Romney’s Popularity Grows

From the Washington Wire:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is more popular among the general public now than during 2008’s Republican primary campaign, according to the latest poll from the Pew Research Center on the favorability ratings of leading members of the party.

Some 40% of the general public rates him favorably, while 28% rate him unfavorably. It’s a notable bump from the 30% who gave him high marks in Feb. 2008, and a notable decline from the 44% who viewed him unfavorably last year.

The turnaround is largely fueled by a change of opinion among independents—in February 2008 just 29% of independents had a favorable view while 46% had a negative impression. Now that balance is reversed with 44% viewing him favorable and just 25% unfavorably.

Giving an alternative

I’m back after a lengthy break from blogging, and what would you know, there’s my man Mitt in the news. The Washington Post had this article about Romney today:

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney roundly condemned the approach President Obama has taken to redefining the nation’s relationship with the rest of the world, describing it as a “tour of apology” in a speech to the conservative Heritage Foundation yesterday.

At this point Obama has made himself such an easy target for criticism, it’s almost like shooting fish in a barrell. Like this one from Mitt in the same article:

“This is the time for strength and confidence, not for apologizing to America’s critics,” Romney said at one point, adding later that “arrogant, delusional tyrants cannot be stopped by earnest words and furrowed brows.”

Like I said, like fish in a barrell.