We NEED Pete Hoekstra as Michigan’s Next Governor! Vote August 3rd

Pete Hoekstra’s Response to ‘Obama’s Victory Lap for Auto Bailout?’

Two weeks ago, President Obama came into my home district [and] he trash-talked me because I’m the leading candidate for governor. And today he’s coming in because the primary is on Tuesday and [Democratic Rep.] Carolyn Kilpatrick is in the race of her political life, and he’s going to use this to promote her candidacy. He says he’s doing these trips for this or that, but what he’s really doing is either try to damage one campaign or help another campaign. Why else would a president go into the same state two times in two weeks? It makes no sense.

[And] the president is picking winners and losers [on electric vehicles]. There are all kinds of competing technologies out there to increase fuel efficiency and improve performance … Yes, let’s have the government create an environment for competitive solutions to work their way through the marketplace, but the government is getting overly involved in managing our economy.

I’m sure the president will not talk about one of the most devastating things that happened when the government took over the auto industry: how they made the disastrous decision to close all these auto dealerships in an unfair way. There were a lot of people and a lot of families that were hurt when he did that.

He won’t talk about the negative things, he’ll just try to talk about the positive, but there were dramatic negatives that happened when this president made some of the decisions that he made regarding the auto industry.

I’m glad we’re getting new jobs in Michigan with that, but what people in Michigan are saying is, “Let’s have less government interference in our businesses. Let us compete in the market dynamics and we’ll be just fine.”

State of the race: In the last days of this primary campaign, the field has been narrowed down to three candidates who all have a chance to win on Tuesday. Pete Hoekstra, Mike Cox, and Rick Snyder are all in a position to win this race. As most of you know, Michigan has had Democrat Jennifer Granholm running our state over the last 8 years, and many people in the usually blue Michigan are ready to vote for a Republican in November. In the polling that has been done, a generic republican candidate beats a democratic candidate by huge margins. However, Mike Cox’s campaign has been boosted by Mike Huckabee’s endorsement which has helped him get through the scandal that has cast a shadow over his entire campaign from the start. Democrats across the whole state want Mike Cox to win because his baggage will make him the easiest to beat in November. Rick Snyder is a rich outsider who didn’t attend most of the debates and bankrolled the majority of his campaign. He is an unknown who only has a chance to win this race because of the enormous amount of money he has spent on the campaign. He is suspected of being socially liberal and economically conservative, but his lack of legislative experience makes it hard to know for sure.

Pete is the candidate we want to win for sure and we don’t have any more time left to wait and hope he wins. We need to help him NOW! As you can see here, Mitt has been working hard to help Pete and should Pete win, Michigan will be forever grateful. Michigan will finally have a conservative governor!

How can you help?
1. Support Pete Hoekstra on Facebook and invite your friends to do the same.

2. Spread this post to every Mitt supporter you know using every social network you have an account with.

3. Subscribe to Pete’s YouTube channel and comment on his newest videos. Plus, you can look at earlier videos of the enormous amount of great endorsements Pete has gotten for this campaign.

4. The campaign also has some great ways to help whether you live in Michigan or not.

It’s the “Who Would You Want As VP to Mitt Romney” Poll - 2nd Edition

It’s been three months since we’ve done a speculative VP poll. I find my feelings doing VP polls are the same as last time:

To be honest, speculating and debating about what would be the best combo of President and VP is not really my cup of tea. All I know is that I want Romney on top of the ticket, and his VP pick would be his choice. BUT… since Pres./VP combos seems to be the greatest topic of discussion and interest on our Facebook posts I’ve decided to throw this poll out there to give our readers some meat to chew on. Even so, I will still be interested to see the results.

Sarah Palin was the top pick last time by a very small margin. Let’s see who comes out on top this time.

[poll id="12"]

Note: I left Dr. Paul off intentionally to avoid having the poll overrun. This is meant to be a poll of who Romney supporters would want as VP. If you really want Ron Paul as VP please vote other and indicate in the comments.

