Mitt and Ann Romney at Home in Boston


Mitt & Ann Romney Annual Ronald Reagan Lecture 5/25/10

When Governor Mitt Romney spoke at the Annual Reagan Lecture back on May 25,  2010, at the end of his excellent speech, he asked his wife, Ann, to come to the podium and say a few words. In the course of her wonderful remarks she mentioned how much they were enjoying California’s warm weather but “Boston was calling them!”

Yes, it was! They’ve recently purchased a Townhome near Boston:

According to Banker & Tradesman, the prospective 2012 presidential candidate paid $895,000 for a townhouse in Woodlands at Belmont Hill, an upscale Belmont condo development near McLean Hospital. The 2,116-square-foot home includes two bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms, and a “cook’s kitchen.” The development is surrounded by 100 acres of conservation land. Last year, Romney and his wife Ann said they were downsizing when they sold their place on Main Street.

In between working so hard to help elect conservatives this fall, criss-crossing America, it appears the Romneys will be spending summers in the northeast and lucky west coast Californians get to have them for the winter.

Romney Family

This is a not-too-long-ago photo of the Romney family (possibly taken at a July 4th gathering?). I understand their ranks have expanded since then. 

Happy Independence Day to Mitt, Ann, and ALL their family!

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6 Responses to Mitt and Ann Romney at Home in Boston

  1. doris blair says:

    Have a safe and Happy fourth of July.

  2. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Happy July 4th to you, too, Doris.

  3. PAULEE says:

    Leave it to you ….great post…Your are a firecracker….the best ever….Happy 4th, dear friend….

  4. Verla Swords says:

    Happy 4th of JUly to you and you’re family. Looking forward to helping in every way we can to help you become our next President. We need you now more than ever. Plus I miss getting all of Anns good recipes. lol

  5. Tracey says:

    HAPPY 4TH OF July! You gave an excellent speech in Vancouver, Washington

  6. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Happy July 4th to all of you, as well. You are Romney stalwarts!

    USA! Mitt!