New Hampshire GOP Straw Poll Results: Romney Wins Big Time!

Some of us here at MRC have been watching twitter feeds with much anticipation this morning, waiting for the results to come in from the New Hampshire GOP presidential straw poll. The straw poll (sponsored by ABC News and WMUR-TV) took place moments ago in Derry, NH and was the first-ever straw poll of state Republican officials. Reportedly, the turnout at this state GOP gathering was “highest in memory“.

The results leaked in the form of a tweet from Amy Walter’s Twitter page:

Results of NH GOP Presidential Straw Poll

Excellent showing for Romney, whose whopping numbers are greater than the sum of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th place finishers!

Interesting side notes from Nate Gunderson: One significant point to make about this is that convention delegates are strong conservative voters. Throw in the fact the indies also vote in the primary (and Romney has an even bigger lead amongst them) the actual primary voting margin would be higher. ALSO, the NHGOP selected a Tea Party backed candidate for NHGOP Chair — these same Tea Partying members selected Romney as their candidate of choice. In summary, Romney has widespread appeal amongst indies, mods, and cons alike. That is a recipe for success!

-Aaron Gundy- Follow @AaronGundy on Twitter

Update: reports say 273 of the 493 attendees participated in the straw poll, but the original percentages posted by WMUR only come to whole integers if there were 278 votes. Here are the results as I’ve tallied them. ~Nate (HT BOSMAN and RightSpeak for the graph)
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Aaron Gundy

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7 Responses to New Hampshire GOP Straw Poll Results: Romney Wins Big Time!

  1. Jared A. says:

    Way to go Mitt!!

  2. Lori says:

    Normally I would say, having won the first straw poll, Romney will now be target one for potential primary opponents and the liberal press. But when was he not target one? Even before the any campaign declarations, many misinformed and misguided pundits opine with lies and distortions about his record, his accomplishments, his character. But those who know him best, and is there any doubt that NH does, they recognize his unique ability to lead and his brilliant mind to solve problems. To quote a fellow supporter, why are we even considering anyone else?

  3. Noelle says:

    Well said Lori!

  4. Paul Hilsenrath says:

    Like John McCain, Mitt Romney is a retread politico devoid of vision and lacking the charisma to excite the Nation to elect him as president. One narcissist per decade is sufficient.

    The health care debacle he created in when he was Governor betrays him, no true conservative would have permitted that legislation. He won’t get the support of conservatives and his candidacy will fail for the same reasons as the last attempt.

    I would not vote for Mitt Romney.

  5. KATHYE says:

    That health care in Ma. is different than this terrible legislation/lookit up and read it………no one is perfect..but romney is the most qualified for the potus and is a good decent man also
    he will be the next potus..with or without you vote.

  6. Update: Romney flexes his muscles in NH

  7. Illinoisguy says:

    Paul, your posting is so laughable. BUT, your declaration that you would not vote for him tells it all. I assume you would vote for Obama? Or would you just vote third party or not vote, essentially voting for Obama with half a vote? Very telling either way!!