Governor Mitt Romney’s Family Christmas Card 2010

We thought you’d like to see Governor Romney’s wonderful family Christmas card…

The inscription on the bottom reads “Guess which grandchild heard that Papa might run again?”

Any guesses? Those are fourteen adorable grandchildren, for sure!

An inside look…

What a fantastic family!

Governor Romney, Ann, and all the Romney family, we wish you a very

Merry Christmas!

► Jayde Wyatt

Update: With Mitt hinting at a run, maybe it’s time to get one of our brand new Romney 2012 t-shirts!

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33 Responses to Governor Mitt Romney’s Family Christmas Card 2010

  1. Daniela says:

    I got it yesterday! So he is running! Great news!!!!

  2. For some reason that strikes me as an odd thing to put on the front of a Christmas card. Is it meant to raise speculation, or is there some other purpose to it? Regardless, it is interesting. My guess is that it is the little girl sitting on Ann’s lap crying. She’s crying because she doesn’t want ‘Papa’ to be gone traveling all the time.

    Actually I bet that’s not true. My guess is they actually see a lot more of each other while he is campaigning. But that’s still my guess anyway.

    I saw this card on twitter the other day. Just got mine in the mail today. Merry Christmas!

  3. Daniela says:

    I’m not surprised. He has always said that he wanted to talk to his family on Christmas and he would have not written that if he were not running at all. I just pray that the media ( and the party) won’t attack him like they did in 2008.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Mark F. says:

    A beautiful-looking first family to be…hopefully :)

  5. Rebel Ross says:

    My mom says she is 100% sure it is the youngest because the youngest won’t be telling anyone what Mitt said.

  6. Florence S. Sawyer says:

    I am praying that Mitt Romney will run for President in 2012. He is a PERFECT candidate for Leader of our Nation. Was a GREAT Governor of Mass. (I lived there) and he has HIGH Standards (as his Father, George Romney, Former Gov. of Michigan had)….He’s a loving family man…is a man of Principle and has much experience w/ money issues….which our Nation needs. AND especially, He LOVES the USA!!

  7. Crystalf says:

    A beautiful card and family to be sure .. as I was looking at the card, I received a call from Mitt’s P.A.C. asking for support (lol!) How did they do that? hmmm .. that would be a great technological advancement in fundraising: trace back the I.P. address to a phone number & call as soon as the electronic card gets a ping!

  8. KATHYE says:

    I received mine yesterday, and I am thrilled, can’t wait for Mitt to be the next POTUS
    God Bless Him and His Family

  9. Ken Hodges says:

    Mitt WILL be a FANTASTIC 45th President of the United States and he can and WILL beat Obama in November of 2012. A million things are rolling multiple currents in OUR direction from people fed up and revolting against higntaxes and overspending big government and a Carter like US malaise accompanying Obama’s repeated failures and attempts at posturing. Let’s not LET the media “define” Mitt. Let’s ALL of us get to ALL the voters first- with the true stories, actions and fact/accomplishments by the Governor as well as the bussinessman and family man. We can and must write every paper, call or email every TV and radio station (corportae, public, cable, whatever..) and call every radio and TV talk show and all the blogs. WE can spread the word and get the REAL Mitt known by voters before the blind as drugged bats, Obama worshiping media tries to first. WE the PEOPLE!

    Ken Hodges, teacher, Saratoga, CA.

  10. Chris says:

    I love seeing this large and very wholesome family! What an awesome example to the world.

  11. Jake says:

    That’s Ben’s daughter crying. She’s a sweetheart! I thought that was interesting of them to say that on the front of the card…especially because of what’s printed on the back. Who are we kidding though? I think at this point we’d all be far more surprised if he DIDN’T run.

    I love what Ken said about us (the people) being the ones to educate each other, rather than allow the media (the squeaky minority) to dictate what we believe. That’s the key. So let’s wrack our brains for ways in which we can contribute! The larger our reach the better!

  12. greg says:

    are we expecting at least a 2012 exploratory announce from him or any 2012 candidates in January 2011??

  13. @greg
    Romney said on a call with fundraisers that if he did announce it would not be until late-spring.

  14. Chris says:

    Late spring is a good time frame. There will be others announing right after the first of the year - and they will flame out by late Spring.

  15. Amanda says:

    Christmas, or the “holiday season” if you must, is about faith, family and friends, not politics.
    What kind of narcissistic fool puts that on their Christmas card? Never mind, I already
    know the answer.

  16. phyllis says:

    Romney better run…he’s the only Republican who can defeat Obama in 2012. And I already know who the VP should be and it’s not a woman. A young Republican just recently elected to the US Senate with more rock star and appeal than anyone in our party. I’ll let you guess..