~Nate Gunderson

Update: Added Jan Brewer and John Thune. Two obvious picks. Sorry.

North Carolina Candidates Endorsed by Mitt Romney

French Broad River, North Carolina

Not only have five great candidates from North Carolina been endorsed by Governor Romney, they will be receiving a total of $15,000 in contributions from his Free and Strong America PAC.

“Rather than focusing on putting people back to work and enacting policies that will restore our economy, too many of our leaders are instead focused on growing the size of government. It is more important than ever that we elect leaders who will say no to the Washington culture of higher spending, higher taxes, and higher debt, and that is why I am endorsing these candidates today,” said Romney.

Endorsed candidates:

Senator Richard Burr: Richard Burr currently serves as a U.S. Senator in North Carolina and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit www.burrforsenate.com.

Congressman Howard Coble: Howard Coble currently represents the 6th Congressional District of North Carolina and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit www.cobleforcongress.com.

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx: Virginia Foxx currently represents the 5th Congressional District of North Carolina and is running for reelection. For more information about her and her campaign, visit www.virginiafoxx.com.

Harold Johnson: Harold Johnson, a former broadcast journalist, is now running to represent the 8th Congressional District of North Carolina. For more information about him and his campaign, visit www.voteharoldjohnson.com.

Jeff Miller: Jeff Miller, a businessman and community leader, is now running to represent the 11th Congressional District of North Carolina. For more information about him and his campaign, visit www.jeffmiller2010.com.

The PAC also announced that is sending Senator Burr a $5,000 contribution toward his Senate campaign, and that it is sending Congressman Coble, Congresswoman Foxx, Johnson, and Miller each a $2,500 contribution toward their respective Congressional campaigns.

These endorsements are another in a series of state rollouts of the PAC’s 2010 endorsements, which are aimed at electing conservative candidates who will work to lower taxes and spending, restore commonsense principles to healthcare and get our economy moving again. As part of this program, Romney’s PAC also has announced endorsements in Ohio, Missouri, California, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Nevada, Illinois, Georgia, Texas, Indiana, Idaho, New Mexico, Virginia, Florida, North Dakota, South Carolina, Utah, Maine, South Dakota, and New Jersey.

Take a tour of the ‘The Tar Heel State’ in 3:24 minutes by clicking here.

Help Governor Romney support conservatives! Click here to donate to Free and Strong America PAC.

Good luck, candidates!

Zogby Poll: Mitt Romney Best Shot at Beating Obama

With mid-term elections pushing presidential considerations into the ask-me-later department (according to potential presidential candidates), and twists and turns still to be taken on the thoroughfare to the White House 2012, this is still good to hear:

From Dave Wedge (Boston Globe):

Poll shows Romney has best shot at beating Obama

Former Bay State Gov. Mitt Romney has the best shot at unseating President Obama in 2012, trailing the commander-in-chief by just two points in a new national poll.

The Zogby poll of 8,487 likely voters showed Obama slightly besting Romney 45 to 43 percent. Romney has yet to say if he’s running again but the venture capitalist has been traveling the country raising money for Republicans and handing out endorsements in state races.

The president would fare far better against Sarah Palin, garnering 48 percent of the vote to Palin’s 37. And Obama would beat former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee 46 to 37, the poll found.

Mitt and Ann Romney greet crowd at Ronald Reagan Library May 25, 2022

Addendum by Nate:
Nice little news report from NECN about the Zogby poll:

UPDATE by Jayde: Public Policy Polling released a new poll of New Hampshire’s GOP voters regarding the 2012 presidential race:

Mitt Romney -31 percent
Newt Gingrich - 14 percent
Ron Paul - 13 percent
Mike Huckabee - 12 percent
Sarah Palin - 9 percent
Tim Pawlenty - 3 percent
Mitch Daniels - 1 percent
Someone else/undecided - 16 percent

Mitt Romney’s Father Honored: Adrian College Announces George Romney Institute for Law and Public Policy

Young George Romney, Mitt Romney’s father

Governor Mitt Romney’s father, the late George Romney, has received a posthumous honor:

Adrian College Announces George Romney Institute for Law and Public Policy

ADRIAN, Mich. – Adrian College is pleased to announce the opening of the George Romney Institute for Law and Public Policy which will take place this fall. The Institute is named in honor of the late George Romney who served as the 43rd governor of Michigan from 1963 to 1969.

