Will He? Won’t He? Obama’s Next Move, Scott Brown Update

Will he? Won’t he?

As Obama huddles with State of the Union speech writers and teleprompter technicians, America waits to see what effect the ‘Downtown Scotty Brown’ election will have on Obama’s 2010 agenda. Will Obama slide to the center? Or, will he continue careening hard left?

Regarding the President’s signature bill, some believe Obamacare can be salvaged. If so, what exactly CAN be salvaged? Others believe the nightmare bill is dead in the water. If reconciliation rumblings are true, the process still entails an almost start-over-process which includes going back to committees, more hearings, and vote taking. Democrats could try to get a few Republicans to go for a stripped down version of the bill, but given the revulsion for the unsavory deal making and the complete Republican shut-out, is that a realistic option?

The X-factor in the equation is Senator-elect Brown. With the full attention of Capitol Hill fixated on the Massachusetts message and our newest freshman senator, Brown hefts the leverage to determine if the bill lives or dies. Blue Dog Democrats are eyeing the MA results with knocking knees and some Democrats want to wash their hands of the whole mess so they can tackle creating jobs and the economy.

We await Obama’s State of the Union health care verdict (Wednesday, January 27th).

The ‘Brown’ effect - Jan 22, 2010:

Latest messages on Brown’s Facebook page:

Jan 22, 2022 - Scott Brown had a productive day in Washington yesterday, and am eager to get to work. Thank you again to all those who have supported our campaign. I won’t let you down.

Today, Jan 23, 2022 – Scott Brown is enjoying some hard earned family time.


UPDATE: Be sure to read White House Nightmare Persists.

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3 Responses to Will He? Won’t He? Obama’s Next Move, Scott Brown Update

  1. Bev says:

    According to David Plouffe and the WH press releases he is “feisty” and has no intention whatsoever of listening to the American people or care how they voted in Mass. This is the most arrogant, dismissive administration I have ever seen in my adult life. The underhanded tactics and questionable ethics of these people should be exposed. We need to make sure safety mechanisms are in place in the next elections to prevent voter fraud. I do not trust these people in office. I do not think they have our country’s best interest as a priority. They are dishonest and manipulative and have a broader agenda than they are admitting. I will pray that the Romney machine has the resources and strength to fight this.

  2. Matthew says:

    Groan! This prez. is so ignorant!