying to convey here (I’m sorry if you missed it), was that Romney’s ‘net worth’ in terms of integrity and selflessness far outweighs that of The Donald.

    I’m well aware that Romney has “bigger fish to fry” than Trump, but this’d be a dull site if every post we did was about the biggest fish. I’ll continue to pick my topics as I may, thanks.

    Now, it’s clear that your thing is to one-up everyone with your opinion, so I guess I just await your follow-up analysis on my comment. (Be sure to use a lot of ‘lastly’ and ‘finally’ words in there to make it look like you know what you’re talking about) :)


  20. Reed Howard says:

    @Tommy Winter

    Thank you for waiting patiently for my response. I appreciate the opportunity. I will try to avoid using the words ‘lastly’ and ‘finally’. I had no idea those words make you nervous — We can’t all use smiley faces while lazily attempting to present an argument.

    I actually did not bring along my debate skills (I’m not here to point out your ineptitude — I can’t imagine what you think of that word if “lastly” and “finally” make you uncomfortable); I find it interesting you think we are debating. I apologize if you feel I have offended you by assuming you were defending Romney’s net worth. I was fooled by the actual words you wrote: “Some lesser known facts about Mitt’s net worth” — that one was in bold letters. You then went on to explain exactly why Romney’s net worth is not equal to Trump’s. “Romney has essentially gone without pay for the past decade” — if that is not defending his net worth than what is?

    You did throw in “True leadership is humility” (in bold letters again — cute), but it was literally at the very end of your post, after you had just finished defending (I can’t think of a more appropriate word) Romney’s net worth. I didn’t realize you could write an entire post about one thing, and then at the very end write four words in bold letters and call those words the theme of your entire post.

    If the purpose of your post was, as you said, “to contrast the attitude of one rich guy to another” (you actually changed your theme in your most recent response to integrity and selflessness), wouldn’t it be appropriate to actually write about their contrasting attitudes, rather than point out the reasons why one is worth more than the other? I’m not here to tell you how to write or what topic to write about. My initial post was just a response to the actual words you wrote. If you did not mean what you wrote, I can’t be held responsible for such an atrocity.

    Now (I don’t mind using this word instead of finally if it makes you feel better), it is very unclear (at least to me) my ‘thing’ is to one-up everyone with my opinion, so I guess I just await your next attempt to tell the rest of us what you really meant to write. I’ll continue to pick my own ‘things’, thanks. (I am going to forgo the smiley face here if you don’t mind. I like to pretend I am no longer in grade school.)

    Hopefully I did not use to many words that made it look like I knew what I was talking about. My philosophy is to just know what I am talking about, rather than having to rewrite my argument three different times.


  21. Stephen Fiola says:

    I find it very amusing that people are taking this seriously. Donald Trump just illustrates time and time again that he does not possess the mental capacity nor the political fortitude to accomplish what we need in a leader. Mitt has done this time and time again. America is in trouble, and as we have so many times in the past, we will stand up and recongize the truth; we need a leader. It is as simple as that.

    And if the republican party were to nominate Trump…I say we start a new party, because as much as I would joke about leaving this nation, I will never do it.

    The United States of America is our home, it’s time to take it back!


  22. Jayde Wyatt says:


    Thanks for noting the lesser known facts about Governor Romney’s generous nature. He’s impressive - in many, many ways.

    I’m looking forward to a full-swing campaign.

    Mostly, I’m looking forward to VICTORY for Romney and America.

  23. Bill in NH says:

    I agree with Reed Howard. What is the point? There is no need to defend Romney from lunatics like Donald Trump. We need a true conservative leader in the White House, not a clown. Romney 2012

  24. Amanda says:

    Donald trump is such a walrus. First of all, small business is what generates the most jobs in America—and basically all of our tax revenue. Romney has SAVED many companies from bankruptcy-the Olympics-he FIXES things—Donald Trump buys gold toilets and women to wipe his behind. He’s right about China, but that’s probably because he read Romney’s book.

  25. Tyler M says:

    I’m not going to start attacking Trump. Huckabee is the one we all have to worry about, since he would be a return to big government “compassionate conservatism” on steriods. Bush got us into this mess by wanting to be everything to everybody & expanding the government so much that conservatives were furious with him. So, they gave up on the Republican Party in 2008. And we got stuck with Obama, who hates America & is even worse than Bush. Huckabee would be no better. He’s the real one who is self-absorbed here.

    Regarding Trump, obviously, his “I’m richer than Romney” rant sounded childish & reminded me of 6 year-old boys fighting on the playground about who’s dad could beat up the other’s dad. Of course, Romney didn’t feel the need to stoop into the mud & defend himself against such a silly attack. He was the adult in the room during the 2008 Republican Presidential debates & I’m sure that he’ll continue to act like the adult in the room no matter who his opponents are in 2012.

    But Trump has done an excellent job of attacking Obama. The number of people who doubt Obama’s US birth has gone up & more are questioning why he’s so anti-American. I don’t know if Romney could go down the same road that Trump had tread on this. But Donald Trump comes from a very unique media situation. NBCNews men can attack him at their own network’s peril.

    In the end, I’m still supporting Romney right now, but I will be able to support almost any Republican in the General Election against Obama. ….. except for that slimy Huckabee of course. I wouldn’t vote for him against Hitler. Well, I probably would, but it would at least be a tough choice & Huckabee thinks he’s being compared to Nazis right now anyway, so maybe that one’s too close to home for him. In the end, Huckabee is Romney’s real problem since Huckabee still seems to be obsessed with Romney. Huckabee can barely hide his envy for Romney’s personal wealth & Huckabee has never quite gotten over the Mormon thing with Mitt either.