Former governor of Michigan, presidential candidate and past Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in President Nixon’s cabinet, George Romney had a special relationship with Adrian College. He visited the campus numerous times. In 1968, he made a stop on his campaign trail to reelection of governor, and spoke to 600 students who gathered on short notice just to hear what he had to say as it was a defining time in our nation’s history.

Romney, who ended up winning reelection in a landslide a short time later, asked those students to “consider doing something valuable for mankind or face the possibility of losing the liberties and values you hold dear.”

A few years later, Mr. Romney gave the commencement speech to 245 graduates in 1974. During that address, Mr. Romney stated that it was most important to “take our citizenship seriously, that we work for a better, more responsible government.”

His words ring true almost 40 years later and the College, along with the Romney family, will help to instill these values with the new Institute.

This Institute, joins the four others launched recently and will work to weave legal and public policy considerations into the academic fabric of Adrian College.

The Institute director is Professor Nathan Goetting, an assistant professor in the department of sociology, social work and criminal justice, specializing in jurisprudence.

“It is a privilege to have been named Director of the George Romney Institute for Law and Public Policy, Adrian College’s first endowed institute,” said Goetting. “Cultivating a deeper understanding of public affairs is an essential part of the college experience.”

He says that the Institute will help provide students with the intellectual foundation and practical skills they need to succeed in law school, graduate school or simply as informed and active citizens.

(emphasis mine)
Read more here.

Governor Romney shared a close and loving relationship with his father and credits him with teaching him how to work hard. Both parents taught Mitt the value of charitable work and service. I’m sure he and all of his family are very pleased that George Romney has been memorialized thusly.

George and Lenore Romney and members of their family at their home in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. From left, daughter Jane Robinson with Gregory, 1, son-in-law Larry Keenan with 2-month-old daughter Susan; son-in-law Bruce Robinson; son Mitt, 14; daughter Lynn Keenan holding son Brett, 2; Lenore Romney holding grandson 2-month-old Douglas Robinson; and George Romney with granddaughter Jody Keenan, 3. Not shown is the Romneys’ son Scott, who was serving a church mission in England.

Mitt Romney (R), with boyhood friend Tom McCaffrey (center), cousin Steve Hayward (L)

START Wars Episode 3: Romney Strikes Back

Obama Vader

Episode 1: Mitt’s Hope - In an Op-ed at the Washington post Mitt Romney urges the Senate to vote against ratification of the New START treaty signed by President Obama and President Medveved in April. The Op-ed is entitled Obama’s Worst Foreign-Policy Mistake.

Episode 2: The Lugar Menace - Dick Lugar of the Galactic US Senate rebuts Romney’s op-ed calling it a hyperbolic attack.

Episode 3: Romney Strikes Back - Mitt Romney provides “further discussion” to Senator Lugar’s thoughtful critique. In this discussion Mitt outlines eight serious problems with the New START treaty. This time NRO is Mitt’s weapon of choice.

From NRO:

My criticism of the New START treaty generated both praise and disparagement. Sen. Richard Lugar’s thoughtful critique of my position deserves further discussion.

1. New START does limit U.S. missile-defense options. First, New START’s preamble not only references missile defense, it accedes to Russia’s insistence that there is an interrelationship between strategic offensive weapons and missile defense. While the Bush administration steadfastly refused to accept this Russian position, the Obama administration bows to it. The statement of interrelationship in the preamble, in addition to the specific missile-defense measures in the body of the treaty, amount to a major concession to Russia.

