Polygamy, Polls, and PowerPoints - Oh my!

Man this has been a busy week. We have so many great discussion points we almost need a mid-week review. So…

Polygamy in Spades
Jon responds to the AP hit piece early Monday.
Justin responded here noting that 3 generations does not a closet make.
(Both juicy with satire!)

What us worry… no way! 5 Reasons not to worry:
Ben Wren looks deeper into the Pew Polls
Romney still rules the endorsement race
Jason likes what the Hotline likes

Here we point out the silliness that is the Boston Globe

Romney rakes in the DC dough
Sheriff Joe likes pink underwear and Romney!
Are you going to be at CPAC, let us know?

And of course - the MittCast rolls on… are you a subscriber (FREE)?

Oh… and these guys are going to vote for who again?

“America’s Toughest Sheriff” Joins Team Romney; AZ Team is Solid!

…and it’s a doozy. There are some great names here. I really like Corrine Lovas. She is one of Sen. Kyle’s top fundraisers. Kyle is McCain’s Exploratory Chair and no doubt he would have like Lovas on McCain’s Team. This is a real hit when coupled with multiple reports McCain is tanking.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio – Honorary Chair: Known around the country as “America’s Toughest Sheriff”, he has been one of Arizona’s most popular officials since being elected in 1992. Maricopa County is home to approximately three million people including the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Jason Rose – State Director: Recognized by the Arizona Business Magazine in 2006 as “Arizona’s PR Heavyweight,” Rose is one of Arizona’s most well-known political consultants. Rose founded Rose & Allyn Public Relations in 1996. The firm’s client list includes prominent members of the Arizona business and political community.

Corinne Lovas – State Finance Director: Lovas is considered the top political fundraiser in Arizona and the Southwest. She has enjoyed countless successes on behalf of U.S. Senator Jon Kyl, President Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign, the Republican National Committee and numerous other Republican candidates and causes.

Additions To Governor Romney’s Arizona Finance Steering Committee:

Ernie Baird: Founding partner of Baird Williams & Greer, LLP. From 1991 to 1997, he served in the Arizona House of Representatives. During his time in the House, he was the House Majority Leader and also served as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

Scott Bundgaard: An executive with J.P. Morgan, Bundgaard served six years in the Arizona Senate both as Chairman of the Finance Committee and Vice Chairman of the Banking Committee. He is a veteran of commercial real estate and finance.

Paul Walsh: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of eFunds Corporation, a leading provider of risk management, electronic payments and global outsourcing solutions. Walsh has 30 years of experience in financial services. He has been the Chairman and CEO of Clareon Corporation, iDeal Partners and Wright Express Corporation. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Staples, Inc.

Don Cogman: Cogman is the Chairman of CC Investments, a private investment firm in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2002, he was appointed by President Bush to serve on a panel tasked with overhauling the United States Postal Service. Cogman currently serves as Chairman of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Education Foundation. Formerly, he served as President and Chief Operating Officer World-wide of Burson-Marsteller.

Romney Having Good Day in DC

Romney is in DC today showing his competition how it’s done:

Republican Mitt Romney focused his attention on the nation’s capital Tuesday, meeting with members of Congress and attending two fundraisers that his aides hoped would raise nearly $1 million more for his presidential campaign.
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During the second of two days in Washington, the former Massachusetts governor took part at a midday fundraiser that took in about $450,000, said one top adviser. Many of the attendees were lawyers and lobbyists, along with former Massachusetts residents and colleagues from Bain Capital, the venture capital firm Romney started.

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