POLL: Who Won Tonight’s Debate? Scott Brown vs Martha Coakley vs Joseph Kennedy

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There appears to be a consensus growing that the best moment of the entire debate was…

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27 Responses to POLL: Who Won Tonight’s Debate? Scott Brown vs Martha Coakley vs Joseph Kennedy

  1. Aaronius says:

    Scott Brown was the only intelligent person in that debate hall.

  2. William says:

    Scott Brown clearly out debated Coakley, Kennedy, & The moderator. Within the first five minutes of this debate it seemed to me that Brown clearly had Coakley frustrated. I must say, as a registered Democrat I will be voting against Coakley because of her inability to answer questions & her ability to dodge the important questions.

  3. Mike Bowden says:

    Scott handled himself better than the others..Coakley didn’t impress

  4. Steve Jackman says:

    Scott was the winner, however a lot of repeated points & disjointed. I was hopping for better. “This isn’t the Kennedy seat or the Democratic seat, It’s the people’s seat” best line of the night!

  5. Tricia says:

    This is what it’s all about: My favorite line is Steve Brown: “As the 60th Senator Martha, debate will be cut off. That’s not what our Founding Fathers wanted.”

    Scott Brown will need all the help he can get. He’s fighting George Soros’ MoveOn.org, the SEIU, ACORN, etc. Help us get him the money he needs to have a great GOTV showing.

    Can you give $41.00 for the 41st vote to stop Obamacide?

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  6. lman says:

    Chalk one up for Kennedy .. told it like it is with healthcare .. called it “Obamacare”. The Candidates were all much to generous considering what has happened to this nation in the last year .. the deficit TRIPLED .. highest job losses in history .. running the country straight into the ground .. on purpose?

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  7. WVaJane says:

    Think what will happen if Kennedy throws his vote behind Scott Brown? Wow!

  8. CF says:

    When Scott was able to expose Martha’s deceptive answers re: tax increases and/or abolishing tax cuts, he must have won more undecideds - let’s hope so!

  9. Mark says:

    Scott Brown won, looked and sounded more prepared. Better connection to the issues. However, left some opportunities to distance himself on the table. Kennedys’ comment about him not being able to support because of the income tax cut issue was a zinger that he should have responded to. Also, when Coakley stated “I don’t know who will win on January 19th” Brown should have jumped on that. Upon review, I am not sure if Brown actually “won” the debate, it might be better to say that Coakley “lost” it. Brown was stronger, more effective. But, Coakley just seemed disconnected to everything, perhaps even bothered by it all.

  10. 56flipinwoods says:

    I am a registered DEM and agree with you 100%. I’m voting for Brown. Coakley is horrendous. I think Scott is going to win this thing.

  11. Jacqlyn Smith says:

    @Steve Jackman

    I agree…..I loved that line!!!

  12. Kathy Conover says:

    Good debate. Scott clearly outclassed Martha. However, I wish he would go easy on the JFK references. The “not Kennedy’s seat…” was brilliant. Way to go Scott.

  13. Luke says:

    Love the update video! It’s the peoples’ seat!!!

  14. Crystalf says:

    I agree too .. great line!!!

  15. Molly inMass says:

    Scott Brown raised 1,303,302.50 in ONE day!!

    “Can you feel the comin’ change?
    Though Hell is here today,
    Hope is on its way!”
    -Hope Anthem

  16. Ben says:

    Joe Kennedy won the debate if you have conservative beliefs. Since only about 5% of people are truly conservative, that means very little. Too bad Democrats and Republicans boht support big government and violate our personal liberty.

    Still Kennedy did say that Brown is the better option of the two because he at least talks about cutting taxes and he opposes Obama Care. Still Kennedy is the real conservative.

  17. Neil Barry says:

    Too often, politicians in debates, have rehearsed pitches which they use to respond to ANY question even if the pitch is irrelevant to the question. It is as if they don’t hear the question and just state, exactly, what they have rehearsed and want the listener to hear. A major problem in politics today is that the voter is considered brainless and incapable of comprehending anything, consequently it is believed in Washington that they can get away with anything including passing unconstitutional bills. Coakley, instead of answering the questions and charges, took the Attorney General route and used the cross examination technique. I think that the listeners saw through this. Another nail in the coffin is the Democratic plan to stop Brown’s registration, if he is elected, until after the Health Care vote. it seems that politics has reached an all time low. As an Independent, I definitely intend to vote for Scott Brown.

  18. Peter from Boston says:

    How about when Coakley maintained that there were no longer any terrorists
    in Afghanistan?

    I wish Brown could have responded by asking her who it was that killed the 7 CIA guys
    in Afghanistan just a week ago?

  19. Dan Pressler says:

    Anyone looking for hope and change in America can see that Scott Brown is America’s real hope for change…Way to go Mr Brown!