The treaty’s advocates dismiss the preamble reference as non-binding. But the significance of including missile-defense provisions in an offensive-weapons treaty is not lost on either signatory. Further, the Russians assert that the preamble does indeed constitute a binding limit on our missile-defense program, both in their Unilateral Statement and in subsequent public statements. Gen. Yevgeniy Buzinskiy, who served as the chief of the International Treaty Directorate in the Russian Ministry of Defense during the treaty’s negotiations, insists that any increase in our ABM system could be claimed as a breach of the treaty. Such ambiguity and pressure, and fear of being accused of violating the treaty, could strongly restrain American presidents from aggressively developing and deploying missile defense. The 1972 ABM Treaty provides historical precedent for such a chilling effect: Fearful that U.S. theater-missile-defense systems would be viewed as violating the treaty, we pulled back from realizing the full potential of such systems.

Further, the treaty prohibits our conversion of ICBM and submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) launchers for the launching of defensive interceptors. Such conversions may well not be part of the Obama administration’s current plans, but they could surely be part of a subsequent administration’s. Past missile-defense agency directors and naval planners have objected to precluding SLBM-launcher conversions, capable as they could be of defending America and our allies from diverse and undisclosed locations. Such conversions were prohibited by the ABM Treaty during the Cold War — a treaty from which we have withdrawn — but the Obama administration is consenting to their renewed prohibition by New START. Under its terms, there could be an average of four or more SLBM tubes on each of our strategic submarines that no longer contain ballistic missiles but may not be converted for defensive interceptors, and so are empty.

The sixth agreed statement of the treaty’s protocol suggests that telemetry data on missiles governed by the treaty is not to be used for strategic-missile-defense purposes. In the long term, agreeing to this limitation could prove to have been very short-sighted.

Finally, treaty analysts at the Heritage Foundation have opined that “the most serious threat to missile defense in the New START treaty is contained in the power given to the Treaty compliance forum, the Bilateral Consultative Commission. . . . Missile defense is directly within the purview of the BCC.” Treaty proponents note that substantive changes to the treaty cannot be made by the BCC. But the BCC can — without Senate advice and consent — make changes to the treaty’s definitions and agreed statements, including those involving missile defense. The treaty Protocol assigns to BCC the defining of missile defense and key terms relating to the conversion of ICBM silos for defensive interceptors. An administration that wished to further limit missile defense without the advice and consent of the Senate could do so through the BCC. In the past, under START I, the JCIC, a body comparable to the BCC, did indeed make substantive changes to that treaty’s terms without Senate consent.

Read the other seven problems with New START here.

Governor Romney is showing himself to be an extremely serious foreign policy buff and potential presidential candidate. We shall continue to watch his career with great interest.

Will Emperor Obama succeed in his efforts to weaken the USA? Can Mitt Romney defeat Barack Obama in 2012? Tune in next time….

~Nate Gunderson (Thanks, Aaronius for some of the formatting of this post.)

Milky Way and Jupiter

Other episodes in the saga:
Romney’s Op-ed on START Ignites a Flurry of Debate, Support, and Criticism

Attack of the Kerry

Senator Talent: At Last the Debate Has STARTed

The Heritage Foundation Supports Mitt Romney

NRO Editors Join Mitt Romney in Condemning the New START Treaty

Bush Tax Cuts Set to Cease, Teetering Economy at Further Risk

Bigger taxes are coming! Bigger taxes are coming!

Unless Americans usher a new Congress into office this fall, Obama’s redistribute-the-wealth-bankrupt-America agenda will likely smother our wheezing jobless economic recovery. The Bush tax cuts breathe their last at midnight on December 31, 2010:

The Tax Tsunami On The Horizon

Fiscal Policy: Many voters are looking forward to 2011, hoping a new Congress will put the country back on the right track. But unless something’s done soon, the new year will also come with a raft of tax hikes — including a return of the death tax — that will be real killers.

Through the end of this year, the federal estate tax rate is zero — thanks to the package of broad-based tax cuts that President Bush pushed through to get the economy going earlier in the decade.

But as of midnight Dec. 31, the death tax returns — at a rate of 55% on estates of $1 million or more. The effect this will have on hospital life-support systems is already a matter of conjecture.

