Romney was a Tea-partier Before Tea Party was Cool

A point that I’ve long wanted to touch upon, just haven’t had the chance to write it up: Mitt Romney is the embodiment of the conservative principles that the Tea Party so passionately advocates.

A few months ago I expressed the estrangement I felt as a ground-level activist in the Tea Party. Supposed leaders of the Tea Party were coming out against a former Governor I had long admired: Mitt Romney. I was befuddled by this because, knowing his record, I had always considered Mitt Romney a perfect example of what I would want in my leaders — a problem solver who has respect for taxpayer dinero and looks out for the interests of businesses, large and small; an advocate for free-market enterprise and capitalism.

At the rallies I attend, Mitt Romney’s name is often floated as the man with competence enough to take down the Obama machine. Why, then, are ‘leaders’ of this group disparaging a good man’s efforts to make this country great again? I say to them as a fellow Tea-partier: “you do not represent me, nor are you my leaders.” I joined the movement with the understanding that there was no single voice for the Tea Party — that as individuals, we had our own voices, which were to be heard loud and clear through the corridors of Capitol Hill.

The best write-up I’ve seen on this matter comes hot-off-the-press today from Braden at Dear Tea Party, Mitt Romney is Your Friend

Braden dissects Mitt Romney’s record and explains why, in fact, Mitt Romney was a Tea-partier before the Tea Party was cool.

Based on issues alone, it would be logical to conclude that Mitt Romney is in agreement with the vast majority of Tea Party principles. He balanced the budget for four consecutive years in a blue state without raising taxes. Isn’t that what the TEA in Tea Party stands for, Taxed Enough Already? The very premise of the Tea Party movement is in accordance with Romney’s record.

On Massachusetts Health Care:

RomneyCare, signed into law by Romney in 2006, is a state-based healthcare plan with striking similarities to ObamaCare. However, unlike ObamaCare, RomneyCare did not raise taxes. But the bigger and more important difference is that RomneyCare was a state program and not a federal one. If states’ rights and federalism are truly important to the Tea Party, they would readily recognize this distinction. And on top of all this, Romney has consistently voiced his support for the repeal of ObamaCare.

On Abortion “Flip-Flop”:

Well, considering that he flipped (not flopped) his position to pro-life, wouldn’t that mean that the majority of the Tea Party should agree with him now? Changing positions on the issue of life isn’t uncommon in either party. Both Jesse Jackson and Al Gore became pro-choice after previously being pro-life. Republicans like George H.W. Bush, Henry Hyde, and some would even say Ronald Reagan each had somewhat pro-choice pasts before becoming pro-life. And besides, it would be difficult for the Tea Party to claim success with a pro-choice candidate like Scott Brown while pointing the finger at Romney.

On Mitt Romney’s Mormon Religion:

True, Romney’s Mormon faith may be outside of the mainstream and considered unusual at best by some evangelicals. But by and large, basic Mormon values and morality are essentially identical to those of evangelical voters. Aside from doctrinal differences, what legitimate political problem would they have with a Mormon president?

Summary: Mitt Romney’s Recent Efforts for the Conservative Movement

He has also written op-eds expressing dissatisfaction with Obama’s policies. These articles should naturally curry favor among conservatives of all stripes who would like to unseat Obama in 2012.

Furthermore, Romney consistently polls ahead of or in a dead heat with Obama. He also garners more support among independents than other Republicans; and in some cases, he fares better than Obama does among that demographic.

If the Tea Party is interested in winning against Obama in 2012, perhaps they should give Romney another look. A united coalition of conservatives behind a candidate like him would be devastating to Obama.

Frankly, there’s little reason for the Tea Party to find dissatisfaction with Romney. I suppose a fondness for candidates outside of the so-called “establishment” would cause the Tea Party to lean against Romney. But until a candidate of his stature rises outside of the establishment with comparable credentials, Romney deserves a chance among those in the Tea Party movement. So to those who are afraid of the big bad Romney, remember that he is an ally and not an enemy.

