Mitt Romney on the Campaign Trail with Tom Foley in Greenwich, CT

Mitt Romney campaigns with Republican gubernatorial hopeful Tom Foley in Greenwich, CT Sept 9, 2021

Governor Romney is beating the streets in Connecticut today with Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley. The Foley campaign held a rally in Greenwich this morning and, according to tweets, a great crowd was in attendance.

From earlier today:

GREENWICH, Conn. (AP) — Republican candidate for Connecticut governor Tom Foley’s campaign says former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will be joining him on the campaign trail.

The campaign says Foley and Romney will be holding a political rally Thursday morning in Greenwich. Romney has been stumping for fellow Republicans across the country.

Romney said in a statement released by Foley’s campaign that the former U.S. ambassador to Ireland is a smart businessman and good problem-solver who can apply commonsense solutions to Connecticut’s troubles.

Foley is facing Democrat Dan Malloy in the November election. Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell isn’t seeking re-election.

Latest Foley TV ad: A Good Man

If we glean more information about today’s activities, we’ll be sure to post it. Be sure to check back. Good luck to Tom Foley!

Governor Romney, we are looking forward to seeing more of you as you continue your 25 state crusade to help elect conservative candidates this fall!

Tweet updates

From Janet Peckinpaugh for Congress: Just returned from a fundraiser for Tom Foley in Greenwich. Governor Mitt Romney was the special guest. He is such a wonderful speaker and reminded us why Americans will turn to Republicans again in this mid-term election. Please remember to exercise your right to vote this November.

From Tim Plungis for Connecticut: I had a great time at the fundraiser with Mitt Romney and Tom Foley for Governor. Let’s keep moving forward! Signs going out tonight and more tomorrow

From TomFoley2010: Great turnout at this morning’s rally and luncheon with @MittRomney I appreciate the support #ctgop #ctgov

TweetPic from Tom Foley thanking Mitt for support at campaign rally and luncheon in Greenwich CT 9/9/10

VIDEO UPDATE (h/t Bosman): News report (ABC affiliate of Governor Romney with Tom Foley today. Listen for the cheer that erupts when Foley says he hopes Mitt is the next president of the United States:

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