  20. Marilyn from Long Island says:

    Scott made so much sense…too bad he didn’t have more time to go into things a bit more. I do believe that anyone watching this HAS to side with Scott on the issues discussed. His genuine concern was shining through…as Martha had that pol-speak thing working against her. has anyone spoken to the Joe Kennedy camp about suporting Scott more vocially before the election? Would he rather see Martha get the seat then Scott? He might just be the extra little boost that Scott needs. If poll numbers show he’s out of the race…why not throw his support Scott’s way?

  21. Mary Ann says:

    I believe Scott took the lead in this final debate and won it by a landslide. He is smart,pragmatic as to what he wants to accomplish for the people of Massachusetts . I was a Democrat and supported and campaigned for her in 2008 and then switched to President Obama and I have been watching his administration for almost a year. I’m disappointed,turned independent and feel that Scott Brown answered correctly that the Senatorial seat is not Senator Kennedy’s but the seat is the people of Massachusetts. I liked the way he shot back to Martha Coakley “I’m not Bush or Cheney ,I’m Scott Brown and I drive a truck with 200,000 miles on it and that is who you are running against. I say the blaming of the Bush and Cheney years are old news and we hired a President that made promises to do “Change We Can Believe In” I have not seen one substantial thing that he has done except borrow and spend and I’m now independent. I’ve had it with his lies to Americans that we would be able to watch on Cspan and he repeatedly stated that through out the campaign and even last week owner Mr. Lab of Cspan offered to put it on and Mr. Robert Gibbs was irritated by a professional political journalist and Gibbs was curt and replied,”I answered that question yesterday” and the fact is he really didn’t answer it. The same with Nancy Pelosi and she was so nervous looking around and muddered in Nancy smiling fashion “Oh I think this will be wonderful for the country” and quickly left . I say this HR legislation is bad for the country and the lies Obama has told us and even the Gays and Lesbians are angry because he stated,”I will end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell on my watch” and he hasn’t and so our brave gay and lesbian soldiers serve in silence and that is wrong. It’s wrong to use a minority and to get elected and then forget about them. He also does not support Gay Marriage. Scott came across as to how he would use money for infrastructure and creating jobs and being the 41 vote to stop this bad HR bill;but the Democrats are going to play slick Chicago politics if Scott should win and that is not to swear him in for 20 or 30 days saying we need to count absentee ballots and servicemen and woman ballots but when that was done a few years ago it took 2 days. How shameful. Scott is smart ,tough and has experience and is down to earth in relating to the people and is for real. He won the debate and he will win the special election.He is a hard worker and will work for the people of Massachusetts real good. P.S I’M FROM ROCHESTER NEW YORK!

  22. Lynnman says:

    In my lifetime there has been nothing but a straight party vote by our Senators. No debate. No listening to the voters. Martha Coakley brings nothing but the same and hasn’t had the confidence to have head-to-head debate on the issues. Scott Brown brings the opportunity to have some honest checks-and-balances and debate in Massachusetts. He is THE opportunity to stop this disasterous “healthcare’ bill and actually start the bipartisan debate on actual reform. Obama, Pelosi and Reid are too dangerous to operate behind closed doors with no reason to listen to the voters or ideas outside of their idealogical mindset.

  23. wolf says:

    I think Scott Brown should throw his support behind Joe Kennedy! Kennedy was the only one who stated the core problem - government spending. Tax cuts without cutting spending will NOT help. Too bad Joe didn’t get more air time since he is not only far more intelligent than the other two but the only one who understands the fundamental issues, rather than just repeating pat, rehearsed bromides..(how many times did Brown REALLY have to mention his military record? Is his ONLY position on the Health Care Bill to “send it back to the drawing board”? How many times did he repeat that bit about giving terrorists “constitutional rights”?).

  24. Carol Bannon says:

    He won the debate with the line “its not the Kennedy seat”…..God help us, Brown needs to win

  25. Camron says:

    Scott Brown will make an excellent US senator!

  26. Molly inMass says:

    Rassmussen says Scott Brown won the debate. He’s closed the gap:

    “Republican Scott Brown has pulled to within two points of Democrat Martha Coakley in the special election to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy, according to a new Rasmussen poll, and now trails 49 percent to 47 percent. A week ago, the same poll showed Coakley up 50 percent to 41 percent.

    Rasmussen finds Brown enjoying overwhelming support from Republicans and independents”

    Go Scott!!!

  27. pat says:

    God Bless Scott Brown “It’s not the Kennedy seat and it’s not the Democrat’s seat, IT’S THE PEOPLE’S SEAT” and Scott Brown is taking it back for them. For the first time in my life I am contributing money to a political campaign - not just because I believe Scott Brown is the right man for the job but also just to flex a little “tea party” muscle!!!