CPAC 2011 Straw Poll Results - Paul 30, Romney 23

CPAC 2011 Straw Poll ResultsResults for the CPAC 2011 Straw Poll will be announced at 5:15 PM eastern time. We will update and post them here as soon as they have been announced.

The Presidential preference survey question included Michele Bachmann, Haley Barbour, Herman Cain, Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and John Thune. There was also an option for ‘other’ and ‘undecided’.

…and the winner is… (to be continued)

Update: Ron Paul wins the straw poll for a second year. The results:
30% Ron Paul
23% Mitt Romney
6% Gary Johnson
6% Chris Christie
5% Newt Gingrich
4% Tim Pawlenty
4% Michele Bachmann
4% Mitch Daniels
3% Sarah Palin
2% Herman Cain
2% Mike Huckabee
2% Rick Santorum
2% John Thune
1% Jon Huntsman
1% Haley Barbour

…more info coming…

Update: 2nd Choice
15% Gary Johnson
10% Chris Christie
8% Mitt Romney
7% Ron Paul
6% Newt Gingrich
6% Michele Bachmann
5% Tim Pawlenty
5% Mitch Daniels
4% Sarah Palin
4% Mike Huckabee
3% Herman Cain
3% Rick Santorum
3% John Thune
2% Jon Huntsman
2% Haley Barbour

Update: Combined 1st and 2nd place totals:
37% Ron Paul
31% Mitt Romney
21% Gary Johnson
16% Chris Christie
11% Newt Gingrich
11% Michele Bachmann
9% Tim Pawlenty
9% Mitch Daniels
7% Sarah Palin
6% Mike Huckabee
5% Herman Cain
5% Rick Santorum
5% John Thune
3% Jon Huntsman
3% Haley Barbour

-Total votes this year 3742, last year 2395 - a 56% increase
-Demographics of voters in terms of age, location, etc. nearly exactly the same as last year.

Update: Download official CPAC straw polls results with graph and data (PDF): click here

Nate owns and manages a small souvenir manufacturing business. He and his wife of 12 years have 2 children. Nate has been blogging for Mitt Romney since late 2006 and is co-founder and editor of
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About Nate Gunderson

Nate owns and manages a small souvenir manufacturing business. He and his wife of 12 years have 2 children. Nate has been blogging for Mitt Romney since late 2006 and is co-founder and editor of View Posts | View Profile
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16 Responses to CPAC 2011 Straw Poll Results - Paul 30, Romney 23

  1. phyllis says:

    Great speech yesterday. We are very lucky to have so many intelligent contenders who can defeat Obama next year.

    CPAC is watched by many Republicans and Indies…great conference this year.

    Paul heads out in force…lol

  2. D. Burke says:

    Better choose R. Paul or Obama wins by default.

  3. Jeff Fuller says:

    Excellent showing by Romney! Paul is not even running. Romney had more votes than all the other real candidates combined. Daniels has me the most worried as a threat to Romney.

  4. Christopher Casey says:

    Nice “atta boy” for Ron Paul. I hope we nominate someone who not only can win the office, but can also attract the talent necessary to restore our nations greatness. Mitt Romney would be that Candidate and President.

  5. Romney '12 says:

    Romney 2012!!

  6. Bill says:

    Obviously, the real results of the poll are meaningless. Ron Paul is not going to be our next president, and Gary Johnson is not going to be a contender. CPAC obviously draws a large crowd of idealistic libertarians who vote for their ideas. I like both of these men and their ideas. Unfortunately, their approach to foreign policy is naive. They will continue to do well at CPAC events, but CPAC will continue to be meaningless as an indicator of real results.

    The good news about the poll giving nearly meaningless results is that people won’t focus too closely on the details. People shouldn’t assume that Mitt Romney will automatically be the nominee. While I’d like to see him win the nomination, a competitive is good for the country and good for the party (as long as we remain civil with one another).

    The best news for fans of Mr. Romney is that no other campaign appears to have any kind of organized CPAC movement at this time. If we eliminate the candidates who simply won’t win (Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Michelle Bachmann) and the candidate who absolutely is not going to run (Chris Christie), no one else is close to Mr. Romney in having mobilized support to come to CPAC. While CPAC doesn’t represent real results, CPAC shows organization. New Gingrich is closest, and his support is likely to be more of the same idealistic support in CPAC groupies rather than an indication of strength with primary voters.