Resurrection of the death tax, however, isn’t the only tax problem that will be ushered in Jan. 1. Many other cuts from the Bush administration are set to disappear and a new set of taxes will materialize. And it’s not just the rich who will pay.

The lowest bracket for the personal income tax, for instance, moves up 50% — to 15% from 10%. The next lowest bracket — 25% — will rise to 28%, and the old 28% bracket will be 31%. At the higher end, the 33% bracket is pushed to 36% and the 35% bracket becomes 39.6%.

But the damage doesn’t stop there.

The marriage penalty also makes a comeback, and the capital gains tax will jump 33% — to 20% from 15%. The tax on dividends will go all the way from 15% to 39.6% — a 164% increase.

Both the cap-gains and dividend taxes will go up further in 2013 as the health care reform adds a 3.8% Medicare levy for individuals making more than $200,000 a year and joint filers making more than $250,000. Other tax hikes include: halving the child tax credit to $500 from $1,000 and fixing the standard deduction for couples at the same level as it is for single filers.

Letting the Bush cuts expire will cost taxpayers $115 billion next year alone, according to the Congressional Budget Office, and $2.6 trillion through 2020.

A few other areas where tax changes will occur include: The Medicine Cabinet Tax, HSA Withdrawal Tax Hikes, Brand Name Drug Tax, Economic Substance Doctrine, and the widening net of Alternative Minimum Tax - tax hikes on employers and the loss of deductions for tuition. Click here to read more on this tax nightmare. Read more here.

Behind Capitol Hill doors, some progressives have a gleam in their eyes for the Value Added Tax (VAT) which is especially common throughout the European Union. VAT would give Obama the boost to herald a solution for America’s deficit while allowing him to implement invisible capitalistic destruction.

A VAT is a sales tax imposed on every level of a product’s path from production to consumption. It already exists in Europe and many other struggling countries around the world. It’s a sneaky sucker, too, since it’s essentially built in ahead of time and doesn’t show up on a receipt like a sales tax would. If a VAT were in place that iPad you just bought would be $600 instead of $500.

A VAT would pull in massive revenues. Just think: a 10% VAT would produce 1 trillion in revenues. Cash register sounds go off in the minds of every leftist that hears it.
Obama and the Democrats are spending SO much that they’ll be forced to invoke a VAT. They are creating a crisis so that they can solve it with a mechanism that will serve as the catalyst for future spending on their massive government programs.

And even though our president said he wouldn’t raise taxes on 95% of Americans while he was on the campaign trail, this move would raise taxes on everyone.
What Obama will say is that he is putting together a commission to find a way to pay down our country’s maxed out credit card.

Expect that commission to recommend the VAT tax after the 2010 midterm elections. By then, we’ll be on the verge of Greece-like catastrophe and we’ll have no choice but to impose a VAT. But only one that will, coincidentally, go into effect after the 2012 presidential election.

Just yesterday Timothy Geithner quashed hopes of a Bush tax cut extension:

Mr. Geithner said there is “still some uncertainty about how strong the recovery is going to be,” which may be impacting spending decisions by businesses and individuals. But he discounted that as a reason to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for top earners, saying most private forecasts show moderate economic growth and increasing public confidence in the recovery.

Meanwhile, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is warning of unusual economic uncertainty.

No wonder Poll numbers for Obama are slippery sliding into the rocks; 27% of the nation’s voters strongly approve of his presidential performance and 44% strongly disapprove. Obama has a Presidential Approval Index rating of -17.  More and more of his supporters are beginning to feel like this (go full screen and crank up your speakers):

“The Democratic Party is obsessed with spending more, borrowing more, and taxing more, all of which sap our national strength. ~Mitt Romney

Keeping in mind that the real prize is what happens in 2012, we must not underestimate Obama. Let’s do all we can to help Americans find what they’re looking for!

Conservative victory 2010. Mitt Romney 2012.

Georgia Governor’s Race: Mitt Romney Endorses Handel

Sprewell Bluff State Park, Georgia

Weighing in on the race for Governor of the great state of Georgia, Governor Mitt Romney has endorsed former Secretary of State Karen Handel.

Fmr GA Secty of State, Karen Handel

Romney released a statement yesterday (7/21/10):

A successful businesswoman and public servant, Karen Handel’s blend of executive, political, and business experience is just what Georgia needs at this critical time. The leadership skills that she has honed in both the private and public sectors will enable her to make tough decisions and enact the reforms needed to get the economy back on track and foster job creation,” said Romney.

Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC donated $1,000 to her campaign.

Sarah Palin has also endorsed Ms. Handel.

An August 10th runoff election pits Handel against U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal. Deal has been endorsed by Newt Gingrich. From Wall Street Journal:

JULY 20, 2021 Rough Republican Runoff Set in Governor’s Race

ATLANTA — Georgia voters set the stage for a tumultuous fall gubernatorial race in which Roy Barnes, a Democratic former governor, threatens to wrest the office back from Republicans in a staunchly conservative Southern state.

Former Secretary of State Karen Handel and former U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal are headed for the Aug. 10 runoff for the Republican nomination, according to the Associated Press. The three-week runoff will likely be dominated by a continued brawl over who is more conservative on immigration, abortion and gay rights.

Ms. Handel had 33% of the vote to Mr. Deal’s 24%, in unofficial results. They both led former state Senate President Eric Johnson, who had 20%, and the race’s former favorite, Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine, who had 17%. Mr. Barnes handily won the Democratic nomination, beating the attorney general, among others.

Women for Karen, Kickoff Luncheon January 5, 2010:

‘The Peach State’ invites us to enjoy a few moments…

Good luck, Karen!

START Treaty: The Heritage Foundation Supports Mitt Romney, Behind-the-Scene Look at Uneasy Progressives

Mitt Romney’s op-ed on the START treaty (7/6/10) urging law-makers to reject the lopsided agreement, rattled progressives. On the very next day Senator John Kerry (D-MA) railed that Romney failed the test in arguing against START. In the uproar, Obama tossed a life-line to tax-evader-ex-senator Tom Daschle to wrangle words on behalf of his New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. Daschle dusted off the moth-balls and promptly hustled on over to left-of-left Center for American Progress to deliver his rhetoric, proclaiming that rejection of the treaty would be ‘nuclear anarchy’. With theatrical flair he added:

Republican senators “can choose Mitt Romney or they can choose the entire U.S. military establishment,” Daschle said.

The former senator went on to accuse some Republicans of caring more about scoring political points against the president than about the future of the country. He suggested that they are ignoring the responsibilities of their office to pander to the conservative chattering class.

“If Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh choose to make a living peddling partisan hate and anger and mangled conspiracy theories, there will always be people for them to sell a bill of goods,” Daschle said. “It is not healthy for our democracy.”

(emphasis mine)

Strongly supporting Governor Romney’s START assessment, The Heritage Foundation responded:  

New START’s Many Problems: What the Experts Say

• The Honorable Eric Edelman, Former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy: “[A] START-like treaty that ignores North Korea and Iran may be a step backward rather than forward.” Testimony, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, June 24, 2022

Constrains Missile Defense
• Ambassador Robert Joseph, former Undersecretary of State “Initially, the Obama Administration gave numerous assurances that there would be no limitations on missile defenses in the Treaty—‘no way, no how.’ Later, once the Treaty text was made public, the line changed to ‘no meaningful’ limitations and ‘no constraints on current and planned’ programs.” Testimony, Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing, June 24, 2022

Weak on Verification
• Senator James Inhofe (R-OK): “[V]erification appears to be less robust than in the 1991 treaty. … I am concerned that it will make it harder for our intelligence community to monitor Russian nuclear forces and may require additional resources, which we do not currently have, to ensure we are adequately monitoring … developments. I am also concerned that 18 inspections per year … is not robust enough given the fact we conducted on the order of 600 inspections during the 15 years of START I.” Statement on the Senate Floor, June 18, 2022

