Happy Birthday to Fantastic Ann Romney

To a fantastic lady, Ann Romney…

This special
Birthday Greeting
is being sent your way,
with many happy wishes
for a truly perfect day.

From all of us at Mitt Romney Central, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ann!

We invite you to share your birthday wishes for our next First Lady in our comments section.

► Jayde Wyatt

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23 Responses to Happy Birthday to Fantastic Ann Romney

  1. Robert Powers says:

    Happy Birthday Ann! 2008 was ridiculous-I don’t believe that will happen again.I was looking forward to the Obama-Romney debates and was stiffed.People discount Mitt and they are wrong.He can actually contend with Obama.The President is flopping all over now,your husband’s main problem is deciding where to start!We have your back as we enter this campaign-the media is going to be even sillier this time.Good Luck!

  2. Genevieve Groesbeck says:

    Happy Birthday Ann!!! We share alot of basic principles and family values. Perhaps that’s why I relate to you so well. You’ve been married to the same husband all the days of your married life . . . same with me. It’s great to see a couple still acting like “Sweethearts” even though you’ve made it through having your own family, and now enjoying your Grandchildren. You have beautiful Grandchildren, and it seems you’re always with them at Disneyland, in their homes, or on the beach in California.

    May the coming year be a memorable one. Of course, we all pray for Mitt and you as you consider and prepare to run for the Presidency. God knows, we need someone of Mitt’s character and yours to stand up for freedom at this crucial time. The times and seasons couldn’t be worse, and we’ll just pray for what is meant to be!!! May God bless in the coming year!

  3. Noelle says:

    Happy birthday to our future first lady. Looking good on the horse. She has elegance and class. All my best wishes.

  4. Nelda says:

    Best wishes for a wonderful day!!

  5. lynettebw says:

    happy birthday!! they say if you fall off, turn around and get right back on the horse!!
    i see you have already done this!!!
    have a great birthday.

  6. She is definitely lovely, and a menchette!

  7. Kerry Buckley says:

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Romney! I hope you have a wonderful and fun day with your grandchildren (Happy Anniversary (belated) too.).

  8. Carol Holmes says:

    Happy Birthday and many blessings. You’d be a gracious, intelligent first lady, who would be a shining example to women all over the world. We need women in visible roles to be mentors to young women who have so few descent role models.

  9. Karen says:

    Happy Birthday Ann. May you receive wonderful blessings for having a pure heart. We all here want what you want, for the best man out there for the job of president to get it. I am so prayerful that next go around we can have Mitt as President and you as First Lady. We have had enough of the course and the crude, we need women who can set the example of what women can and should be.

    I hope your day is just what it needs to be… God Bless you and may God Bless America… WITH MITT ROMNEY AS OUR PRESIDENT!

  10. Florence S. Sawyer says:

    Am so happy that you have encouraged your Hubby to RUN!!
    Many happy days ahead and may your Birthday be as wonderful as you are as a wife and Mother. Many of us are sending wishes to you on this “special Day”!
    (You look like you are “16” again on your horse)

  11. David says:

    Happy Birthay, Ann! Best of luck and health for many years to come!

  12. Barbara J Brown says:

    A very Happy Birthday to you Ann. We love your husband and know behind every good man is….a woman!! I am excited to vote for Mitt as President of the United States. He is The One we need. He above all can get our country back in order. Let’s keep him in the race until he wins!!!!!!!!!!

  13. VegasMike says:

    Future First Lady, you sure looking good on that horse.
    Not to bad for forty. LOL
    My wife and I were High School Sweathearts. We married in 1970. Just celebrated forty wonderful years. We only have 3 kids( I can’t imagine 5 boys, WOW.
    We wish you a wonderful Birthday, and I know you’re really enjoying those Grand kids ( We love to spend as much time with them, as we can. Good luck to Gov. Romney. There’s a lot of us in Vegas, that know he’ll make a great President.

  14. gwblomgren says:

    Happy Birthday Ann! I hope we get to see more of you on stage with Mitt this time around- you bring so much heart and compassion to the campaign and Mitt is at his best when he is with you!!

  15. KATHYE says:

    Happy birthday ann, a classy lady with a good husband and future potus, I have been married alsmost 46 yrs to the same man, a rareity these days, many happy returns
    god bless have a great day………………….mitt 2012

  16. Verla Swords says:

    Happy Birthday Ann, you will be a very Beautiful first Lady. Have a great day.

  17. Graham says:

    Thank you for supporting your husband in his righteous ambitions. God bless, and enjoy life.

  18. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Ann, your perseverance, hard work, good example, and good humor are greatly admired. I so appreciate your untiring support of The Gov and always look forward to hearing you speak at events. You raised an awesome family and were a wonderful First Lady of Massachusetts. I can’t wait to see the causes you will promote when you are the First Lady of the United States of America! Thanks for all you do.

    Best wishes for a happy birthday and continued good health!

  19. Paula S Evershed says:

    Happy Birthday Ann!!
    I really like and admire you. As you, I have been married to only one man for many years. (This coming September, it will be 42 years.) We have 7 children (2 girls and 5 boys) six of them are married and we have 17 grandchildren. Also, as you do, I have some serious health conditions but God willing I seem to carry on just fine. My husband is the light of my life!!! He is my rock! What stability this brings into a family. My marriage only seems to get better day by day. I’m a pretty blessed woman, I would say. To watch you and Mitt is inspiring. Both of you encourage me so much by just knowing there are other people out there with the same values my husband and I share. You are a beautiful person both inside and out. Here’s to you, the next first lady of the United States and to our next President, Mitt. Have a Happy, Happy Day with much peace and love.

  20. Sean Oliver says:

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Romney….!! Sean

  21. Crystal says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday! Hope you enjoyed every minute of it! How refreshing it would be to have a First Lady with your class, grace and humility in the White House. It would be hard to find another family that better displays the highest standards of family values and morals. Best wishes to all, and we will be pulling for the Romney campaign when it formally launches.

  22. Andy Thompson says:

    Happy Birthday Ann. I hope you are our next first lady. I really do. You would be able to be a solid example and leader of where differences in the world are made- the home. I dunno you could start or support a good mother’s in the home foundation (put it together like the relief society) or something. How can Ann Romney, as future first lady, support American Mothers?

  23. Katrina says:

    Happy Birthday, Ann! You’re already the first lady to me! Nobody can touch your genuine class. You’re a great example to women everywhere. Enjoy your special day with your family!