  7. It’s interesting that the CPAC straw poll was the key to indicating viability for Presidential candidates until Ron Paul won the last two. I’ll remind everyone that Reagan was the anti-establishment candidate the GOP wanted to crush and now he’s the posterboy Republican everyone talks about emulating, but only one is actually doing it, Ron Paul. It will be more difficult this time than last to marginalize Paul in the media or shun him in debates. His supporters are smarter and growing in number. And, people are coming to understand his foreign policy is about what the founders intended; not isolationism as it is proported to be, but minding our own business and focusing on defense rather than imperialism. The focus today is the economy, Paul’s forte. He’ll be viable. The people are waking up and realizing the tyranny of the left and right. Liberty is very attractive, and Romney should prepare himself for a tough fight. Let’s pray freedom and liberty overcome the big goverment establishment on both sides. The brush fires are burning!

  8. Graham says:

    Everyone likes for their guy to win, Adrian. Romney pulled a hat trick at CPAC and lost in 2008. Remember that.

    Ron Paul absolutely will not win anywhere if he runs in 2012. I promise.

  9. Dan says:

    If you take away Ron Paul’s votes, then there are 2619 total votes and this is the new top 3
    Mitt: 861 votes or 33%
    Johnson: 224 votes or 8.5%
    Christie: 223 votes or 8.5%

    The fact that Christie is already in Mitt’s camp makes this even better for Mitt.

  10. Layne says:

    R.P. ‘s idealism can be a fun fantasy. But to win it’s got to be somebody with a grounding in reality like Romney.

  11. Katrina says:

    I’m with you, Layne! Nice name, by the way. It’s my son’s name, too. :)

  12. Kyle says:

    Romney’s only grounding comes from his lobbyist friend’s checkbook. I love reading these generalized statements like “we all know that Ron Paul is crazy” that have no real point or specific platform. Considering that the man anticipated both the economic crash and the result of two invasions including increasing the number of Al Quaida members, massive insurgencies that kill people on all three sides, and increased hostility toward the US and Israel (see also, ‘increased support for terrorist throughout the Islamic world). Learn about the CIA reports on the concept of blowback. We starved and bombed the middle east all through the last half of the 20th century and we are surprized they attacked us? Ask yourself why they are making these tactically useless attacks. Because of our freedom? They hate us because we are trying to control their countries through money, firepower, and espionage. We were a lot freer in the 1800’s but you didn’t see them sailing over here and killing themselves. Who is the naive one now, Bill?

    And how is this for reality: Ron Paul has more supporters under 35 and more veterans/active duty supporters in the military than any other candidate. His ideas are the future of the Republican party which is ironic because his ideas are what the party was founded on. I fought those people face to face, detained them, and in a lot of cases talked to them. You cannot tell me I am naive, because I didn’t get my information from the news or the internet, I got it from them.

  13. @Kyle
    Ron Paul is crazy.

    More supporters under 35 and more vets than any other candidate? Pfft. Pure baloney.

    Tell me Kyle, which state is Ron Paul going to win? Is there any state that he has a chance of winning? How is he going to get enough delegates to win the nomination?

  14. Andrew Panken says:

    Small government and the free market just don’t work that’s why we need Romneycare. Mitt Romney will finish the conversion of this country to corporatism. That’s why Romney’s support of all the bailouts and TARP were actually net positives. Same goes for his opposition to auditing the Federal Reserve. We need the government to print and borrow billions to keep us all well funded and unemployed. If poor people overseas end up starving because of massive inflation caused the Federal Reserve money printing that’s their problem not ours. Mitt has the previous experience to deal with deflecting those who wish to end the free ride of the elite and politicians in Washington. That’s why I support Mitt Romney for President!!

  15. Andrew Panken says:

    @Nate Gunderson
    Yes, Ron Paul is crazy, because I said so. Most supporters under 35 and more vets than any other candidate, impossible because I said so again. Ron Paul supporters all live in their mother’s basements. Ron Paul can’t win, because all the media told me to repeat this mantra over and over again until we convince everyone it’s true. Now, it is true because I said so. Just repeat it over and over again, until everyone is convinced. Then, tell them to vote for Mitt Romneycare. We need government run healthcare, but call it Romneycare instead of Obamacare. It will work and appeal much better to Republicans who won’t complain anymore about socialism, since it’s author is one of their own. Go Mitt Romney for President, love ya!!

  16. MR2012 says:

    There’s something oddly similar between some R.P. supporters and teenage Justin Bieber fans. I think it’s the heckling of the opposition. Or maybe it’s just the enthusiasm at live events.

    Mitt for President. Believe in America.