“It Begins With Us?” President Obama Launches Re-Election Campaign by Copying Mitt… Again

I wake up this morning and President Obama has already announced his re-election campaign via Youtube. Right before finishing this post, Mitt Romney welcomes President Obama to the 2012 race with this tweet:

@barackobama I look forward to hearing details on your jobs plan, as are 14m unemployed Americans

Almost no one remembers this, but Gov. Mitt Romney was actually the first candidate to use “Change” as a slogan during the 2008 primaries. The following videos are early campaign ads just to illustrate my point (the original videos from 2007 are no longer online, so we posted copies that were uploaded later).

The media was in such a tizzy to cover President Obama and Hillary Clinton that Mitt never got the coverage he should’ve gotten during the campaign. Had Mitt received equal coverage, more people would’ve know President Obama piggybacked off Mitt’s campaign theme of change.

Notably, President Obama borrowed without asking the first word of Mitt’s “Change begins with us” slogan in 2008 and now has stolen the rest for 2012. Unfortunately for the electorate, President Obama has chosen to maintain his tradition of ambiguity. Mitt Romney didn’t shy away from explaining what kind of change Washington needed in 2008, and even a quick browse through “No Apology” will show Mitt’s specifics for how he plans to reform government.

Without further ado, here’s the video that launched President Obama’s 2012 Re-Election campaign just minutes ago this morning:

(While you’re watching the video, might as well log into YouTube and give it a thumbs down ;)

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9 Responses to “It Begins With Us?” President Obama Launches Re-Election Campaign by Copying Mitt… Again

  1. Dan says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me! T-PAW is copying Mitt again now too. Look what he just released. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGXb8OFLlRs

    The last line might sound very familiar and if not, http://mittromneycentral.com/speeches/021111-cpac-2011-believe-in-america/ might jog your memory.

  2. Kevin Hansen says:

    I like the suspense being built up about Mitt, through his delay to just jump in the race. The down side, however, is when his little catch phrases from speeches with little coverage get picked up by the opposition to his campaign. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to matter who said it first to the media.

  3. Todd says:

    The Obama ad is a good one. It focuses on normal and happy people thrilled to have O as president. The ad does a good jobs of showing that, ‘this is about you’ not Obama. In fact the ad doesn’t even show an image of the president or discuss a single policy. While O’s first run showed pictures of O all the time, it didn’t discuss policy either-policy remained the skeleton in the closet.

    I’ve been a Romney supporter for years before his first run and I will continue to be. Romney needs to take a cue from Obama’s ad and show that Romney’s run is about us. And, at the same time give us the policies that Romney is so good at formulating. On principle and policy president Obama does not stand a chance. I hope America will listen to what is said so that the can see who to vote for.

  4. Ann Morgan says:

    I did not vote for Obama and do not plan on doing so when he runs for re-election.

  5. elisa says:

    Mitt-Better OWN UP to ROMNEYCARE…and tell the American Citizens how it DID NOT/WILL NOT WORK for our COUNTRY…and how it would BANKRUPT the USA…THEN MOVE ON and GET’R DONE IN 2012…WE NEED LEADERS COMMITTED TO LEADING our country out of this HELL HOLE-obummer SHOVED US IN [and likes it that way]….EVERY AMERICAN who loves this country better get out and HELP YOU WIN in 2012!

  6. elisa says:

    obama is and continues to be an OBAMANATION to our country…time for MITT in 2012 to RESTORE THIS COUNTRY!

  7. Kim says:

    Look forward to seeing Mitt in the White House. I met him last year and he is the real deal. He knows what it will take to get government out of the way so we can all get back to the business of raising our families, earning a living, and finding our happiness. Go Mitt!!!

  8. Dan says:


    I think Mitt agrees with you. Watch http://mittromneycentral.com/speeches/040211-republican-jewish-coalition-speech/ from last weekend and you’ll see why.

  9. Dan says:

    A Youtube video just got uploaded from a new pro-romney channel that agrees with us that President Obama copies other people. Check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZbzmxRsDfI