Noted: Mitt Romney’s Work Ethic and Contributions to Elect Conservatives

After midterm votes have been counted, inquiring minds will focus like a laser on possible GOP presidential candidates and the race for 2012. Plan on plenty of speculation, anticipation, and investigation over the holidays. Once 2010 is ushered out and 2011 rung in, eagerness to hear presidential candidacy announcements will crescendo further with each passing week.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post has noted what Mitt Romney has been doing for nearly every waking moment for the major part of this year - helping conservatives get elected. They say Romney gets ready for 2012. Aaronius linked to this article when he posted the Romney-on-Hannity announcement.

DAYTON, OHIO - Mitt Romney ambled through the exhibits at the InfoTech 2010 conference here the other day, shaking hands, posing for photos, sneaking an occasional chocolate turtle and, ever the salesman, promoting the candidacy of yet another Republican candidate.

On this trip, he was stumping for Rob Portman, the Republican Senate candidate who is heavily favored to win his race Tuesday. Romney was self-effacing as he moved along the rows of exhibits. “This is Rob Portman, he’s running for Senate,” he said as he introduced the former congressman to a group at one exhibit. “I’d love for you to vote for him.”

All talk of a 2012 presidential candidacy was brushed aside. “I haven’t made that decision,” he said to one person who inquired about his plans. “I’m just working for this guy [Portman]. Let’s get this guy in.”

That’s been the Romney way this fall. Head down, low profile, tending to the business of deepening relationships in a Republican Party that turned aside his bid for the presidential nomination in 2008. While other potential GOP presidential candidates have sought or drawn attention this fall, Romney seemingly has done the opposite.

He has campaigned in 25 states since the summer, according to a list prepared by his staff. Just recently, he crossed the million-dollar mark in money contributed to other campaigns and candidates from his political action committee. The money has gone to 21 gubernatorial candidates, 25 Senate candidates, more than 200 House candidates and a slew of people running for state legislatures.

In the 2010 cycle, he has done events in 13 senatorial races and an equal number of congressional races, many of them fundraisers. He has appeared at 48 events for gubernatorial candidates and eight more for other candidates running for state office. He has recorded more than 30 radio or TV ads or robo calls for candidates. He has signed 95 letters, e-mails or invitations appealing for money for candidates or Republican Party committees.

On Monday night, Romney will appear on “The Sean Hannity Show” on Fox News. What’s notable about that is that it will mark one of his rare appearances on television this fall and a clear contrast to some of his potential 2012 rivals.

Sarah Palin attracts attention wherever she goes and is a Fox News contributor. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, a 2008 presidential candidate who might run again in 2012, has his own program on Fox. Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker, is another Fox contributor. He has been lobbing rhetorical grenades at President Obama and the Democrats all year and now talks more openly than ever about running for president.

Romney has taken a different approach. His team has sworn off any public discussion about 2012. Their line is that all focus is on the midterms. What comes after that can wait until the votes are counted Tuesday. But Romney is no less methodical - and no doubt wiser - about how to prepare for a likely presidential campaign, having gone through the experience of running unsuccessfully in 2008.

“We’ve picked our spots all along,” said one Romney adviser, offering an insight into his boss’s thinking about appearing on television or at major events. “We only have him go out there when he has something interesting to say.”

(my emphasis)

Read more here.

Along with appearing on the Hannity TV show, on Monday (11/01/10), Romney will join John Loughlin for a Victory Rally in Rhode Island. Loughlin is running for the congressional seat formerly held by Patrick Kennedy:

From Loughlin:

October 29th, 2010
Please join me for a Victory Rally with Governor Mitt Romney on Monday, November 1 at 2pm. The rally will be at my campaign headquarters, 329 Warren Avenue in East Providence. This is a free event and we look forward to seeing lots of friends and supporters!

We are thrilled to have Governor Romney’s support and look forward to seeing him on Monday!

On Monday evening, Romney will stump for Jeff Perry who is running for congress in Massachusetts.

“The last time the White House answered an SOS call from Massachusetts Democrats it was to try to stop Scott Brown’s historic election to the U.S. Senate,” said former Governor Mitt Romney. “It didn’t work then, and it won’t work now. People are fed up with business as usual in Washington, and Jeff Perry is the best candidate to cut spending, reduce debt and create more jobs.”

A look at Romney’s activities on the campaign trail:

Romney’s non-stop work ethic will take him right down to the wire on November 2nd. We could use that kind of jaw-dropping, hands-on focus in the White House.

Remember this? Click on image to enlarge.

H/t to Rebel Ross for video link.

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Bill O'Reilly Not Counting on a Romney/Palin Ticket in 2012

• Doesn’t think think that Palin would do the veep thing again.
• Obviously Romney will run in 2012.
• Romney has a good shot at getting the nomination.

Side note: You are an awesome Mitt fan if you recognize, in the background, a book that he has written.


Romney Advisor: “We Don’t Want to Over-Expose Mitt” - Romney to Make Rare Appearance on Sean Hannity Show


Romney to Appear on Sean Hannity Show

Though it has been a point of Romney’s to work under the radar, we’ve recieved notice that Romney will make a rare appearance on the Sean Hannity Show this Monday.

I agree with the Mitt’s ‘lay low’ strategy. I can appreciate somebody who desires to hop in front of the camera only when they have something important that they need to say. There are some that take every opportunity they can put in their two cents on hot-button issues, some who even make it their career; in the end, its evident that they are more trying to publicize themselves rather than demonstrating real concern for the topic they are discussing. I give much more credence to anyone who pipes in only when they have something relevant to say.

Mitt’s stealth strategy, among others, is discussed by Dan Balz in a Washington Post article that was published just today. I recommend the read.

Be sure to tune into the Hannity Show on Monday! Surely, Mitt has got an important message to get out.


~UPDATE from Ross

Here’s the video:

Halloween Greetings from Mitt Romney Central: ‘Twas the Night Before Elections…

A chill in the air and leaves crunching underfoot signal the time of year when ghoulies, ghosties, and long-leggety beasties are felt amidst the howling wind… Lizard’s leg, wool of bat, and owlet’s wing conjure images of spooks, kooks, and The Great Pumpkin. As greetings are whispered through the fearful shadows on All Hallow’s Eve, spines shudder in the mist. Blood-curdling shrieks echo across America’s sleepy hollows

Halloween Greetings

T’was the night before elections
and all through the town
tempers were flaring
emotions up and down.

I, in my bathrobe
with a cat in my lap
had shut off the TV,
Tired of political clap-trap.

When all of a sudden
there arose such a noise,
I peered out my window,
Saw Obama and his boys.

They had come for my wallet,
They wanted my pay
to give to others
who had not worked a day!

He snatched up my money
and quick as a wink
jumped back on his bandwagon
and I thought ‘What a fink!’

He then rallied his henchmen
who were pulling his cart,
I could tell they were out
to rip my country apart!

On Fannie, on Freddie,
On Biden and Ayers!
On ACORN, On Pelosi!
He shrieked at the pairs!

They took off for his cause,
As they flew out of sight,
I heard him guffaw at the nation
that wouldn’t stand up and fight!

So I leave you to think
On this one final note—

God bless America – our only hope!

- Author unknown

from all of us at Mitt Romney Central


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California Now A Toss Up State; Meg Whitman Gaining Momentum

Meg Whitman FTW!

It was only last week that the Rasmussen poll had Jerry Brown ahead against Meg Whitman by 48% to 42%.  This put California leaning towards Democrat in the election.  However, Rasmussen released a poll today showing that the race is tightening and Meg is eating away at Jerry Brown’s lead.   Brown leads by 49% with Meg Whitman moving up with 45%.  The results are within the 4% margin of error which means that California is now a toss up state.  It also means that Meg can, and will, win this election.

Despite the good news, it does not mean we can let up on our hard efforts in helping her campaign.  There’s only four days left.  That means we have to work even harder make sure she gets the votes she needs to become the next Governor of California.   The important goal is to increase voter turnout in her favor.

I am repeating my request for you to dedicate an hour or more of your time every for the next three days to make calls for Meg Whitman. You can do it from the comfort of your own home regardless if you live in or out of California. You can also you can e-mail the people you know who live in California and encourage them to vote for Meg Whitman.  If possible, please make a contribution to her campaign.  And for those of you who are in California, please go to a Meg Whitman office near you and volunteer.

Finally, keep up the good work in helping your conservative candidate in your area!!

~Jared A.

Romney-Endorsed Carly Fiorina Out of Hospital, Campaigning to Save California and U.S. Taxpayers

“Five more days. We’ve got to work hard.” -Carly Fiorina

Good news!

Carly Fiorina, who was hospitalized the last two days due to an infection related to breast cancer reconstruction, has jumped back on the campaign trail and is on the go. She is running against Ma’am – er, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and, according to the latest from Rasmussen, is just three percentage points behind Boxer.

There-isn’t-a-tax-hike-I-don’t-love Boxer has been on Capitol Hill for 28 California crippling years and is renown for her far-out, far-left ideology. Her voting has bankrupted the U.S. Treasury, the California treasury, and added trillions to the national debt. As a resident in her chronically poorly managed, brink-of-bankrupt, blue blue state of California, which struggles with 18% unemployment (yes, 18%), the thought of removing liberal career politician Barbara Boxer makes me giddy-glad.


California Republican Senate nominee Carly Fiorina is back on the campaign trail and feeling “fantastic” after her two-day hospitalization, according to local reports.

Campaigning at a business park outside Sacramento, Fiorina thanked a small group of supporters for their concern.

“It’s fairly common, unfortunately, for women who have been through the kind of breast cancer and reconstructive surgery that I went through to sometimes get infections, and they need to be treated aggressively and quickly, and this one was,” she said, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2009, Fiorina, 56, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, was successfully treated, thanks to a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. She remains cancer free, she said.

Click here to see Fiorina on Good Morning America today:

Here’s Romney-endorsed candidate Carly for California:

“Call me senator!” Director David Zucker writes and produces the hilarious, but sad, tale of Boxer’s disrespect of our Military. Ad not authorized by Fiorina - but worth watching!

While I don’t agree with Carly on every political point, she is what California needs now and stands a good chance of being elected. The choice between Fiorina and Boxer couldn’t be clearer:
● Jobs? Or, continued unemployment and bailing businesses?
● Lower taxes? Higher taxes?
● Restructure state pensions? State insolvency?
● California turns a corner and takes care of itself? America bails out California?

Republicans who are willing to do battle on the front lines in liberally entrenched blue states are extraordinarily courageous and deserve our full support. The odds are against them. The dynamics they face are fundamentally different from conservative candidates running in red states. They take unrelenting heat from their liberal opponents and often, unrelenting heat from those on the right who believe they aren’t conservative enough.

The fact that Carly Fiorina is within striking distance of one of the most progressive, cushy-sofa, career senators gives one hope that we, the people, even we, the conservative people in a blue state, with support - not condemnation - from other conservatives across the country, do have the power to save our state and our Republic.

As with many close races across the USA, it’s going to come down to voter turn-out. For California - and across America, let’s get it done! 

Go Carly!

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Mitt Romney: Tele-Townhall for Sharron Angle, Goes to Iowa & S. Carolina, Announces Third Round of 10 for ’10

On this final week before midterm elections, Mitt Romney was fresh out of the starting gates - again.

Monday, Oct 25th - Governor Romney hosted a Tele-Townhall with Sharon Angle. The senatorial race between her and rival Harry Reid is nose-to-slightly-ahead-nose, with Angle polling at 49%. Reid is at 45%. Only 2% remain undecided with less than a week to go.

Despite aspersions cast on Romney’s and Reid’s religion from Angle’s former pastor, Sonrise Church Pastor John Reed, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) is a “cult” with “kooky” beliefs, Romney’s conference call with Angle is evidence of his continued support for her and the conservative cause. Angle has distanced herself from Pastor Reed and hasn’t attended his Reno church for six years. Her campaign reiterated that, as a lifelong Christian, Angle shares similar values with members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, who comprise 7 percent of Nevada’s population.

Meanwhile, Harry Reid has been characterized as “running his election like there’s no tomorrow.” He called in his last-minute cavalry; President Obama stumped for him last Friday (Oct. 22nd). To help pump up his union support, Reid was supported by Senator Al Franken and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka at a rally in Reno yesterday (Tuesday, Oct. 26th).

Republican consultant Ryan Erwin:

“I think someone like Mitt Romney offering to help, being able to connect with voters… this is a candidate who in a multi-candidate field got more than 50 percent of the presidential caucus.”

Also, on Monday Oct 25th, Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC released its third 10 for ’10 - focusing on 10 Republican House candidates Romney supports in battleground states. Here are the latest candidates and states they represent: Sandy Adams – Fl, Rick Berg – ND, Sean Duggy – WI, Keith Fimian –VA, Ryan Frazier – CO, Ed Martin – MO, Kristi Noem – SD, Austin Scott – GA, Van Tran – CA, and Allen West – Fl.

Please support these candidates! You may read more here.

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Tuesday, Oct 26th - On to Iowa!

Romney greets supporters at Branstad rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Oct 25, 2021

Romney stumped for former Iowa governor Terry Branstad, his running mate Lieutenant Governor nominee Kim Reynolds, and other GOP candidates at a “Road to Victory” morning rally in Cedar Rapids:

Radio Iowa:

Second district congressional candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks is first to speak to the crowd.

The crowd cheered as a group of Iowa Republican candidates and the party’s chair entered the room. “Look what the bus brought in,” Miller-Meeks said, adding a few seconds later: ”Boy, the Winnebago can bring in a lot of people.” She also joked with the crowd about Romney wearing jeans on the campaign trail.

A tweet revealed Gov Romney’s response:

jmartpolitico: Romney in Dubuque explains his casual look compared to the other suit-wearing pols. “I’m unemployed.”

More from Radio Iowa:

Romney, who spoke for a little less than eight minutes, told the crowd liberals are trying to “smother that spirit of America,” and citizens across the country are responding.

“We’ve had a chance to see liberal policies in action and they have not worked and people are saying, ‘No more of that,’” Romney said. “We’ve watched what happened when they built their stimulus which didn’t create private sector jobs. It instead protected government workers and unions. It did not do what the economy needed, which was to stimulate investment and hiring in the private sector where jobs will stay and grow. And then we saw ObamaCare, We saw their cap and trade efforts and their card-check efforts, and so people have said,’Look, that liberal agenda doesn’t work.’”

Kim Reynolds, Lieutenant Governor nominee, introduced Mitt as “a great friend of Iowa.”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

After firing up the crowd, Romney then traveled with the group to Dubuque for another rally:

Evening time found Governor Romney at the Scott County GOP Reagan Dinner where he was the featured speaker. The gala event was held at the Quad Cities Waterfront Convention Center in Bettendorf.

Branstad maintains a double-digit lead over Democratic incumbent Chet Culver.

Today, Romney is off to South Carolina, where he’ll be campaigning and fundraising for Senator Mick Mulvaney.

(H/t Bosman for Iowa videos)

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 2007 Flashback Video of Mitt Discussing Cancer and Research Funding

I’ve been watching Major League Soccer with great interest this month, mainly because my team is on a hot streak. It would be hard to watch any MLS game this month and not realize that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Numerous players are sporting the pink armbands; the normal ball has been replaced with a white and pink ball, and the MLS website had an all bright-pink theme up until yesterday.

In recognition of this month long theme I wanted to share the short video below of Romney discussing breast cancer and research funding. I don’t know the name of the forum that this took place in, but it was while he was a Presidential candidate in November 2007.


My Aunt: Ann Summers

Breast cancer hits close to home for many of us. My aunt, Ann Summers, a great woman with whom I worked for many years fell victim to breast cancer a couple years ago - she was in her late fifties. She was well loved, and is greatly missed.

Early detection is key. This lesson is taught to us by another Ann that we all know and love: Ann Romney. The future FLOTUS was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2008 while in its very early stages. She discussed her diagnosis and treatment in a Fox and Friends interview she did with her husband in January of this year.
Click here for that story and to view the clips of her interview.

~Nate Gunderson

We Won’t Tolerate It In California Or Washington, Help Meg Whitman

In California, Republican Meg Whitman is now in a competitive race against Democrat Jerry Brown. Polls show that Brown has a slight lead against Whitman.  This is unacceptable.

When former Governor Brown left California’s gubernatorial office in 1983, the unemployment rate was 11%. There were about 1.3 million Californians out of work. Currently, California is 19 billion dollars in debt. The unemployment rate is 22%. Do Californians really want a Governor who repeatedly increased spending and taxes under his administration?

My fellow conservatives and Tea Partiers; California is our modern day Alamo. The familiar maxim, as “California goes, so does the nation” is true. If California elects Jerry Brown, he will continue the bad financial habits the state has been engaging in for years. And, other states will follow Jerry Brown’s bad example. Why? If financially irresponsible Brown is elected, the voters of one of American’s largest states will simply be sending a message to politicians that they don’t need to take our anger over excessive tax and out-of-control spending seriously. And, the rest of the nation will be called on to bail out California.

That is simply unacceptable.

For those of you who are concerned about America’s current financial crisis and want to put an end to reckless government taxation and spending, the best way to do that is to help Meg Whitman in the last days of the election. If we allow Jerry Brown to beat Meg Whitman, it doesn’t matter what other victories win on November 2nd. Why? California is simply a reflection of how federal government operates by imposing high taxes and reckless spending. As a result, California could drag American down financially if it continues on the path of financial irresponsibility. The consequences won’t be limited to California.  It will certainly ripple across the country. As you can see, this election has consequences that will impact each one of us and determine the success or failure of America.

Given how important this California election is for the state and our nation, we must protect California, and by extension, America at all costs. Therefore, I am asking you to dedicate an hour or more of your time every day this week to make calls for Meg Whitman. You can do it from the comfort of your own home regardless if you live in or out of California. If you are in California, please go to a Meg Whitman office near you and volunteer. I also encourage you to please make a contribution to the Meg Whitman campaign.

It’s important to ask everyone you know who is concerned about the future of America to dedicate some time helping Meg Whitman win on November 2nd. Just as early American patriots enlisted their friends and neighbors in the fight for freedom, I humbly ask that you invite your friends to make a stand for California and America by dedicating your time to help Meg Whitman win.

If you wish to send a message to the leaders of both parties that America’s debt and out-of-control spending will not be tolerated any longer, then the only acceptable way to send that message is to declare that it won’t be tolerated in California, either.

~Jared A.

Meg Whitman links:

UPDATE by Jayde - Please! No more clueless politicians. Here’s Jerry Brown - in his own words - clueless:

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