I recommend heading over and reading the article in it’s entirety and spreading this out to your networks… Rapido!

h/t to Doug from MRC Chat.


Aaron Gundy

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8 Responses to Romney was a Tea-partier Before Tea Party was Cool

  1. Illinoisguy says:

    If I heard Mitt yell “Washington is broken” once, I heard it 100 times. For people to act as if he is some kind of insider is ridiculous. In my humble opinion, if Mitt were not of the LDS religion, he would win this thing in a landslide. He is tremendously intelligent, a giant of a family man, highest moral values, and one of the hardest working men I’ve ever seen. Go Mitt, and God bless you that you might move forward and become our greatest president in over a century.

  2. cj says:

    AMEN!!!! TO THAT! WELL SAID!!!!@Illinoisguy

  3. Noelle says:

    Mitt is my kind of TEA party leader. He has actually done what the TEA party advocates - not raised taxes, and balanced the budget, in fact left with a surplus. When so-called TEA party leaders dismiss Mitt Romney, it makes me question what their actual ambitions are.

  4. Is the LDS church really such a deterrent for people? Do they even know anything about it? I almost don’t want to talk about it anymore, because I simply can’t understand why it’s an issue. “A giant of a family man,” you called him, with the “highest moral values.” I absolutely agree with you. Can’t everybody see that? I’m afraid that until many more people are willing to appreciate another’s faith and leave room for “holy envy…”


    …then Romney will have a very difficult time becoming president. Maybe I should be more optimistic.

    Check this out: A GREAT, CHRIST-LIKE response to this whole issue.

    By the way, keep those Cambodian families who lost loved ones in the stampede in your prayers.

  5. iamse7en says:

    Wow. Okay, the term Tea Party first got resurrected when Ron Paul supporters shocked the world by raising $6 million on the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Don’t forget that. Next, the movement significantly grew when Rick Santelli gave his now-famous rant about subsidizing mortgages, and among other rants where criticizes the bailout and moral hazard and he tells everyone to read Austrian economists. He’s mire angry about the Fed spending/printing trillions - a bailout your beloved Romney championed! The first criticism we heard from Romney was over the stimulus bill, and look, as awful as that was, it’s a drop in the bucket when you look at the Fed’s balance sheet, which is why Rick Santelli said there is going to be a Chicago Tea Party - because the system is bailing out the losers! And Romney supports this! You ask Tea Partiers if they support the bailouts, and you want to say Mitt Romney was a tea partied before it was cool? Are you crazy? Are you guys just a bunch of blind Mormons? look no offense, I’m lds too, but we need to awake and arise, read the constitution, and abolish the Fed and restore freedom. And Romney doesn’t want that. He should read some more Ezra Benson. Lenin said that the creation of a central bank was 90% of socializing a country, and Romney supports that 90% socialism! Wake up people! Read the constitution about legal tender and money! Goodness, this piece was just too ridiculous not to say anything. MR was a TP before it was cool…. Wow, you’ve hit a new low.

  6. Jon E. S. says:

    iamse7en: Perhaps he does want those things but it’s one thing at a time. You come right out and state you want to abolish the Fed and your chances for the white house are reduced to zero. Either way, Romney is by far the best choice out there if you look at resumes and experience rather than PC garbage. It is now dawning on the Obama lovers out there that perhaps the prez is way in over his head. Oh, yeah, now that you mention it, he really didn’t have much experience did he? Hmmmmmm.

  7. What I don’t understand is the “establishment” charge against Romney. He’s not “establishment” by any stretch of the definition. He was governor for one term, which means he has even less experience in public office than Sarah Palin (if you count her time as mayor, that is). He’s never been an officer in the national party, his PAC is an independent one, and his fortune was built entirely in the private sector. So why should the label be applied? Because politicians in Washington like him? They like Marco Rubio, too, who, by the way, has also been a politician longer than Mitt Romney has.

  8. @Stephen Monteith
    That Rubio! He is such an establishment candidate!