Mitt Romney to Speak at New Hampshire GOP Fundraiser - Hope He Drives His Truck

Wolfeboro, New Hampshire and scenic shores of Lake Winnipesaukee

Guess who the Special Guest is at the New Hampshire Republican State Committee’s fundraiser tomorrow, August 12th? That’s right – Granite State resident, Governor Mitt Romney. Billed as an Evening on the Lake Reception, the event will be held at a private home in Tuftonboro, not far from Wolfeboro where Romney lives. The fun begins at dusk (5:30 PM -  7:30 PM). 

From Politicalticker

Earlier this summer, in what looked like another move towards a possible run for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, Romney donated $20,000 to the Republican Party of New Hampshire. According to a state GOP spokesman, Romney’s contributed $30,000 since the beginning of this election cycle. 

New Hampshire plays a crucial role in presidential politics, as its primary historically kicks off the presidential primary season.[…] 

Through his Free and Strong America PAC, Romney has endorsed over 100 Republican candidates so far this 2010 midterm election cycle. […]

Romney also helped raise money for the NH GOP when he delivered the keynote address for New Hampshire’s House Republican Victory PAC fundraiser on August 5th - you know, the one where he drove his truck to get there(Why, the audacity! The impertinence! How dare he be a regular truck-driving citizen in the free land of America?!)

Tuftonboro, NH, where the Evening on the Lake Reception is being held, is about six miles from Wolfeboro, where Mitt and Ann live. With their well-known love for Lake Winnepesaukee and its small-town ambience, it’s no surprise they are enjoying the beauty of their surroundings through the summer. I hope Mitt rolls up to the ‘reception on the lake’ behind the steering wheel of his truck -with dings, scratches, and the usual stray leaves and skiffs of dirt in its bed - just to be his regular self and further the ambience 

Five summers ago, on July 31, 2005, when talk about a possible Romney presidential run was the buzz, Eric Moskowitz from the Concord Monitor wrote: 

WOLFEBORO - Here, Romney’s just one of the crowd
Save for the time two summers ago that Mitt Romney and his sons used Jet Skis to rescue a family of sinking boaters, the Massachusetts governor and potential presidential candidate has generally kept a low profile when visiting his summer home, out at the end of Clark Point.
He’s a regular at a couple of local businesses and has been known to ride his bicycle to Bailey’s Bubble for ice cream on Saturday nights.

“He doesn’t jump out and say, ‘Here I am, world,'” said Bob Hughes, the local real estate broker who sold Romney his house. “He very much fits into the community without raising a fuss. It’s fun to see him in town.”
Paul Skowron, the Wolfeboro town manager, lives up the block from Romney, in a Cape-style house on Greenleaf. “From my perspective, the family has been friendly, the family has been courteous,” Skowron said. “When they first moved to the neighborhood, they took the opportunity to introduce themselves to as many people as they could.”
Romney slips into town with relative ease, since his home is a mile and a half from the center by car or bike and a more direct route by boat. He can be seen at Bradley’s Hardware on Railroad Avenue once or twice a weekend, the employees said. 

“He’s a very, very friendly person,” said Jim Savage, who works at Bradley’s. “If you didn’t know who he was, you wouldn’t realize he was there. He comes in ratty jeans and a T-shirt and just blends with everybody else.” 

(emphasis mine)

Here’s a video someone made which captures the beauty and down-home feel of life at Lake Winnipesaukee – gives a jeans ‘n T-shirt taste of why Mitt and Ann love this place. Skip ahead to 1:38. (I saw a few trucks, too!):


A peek at Wolfeboro, NH:


Lake Winnipesaukee was known by native Americans as ‘Smile of the Great Spirit’. 

For an aerial view of Wolfeboro, click here

To glimpse picturesque Wolfeboro in the winter, click here.

Governor Romney, thanks for the extraordinary fundraising, speeches, and behind-the-scenes work you’re doing to help elect conservatives this fall. Hope you and Ann continue to enjoy a regular jeans ‘n T-shirt Wolfeboro summer. And, from all of us at MRC, give your truck a pat on the hood…

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6 Responses to Mitt Romney to Speak at New Hampshire GOP Fundraiser - Hope He Drives His Truck

  1. Tracey says:

    Thanks Jayde.

  2. Jayde Wyatt says:

    You’re welcome, Tracey.

    I’d like to skim across the surface of Lake Winnepesaukee on water skiis… beautiful!

  3. Chris says:

    He ought to have Anne drive the truck wearing a chauffer’s uniform.
    That should wag some tongues.

  4. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Laughing. Out. Loud. That would send his critics into apoplexy!

    AP’OPLEXY, n. [Gr. from, to strike.]

    A sudden deprivation of all sense and voluntary motion, occasioned by repletion or whatever interrupts the action of the nerves upon the muscles.

  5. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Here’s the menu for Bailey’s Bubble where Mitt sometimes bicycles (in his jeans) on a Saturday night to get ice cream:

    I see an item on the menu perfect for Mitt’s ‘truck’ critics… Look under Special Sundaes, 5th one down.

  6. Jim Rogers says:

    Mitt- I’d like to invite you to the Governors reception at the Pickney boathouse on Aug 20th at 6pm- We are celebrating Wolfeboro’s 250th founding anniversary

    Jim Rogers
    President Wolfeboro Historical Society