Mitt Romney Goes to Michigan Again to Boost Pete Hoekstra

What a day for Pete Hoekstra! If you didn’t know, Pete Hoekstra is currently the ranking republican on the Intelligence Committee in Congress. However, instead of seeking re-election, he is running for Governor of Michigan. Gov. Romney endorsed Pete months ago, and as you can see here, Mitt has already been to Michigan on Pete’s behalf. No one is personally working harder and more effectively around the country to elect conservatives this November than Mitt!

Anyway, this is how today went for Congressman Hoekstra:
Early in the morning, Dr. James Dobson endorsed Pete and the Hoekstra campaign began airing a radio ad of the endorsement which can be heard here. Soon after that announcement, brace yourselves… The Michigan Teamsters announced their support of Pete Hoekstra. When you add those endorsements to the likes of David Barton (constitutional expert and founder of Wallbuilders), Jim DeMint, Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker Dennis Hastert, Rick Santorum, and many others, Pete is putting together the most impressive coalition I can remember seeing in Michigan politics.

Next came the first of two fundraisers Mitt attended with Pete. The first fundraiser was in Grosse Point at this beautiful home of the Liggett family.

This event was very well attended and organized. The volunteers were energetic and helpful while the food was fantastic as well. When Pete came in with Mitt, he remarked that he was blown away by the attendance. There was even an overflow room with an audio feed of the remarks Mitt and Pete gave to the audience. The campaign also distributed more yard signs than they anticipated which was great to see.

Then, in between the first and second fundraiser, Mitt and Pete met up with Candice Miller at a press stop at American Coney Island in Detroit. They talked to a lot of business owners about the problems they are facing in Michigan.

Here’s a link to Mitt’s tweet about the stop.

Finally, after some more positive poll numbers for the Hoekstra campaign were released, I arrived 45 minutes early to help set up for the second fundraiser.

This event was also very successful. Mitt used to live down the street from the Kiriluk family where this event was held. Several people sent in money to the Hoekstra campaign for this event even though they could not attend in person. Congressman Hoekstra is extremely fortunate, thankful, and deserving of all the help Mitt and the Free & Strong America PAC has given him. Today was just another example of a plethora of examples we can point to of Mitt doing everything he can to bring America back. Despite our best efforts here at MRC, we still fail to report on (usually due to lack of media coverage) many of the times Mitt helps conservatives all over the country. However, think about this: Mitt has endorsed over 100 candidates for the 2010 elections and has been doing approximately three personal appearances a day for months now on behalf of those candidates. Mitt’s hard work is going to be paying dividends for our entire country for years to come.

If you live in Michigan, please sign up to join Team Hoekstra for a statewide door-to-door campaign called Super Saturday (July 17th). Even if you can’t come, try to recruit some people who can.

Also, no matter where you live in the U.S., even a $10 donation will go a long way to helping Congressman Hoekstra win the Republican nomination to be the next Governor of the state of Michigan. The Hoekstra campaign has been outspent by a huge margin, but Congressman Hoekstra has made the most of his resources and has maintained a lead despite the millions of dollars being spent by his opponents. Until this week, the Hoekstra campaign had spent only $5,000 total in television ads. Please join Mitt’s PAC and make a donation to Pete if you can.

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11 Responses to Mitt Romney Goes to Michigan Again to Boost Pete Hoekstra

  1. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Ross, great write-up on the Hoekstra/Romney day of fundraisers. Sounds like they kept you pretty busy! I especially liked reading about the stop to hear from business owners regarding the challenges they are facing. Mitt is so attuned to we, the people; I’m sure Hoekstra is, too.

    Love the photos.

  2. Mike says:

    I would donate to Mit Romney if Mit Romney would campaign for Ernest Huber Congressional candidate for Washington’s state’s 8th district. Ernest is a Constitutional candidate with common sense approaches to turning our nation around and by his bio he is a real fighter. We the people need 435 Ernest Huber’s in Congress for a truly represented America.

  3. Brian says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t feel that Hoekstra is the right guy for Michigan. He endorsed Mitt early on during the 2008 campaign, so Mitt is just paying his political dues here. There are better GOP candidates for Gov.

  4. Dan says:

    I live in Michigan and you might as well, I don’t really know. But I can tell you that Pete is the best candidate for Michigan without a doubt. Mike Cox is a rotten person as evidenced by his personal life and his tendency to make everything about him. Nothing is more important to him than Mike Cox. Rick Snyder refuses to even show up for any of the debates because he fears he will be found out as the faux conservative he really is. Mike Bouchard is actually a very good man that I like quite a bit. However, his campaign against Do-Nothing Debbie Stabenow in 2006 tells me all I need to know about his ability to run a campaign. He lost by around 20% to the worst senator Michigan has had in my lifetime. We need a true conservative and someone who knows how to win and Pete Hoekstra is that man.

  5. Brian says:

    @Dan - I’m a Mike Bouchard fan myself, and you know that running for Senate against incumbents is difficult. I don’t rule him out based on a campaign 4 years ago, that’s a bit silly.

    This also doesn’t really change much on why Mitt is endorsing Hoekstra. They go way back, so as big a Romney fan that I am (and believe me, I am!) it’s hard to take the endorsement 100% seriously.

    Hoekstra was on board with Mitt during the 2007 Exploratory Committee stages.

  6. Dan says:

    Hoekstra has been there time and time again for Mitt going all the way back to the Olympics in Salt Lake City.

    The reason what I’m saying about Mike Bouchard isn’t silly is because I worked for the campaign then and trust me, Mike Bouchard does not know how to win a statewide campaign. He only knows how to win in Oakland county.

  7. Brian says:


    Anyone who follows politics knows that it is rarely the actual candidate who “runs the campaign,” but instead people brought in from all over the state. Do you think Mike is using the exact same people from 4 years ago?

    Not to mention 2006 was a poor year for Republicans across the board, no matter how well their campaigns were run.

    Hoekstra has done very little in the House, and has been a DC insider for approximately 2 decades now. Do you really think he can be trusted to fix Michigan?

  8. Dan says:


    Haha, it is laughable to call Pete Hoekstra a Washington insider. Are you aware of ? Think about that. Also, President Bush did not like Pete because of how outspoken he was on No Child Left Behind. I could go on and on, but I won’t. Also, Bouchard is running his campaign the same way as last time and he won’t get the nomination this time because of his failures last time. Michigan is begging for republican leadership and we need a winner.

  9. Brian says:


    Laughable? The man broke his term limit pledge to stay in office! He obviously got very comfortable there.

    You say Bouchard doesn’t know how to run a statewide campaign…but Hoekstra knows how…because he’s never run one before? What has Hoekstra proposed? Can you quote me any direct policies or measures he would enact as Governor?

  10. Dan says:

    How about repealing the Michigan business tax?

    Hoekstra is not seeking re-election in the house and he still had to be voted in by the people. It’s not like he took authority that wasn’t his or did anything underhanded. When he ran for re-election in the house, he explained that his seniority was far more valuable to the state of Michigan than he realized and that he would be honored to be allowed to continue to represent the people of his district in Congress and he won re-election easily time and time again. He was obviously doing something right.

  11. Brian says:

    Wow, someone is easily swayed by political-speak.