A Helpful Resource for Mitt Romney Supporters

In these last days before the mid-terms, its seems there is too much good Mitt news to stay on top of. Myself, along with many of our contributors here at MRC are working hard in our respective local races and simply haven’t had time to stay current with the nationwide happenings. I for one, really can’t wait till the day after midterms when I can finally get back to promoting our man, Mitt.

Mitt Romney on the Issues

Although my brothers and I have been MIA in recent days, Jayde has been working hard to keep our front page fresh, and we thank her for that. Also, behind the scenes our contributor Dave P. is working hard to compile useful information for anyone interested in learning about Mitt Romney. Dave’s efforts have been focused specifically on the ‘On The Issues’ section of our website (see the pull down tab on the top bar of this page).

Our goal with the ‘On The Issues’ section is to have readily available information for Romney supporters to refer to when Mitt’s stance is in question. This should prove to be an awesome recourse to battle misconceptions about Romney with facts.

We’ve created each of these short links for various topics as an easy way to remember, without having to navigate to the page and copy and past the link. Hope you find them useful.

Mitt Romney on Abortion: http://bit.ly/RomneyAbortion
Mitt Romney on American Culture and Values: http://bit.ly/RomneyValues
Mitt Romney on the Economy: http://bit.ly/RomneyEconomy
Mitt Romney on Education: http://bit.ly/RomneyEducation
Mitt Romney on Healthcare Reform: http://bit.ly/RomneyHealthcare
Mitt Romney on Immigration: http://bit.ly/RomneyImmigration
Mitt Romney on Same-Sex Marriage: http://bit.ly/RomneyMarriage

Lots more issues pages still in development! …If you’d like to see a certain issue covered, please comment on this post.

~Aaron G.

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4 Responses to A Helpful Resource for Mitt Romney Supporters

  1. cj says:

    awesome! thank you! i have needed to show these facts quite often! great idea !

  2. Evelio Perez says:

    This helps a lot, thanks….

  3. Brandon says:

    I would like to see Mitt’s views on Foriegn Policy, the War on Terror, and promoting freedom of religion and speech throughout the world.

  4. Linda G-Denver says:

    Good start and very useful. Keep adding more to this.