Reverts to Cold War–Style Arms Control
• Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC): “We have the technology, the capability and the responsibility as a federal government to defend our citizens, and to sign a major treaty that agrees in perpetuity to make ourselves vulnerable to a nuclear attack. … I can’t accept that when we have the capability to change it.” American Foreign Policy Council conference, May 20, 2022

Click here to read more from The Heritage Foundation on:
‘The Advantage to Russia’ by Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL)
‘America Less Safe’ by Richard Perle (former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Arms Control)
‘Fails to Advance Non-Proliferation’ by Kim R. Holmes (former Assistant Secretary of State)

Given its deep flaws, Americans should join Governor Romney and others to call for a halt to this treaty. In the meantime, what is Obama really doing to prevent Iran from weaponizing its nuclear program? What is Obama doing about North Korea’s obsession to create long-range nuclear warheads and their exportation of nuclear and ballistic technology?

UPDATE 7/23/10: Ratification uncertain with Republicans holding back support of U.S.-Russia nuclear treaty

An affiliate of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, has taken the lead in opposing the treaty. The Heritage Action for America, an advocacy group, has started a petition drive and may run political advertisements on the issue during the election season. It also is lobbying in the Senate.

Though arms control is hardly a major issue in a campaign season dominated by economic worries, the divisive political environment makes it difficult for Republicans to buck the conservative mainstream and hand Obama a victory that might be considered his top foreign policy achievement.

Tom Daschle, a former Democratic Senate Majority leader, who supports the treaty, says Heritage’s influence may explain why so many Republicans have been reticent about taking a stand.

“It is certainly serious enough to silence some Republican senators,” he said. He added that he expected enough Republicans eventually would come around for passage.

Heritage won some prominent support when a likely GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, announced opposition to the treaty in a newspaper column this month.

◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ► ◄ ►

There’s more.

A story within a story; connecting dots…

The Center for American Progress (CAP), where Daschle delivered his denunciation of Romney and other conservatives, is a consummate progressive ‘think tank’ based in Washington DC. (Surprise! Tom Daschle is a CAP fellow.) Created in 2003 by John Podesta, former Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton and head of Obama’s presidential transition team after the election, his goal was to create a liberal think tank on steroids. Think lefty-left-left. CAP is a 501(c)(3)organization whose major individual donors include George Soros, Peter Lewis, Steve Bing, and Herbert M. Sandler. CAP also receives undisclosed sums from unknown corporate donors. In 2009, they created Progressive Media:  

The Center for American Progress — which has emerged as perhaps Washington’s most influential idea factory in the age of Obama — is launching a major new war room, to be staffed by nearly a dozen people, that will focus on driving the White House’s message and agenda, I’m told. The Democratic operatives running the project are already holding a daily early morning call with dozens of operatives from liberal groups - labor, health care, the environment - to coordinate messaging and to deliver usable talking points for the day, according to liberal operative Jennifer Palmieri, who’s the project’s communications director.

The new war room - which is called Progressive Media - represents a serious ratcheting up of efforts to present a united liberal front in the coming policy wars. The goal of the war room will be to do hard-hitting research that boils down complex policy questions into usable talking points and narratives that play well in the media and build public support for the White House’s policy goals.

The war room - a joint project of CAP Action Fund and Media Matters Action Network — will be headed by well-known liberal operative Tara McGuinness, who worked on John Kerry’s presidential campaign and was a major player in the anti-war movement during the Bush years. … ‘We do a coordination call to get our content out and to coordinate people so they can fire up for the day,’ Palmieri says.[…]

(emphasis mine)

Head of Media Matters war room Tara McGuinness’ ties to Senator John Kerry (D-MA) sheds extra light on Kerry’s media tirade against Gov Romney the day after Romney’s START article was published (July 7, 2022).