  17. Cheri says:

    Please DON’T RUN!! Why are you embarrassing yourself? Rick Scott won by spending millions of dollars for ads, but the US is NOT a state. You will be eliminated immediately! Get over it. Be happy with your billions. All your grandchildren can be trust babies, too! Someone who could win, easily, is Gov. Christie! That man is FANTASTIC!! He is changing NJ in a good way. What good did you do in Mass?

  18. O. Inferno says:

    It is certainly a great card and a beautiful family. I would love to see Mitt run for President and win. However, I have concerns. If Sarah Palin chooses to run as an independent, she will likely steal many votes from Mitt. Look at what happened in the last Ma governor’s race. Cahill was able to upset the balance just enough to ensure that Baker didn’t become governor. We run the same risk in the 2012 election. In a 3 way race, you only need 33% of the votes. Palin’s approval rating seems to be consistently within that range.

    There were polls out a few weeks to a month ago suggesting that Mitt was the only republican that could beat Obama in 2012, however the same polls suggested that Mitt could not beat Palin in the Republican primaries if she ran as a republican. So, if Palin runs at all, independent or republican, Romney will face some significant challenges.

    I don’t have a reference for the polls but they were reported, as above, on a talk radio station in the Boston area.

  19. Brian Roastbeef says:

    Heh, is this real? Geraghty has linked it as if it is…

    But there are 15 grandchildren. Where is the baby, Jonathan George?

  20. Roscoe P Coltraine says:

    Mitt Romney is my CHOICE for pressident. He understands that in order to be a LEADER of this NATION, a person needs to have high STANDARDS. Also, experience is a big HELP. This famliy just SCREAMS wholsemness.

  21. Sherri Zedd says:

    The Grandchild that has heard has to be Parker, Craig’s
    son. He campaigned with his Papa in 2008 and always came onto the
    stage to have his grandfather hold him while he spoke. He is the
    2nd from the right (with a blue shirt) on the viewer’s right on the
    front and Ann has her arm around him in the inside picture. Look
    for Parker to run for President in 2056 or 2060. Hope he campaigns
    with his Papa if he runs again.

  22. Dolores Tucker says:

    Romney for President! I look forward to seeing you as our next President of the U.S. and to strengthen our country again. Good luck and God speed.

  23. Homer Winslow says:

    how awful.

  24. Luke says:

    @Homer Winslow
    There is nothing awful awful about that!

  25. Ted says:

    Is that Mitt Romney of Romneycare, the father of Obamacare? No thanks.

  26. says:

    Between allowing gay marriage in MA and socialized medicine, Romney destroyed MA and is in lock-step with the current Obama regime. Don’t be fooled, this Romney is a joker too.

  27. Zaloom says:

    Mitt’s card is hanging amidst all my other family cards. I hope we see much more of this fine family in the years ahead!

  28. Sapwolf says:

    Sorry but Mitt is not trustworthy, is not a conservative, is not favored by the Tea Party groups across the country, and has the devastating lodestone of Romneycare.

    If Huck does not run, Sarah will win the nomination. If she doesn’t run, she’ll back Rick Perry and Perry will run away from it based on his better record in Texas compared to Romney’s record in Massachusetts.

    His numbers have been going down for quite awhile now and the GOP Establishment ultimately will bail on him and go with Thune or Daniels.

    Pence would have been a ok, but he’ll probably go for the Indiana governorship.

  29. Sapwolf says:


    I like Mitt’s X-mas card though. The Romneys are what are referred to as ‘the beautiful people’.

    That is not a compliment by the way.

  30. @Sapwolf
    1-I happen to know that Mitt is trustworthy.
    2-I happen to know that Mitt is conservative.
    3-I happen to know that polls show Romney leads among tea-party members (most of the writers of this site being among them)
    4-I don’t believe Perry is running this go-round.
    5-Yes, Pence would have been good too.
    6-I prefer to think of them as the clean and decent people.

  31. William Pickles says:

    How many of these Stepford grandchildren will be required to be covered by RomneyCare ?
    And how many will soil their secret magic underwear ?

    No thanks, Mittens.

  32. Maggie says:

    Sapwolf, hummm……there is something you are forgetting, when any law is put into law, it is the people who vote it in. Like he has stated many times, he does not like the law but as Governor he has to do what the people voted for. He also does not advocate abortion, but it is the individual’s own decision, they will have to deal with that decision with their Creator. He as Governor has to sign it at that point. He is not the one who made either of those decisions, he simply had to carry out the will of the people. Right or Wrong. The Lord knows his heart. So stop “WHINING” and watch Glen Beck and you will learn the real truth “IF” you do your own research.

  33. Sandra says:

    I guess not much can be done for those who chose to come to
    this website which is here for those of us who support Romney. That
    is your free choice. But it takes a very dark and loathsome and
    low-class person to make slurry, unsavory remarks about children. I
    would have this same opinion of anyone who made negative or filthy
    comments about Obama’s beautiful daughters.