Happy One Year Birthday to Mitt Romney Central!

A year has gone by…
Time has flown,

We can’t believe
how MRC has grown!

Promoting Mitt
is a lot of fun,
America needs him,
We hope he’ll run!

Thanks to all
who spread the word,
Romney in the White House
is heartily preferred!

Let’s blow out the candle
and continue our bent
to help Mitt Romney
become president!

America is calling
for No Apology
The best is yet to come,
Happy Birthday, MRC!

► Jayde Wyatt

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4 Responses to Happy One Year Birthday to Mitt Romney Central!

  1. Lori says:

    Been a great year. Love the website. I am a regular here! Don’t ever EVER stop!

  2. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Lori, thanks to you and all who have been so supportive of Mitt Romney and MRC! Your thoughtful comments for Romney over these months have been greatly appreciated.

  3. Brian Roastbeef says:

    Congratulations all on this milestone. I’m glad to see that the format issues have been fixed and that everything is back and running normally. The next couple of months will be big and the following two years potentially bigger for Mitt Romney supporters and all conservatives. Keep at it.

    By the way, Nate, I received your message. Hopefully Planet Romney will get straightened out soon. Thank you for adding the link to the right.

  4. @Brian Roastbeef
    I don’t know if the two are related, but I ultimately discovered that it was the Planet Romney feed widget that was choking our site up. Once I removed it the problem was gone. I noticed also that the PR twitter account is no longer auto-tweeting links for the PR feed as of two weeks ago. I guess that is probably a good thing anyway - with all the spam we had on it from ROS.

    Site maintenance…. uggh. PR is harder for me right now because I have no access to the admin panel until my brother can fix it. He’s tried a couple times but runs into road-blocks. I’m glad he was able to take the ROS feed off manually in the database. It was starting to get real bad. I’ll ask him if it’s easy to add your feed manually.

    @Lori Thanks for the support. Comments are especially motivating to bloggers. Motivation can be tough because it is a lot of work to compose a blog post, and time is usually very limited. Knowing people appreciate the work is an extraordinary help.