Another individual that may be motivating the barking against Romney is Tom Matzzie, a leader at CAP:

“Tom has worked in progressive politics for more than a decade - with MoveOn.org, the AFL-CIO, Campaign for America’s Future and campaigns at the presidential and statewide level. At MoveOn, he created ground-breaking campaigns on corruption and the war in Iraq that set the stage for the 2006 Democratic takeover. The MoveOn 2006 election program successfully targeted for defeat 29 out of 36 Republicans.” […] He has also served on the Board of Directors of Progressive Majority. […]

“The Politico wrote that the intensity of his 2007 Iraq campaign, “rattled the entire Republican caucus.” The New York Times Magazine said of the Iraq campaign that they are to progressives, “…what the NRA is to the Right.” “Tom was named one of the “Forty Under Forty to Watch” by Washingtonian Magazine for his role as a leader in the emerging Internet-powered politics.”

Tom Matzzie is a strategist on politics, media, and technology for the Huffington Post. His involvement with the groups listed above ties him with  notorious uber-liberals. Listed among Campaign for America’s Future‘s many founders and advisors are hair-raising SEIU’s Howard Stern and Frances Fox Piven of Cloward and Piven Strategy fame.

Matzzie is also the leader of Accountable America, a nasty organization aimed at defeating right-wing groups with threats: “… in 2008, he spearheaded an effort “to confront donors to conservative groups, hoping to create a chilling effect that will dry up contributions.” He described the effort a “going for the jugular.” The letter warned “donors who might be considering giving to right-wing groups [of] legal trouble, public exposure and watchdog groups digging through their lives.”

Still with me?

Looking further into CAP, two names caught my eye. Listed under ‘Personnel’ is the name of David Halperin, Senior VP and Director, Campus Progress. Listed under ‘Fellows’ (besides Tom Daschle and another name)  is Morton H. Halperin - also Executive Director of Open Society Policy Center. Halperin? Could they be related to THE Mark Halperin (senior political analyist for MSNBC and editor-at-large, senior political analyst for Time.com)? The one who started a conservative twitter war a few days ago by claiming unnamed sources associated with Mitt Romney had dissed Sarah Palin?

Yes. They are related. Morton H. Halperin is Mark’s father and David Halperin is his brother.

Morton Halperin, Mark’s father, served many years as Director of the ACLU Washington office from 1984-1992. While in that position he defended the right of the The Progessive to publish details on how to construct an atomic bomb. He was the Senior VP and Director of Fellows at the Center for American Progress. Morton Halperin is the Senior Advisor for the Open Society Institute. OSI was created in 1993 by investor George Soros and is a private operating, grantmaking foundation which aims to shape public policy to promote democratic governance, and economic, legal, and social reform. His current wife, Diane Orentlicher, serves as Deputy, Office of War Crimes, Department of State. To read more about Morton Halperin, George Soros, and The Shadow Party click here. (Scroll down to ‘The Southampton Meeting’.)

David Halperin, Mark Halperin’s brother, is a founding board member of the American Constitution Society (2001). He previously worked as a Special Assistant for National Security Affairs and speechwriter to President Bill Clinton, solo litigation practitioner, and legal associate to Professor Laurence Tribe. Tribe was a teacher and mentor of Barack Obama and one of his earliest supporters. Obama appointed Tribe as ‘Senior Counselor for Access to Justice’ in the Justice Department. David Halperin was a policy associate to Ralph Nader, counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee, and served as a law clerk to District Judge Gerhard Gessell.

UPDATE 1:Click here for more info on David Halperin.

UPDATE 2: Mark Halperin appeared on Meet the Press on January 17, 2010. During the interview Halperin stated that he thinks Obama has done an extraordinary job. Click here to read article.

It’s hard to believe the cluster of punches at Romney from John Kerry, Tom Daschle, and Mark Halperin are coincidental. This brief rub-your-eyes look at the web of connections between them and Barack Obama is just the tip of the Obama spear. Romney makes them grind their teeth at night. They will stop at nothing to discredit him. Although Romney has said he won’t make any decisions regarding another presidential run until mid-term elections are over, Obama’s pre-emptive stealth campaign for 2012 has begun.

Are you ready?

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